Chapter Two


After James stopped crying, he got up and left his sister's room. They just couldn't be dead. It was impossible. But there was one way to prove that this was just a horrible dream.

"Affy?" James said silently. Affy was his father's elf, and the elf to the Head of the Potter Household. James was next in line for that title along with every title his dad had gathered in his existence. But Dad had to be sleeping or something. This was just a prank, something designed by the cousins to make him stop pranking.

"Master James call for Affy?" an old elf said after a weak pop occurred, startling James. His wand was already in his hand and his mouth was opened to say the first thing that came to mind.

"So I can call you?" James said softly. Only the head of the Potter household could call that particular elf. Affy nodded sadly.

"Affy wishes it wasn't so sir. Master Charles and Mistress Olivia were the nicest people Affy has ever known." The elf bowed his head as James sank to the floor in shock. He was now head of the Potter household. He wasn't even seventeen!

"Would Master James like for Affy to alert the Ministry?" Affy asked politely. James could just nod. After the elf left, James sat there for a few minutes. He couldn't think of anything. When the shock cleared his mind, he was even more depressed than he was before. He walked down the hall to his room, the only room where he could sit and not be reminded of his sisters in some way. Pulling out a sheet of parchment, James inked his quill to prepare a list of things that he would need to do as Potter head.

-Contact Goblins and go over M-mum and D-dad's will

That was the only thing he could think of, or that he could write down. As he racked his brain for other things the Head of the Family would do (why didn't he pay attention when his father went over that before his sixth year?), James was transported to memory lane.

It was around May in James' fourth year at Hogwarts. Sirius had just come into the common room with a big grin on his face.

"Look what I found," he said waving a book in front of Remus's face.

"It's a book," Remus said dryly.

"Not just any book," Sirius said. "But Snivellus's."

James' head shot up. "How do you know?"

"It was under his chair in the library."

"Why were you in the library?" Peter asked, interrupting.

"I was bored," Sirius shrugged. "I saw Snape go in there and thought: hey, lets go see what he's up to."

"So what's so important by his potion's book?" James asked.

"Look at all the spells he's got listed in here," Remus said, reading them. "I haven't even heard of a few of these."

"So?" Sirius said with a wicked grin. "Let's try them out. We can give it back to Snape when we're done."

James shook his head after coming out of the memory in shock. Was it really that long ago when times almost seemed peaceful? Sure there was the war, but it didn't really affect them.

"Master James?" Affy's voice came from behind him. James jumped a mile before realizing that it was only the elf.

"The people from the ministry are here," Affy said. "They are removing the bodies."

James heard no more, as he tore out of the room. Those bodies (even though he shuddered to think about it) were members of the Potter Household and so should be buried in the Potter lot.

"Ah, James," the head auror sighed as she saw him. Mr. Potter and her had been good friends—not in the "I'll bribe you" sort of way—and it saddened her to see the extent of the damage that the Death Eaters had caused.

"You can't be removing the bodies?" James choked out. He couldn't it, not after all that had happened.

"I'm sorry, James," the head auror said. "But we've got to. I'll try to keep this out of the press for as long as I can but I can't promise anything."

James watched as each relative was placed in a bag and zipped up. He looked away when they brought out his parents and didn't even look toward the stairs when he heard footsteps.

"We need to find out what happened," the head auror explained. "But I promise you James, all the Potter relations will be buried in the Potter lot in Yewwood Cemetery."

As they left, James held himself together. It wouldn't do to have aurors see you cry. Once the last flame was burnt out in the floo, James felt stifled in the Manor. Running outside, not caring how dangerous it was, he morphed into his Stag form and ran through the woods that provided a natural barrier against enemies. He loved to fly through it and Katyln had loved climbing the trees.

Enough! James thought, kicking a tree in anger. No matter where he went, there was a giant reminder of what he just lost. What he needed. His family.

A/N: I'm sorry that it's so short, but I am now getting writer's block for this story. It's like I'll think up a story and I'll know how I want it to sound but when I start typing it up it all flies out the window.

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