Blazing Tundra

Author: Welcome to another story authored by me, but inspired by the awesome Manga/Anime that is Naruto. Just to make things clear, this story will be a Kurenai/Naruto story. I am sorry if that disappoints you, but I have had this idea in my head for quite some time now. Because of this I would like to write it and see how it turns out. I hope this does not deter you from reading even though it may not be one of your favorite pairings.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything associated with Naruto, because even if I did, there is no way I could make it as awesome as it is.




{Demon or Summon Speech in Mental Realm}

"Demon or Summon Speech in Physical Realm"

-Scene or Time Change-

Chapter 1

The Way We Met

Three teenagers appeared over the body of their fallen Hokage. A silver-hair male struggled to keep his composure. His master, his teacher, lay before him. The one man who taught the young man almost all he knew. A girl, younger than the aforementioned male, hesitantly leaned down and brought a blood-covered baby to her chest. The child ceased its despairing cries as the warmth from her body embraced its cold body.

"Yondaime-sensei…" The third member whispered in despair.


The young woman looked at her silver-haired teammate.

"Help me with his body. We need to take him to Sarutobi-sama."

"Of course Kakashi."

The brunette lifted the body onto Kakashi's back. Quickly the two left, leaving the younger girl behind. The golden-haired child unconsciously clutched onto her shirt; relishing in her warmth and comfort.

"Don't worry little one…I will protect you…" her gentle voice rang sweetly in the infant's ears.

It was then the black-haired girl noticed her missing comrades. She quickly began walking towards the Hokage tower because that was her best bet. Trudging through blood-engulfed scenery made her pick up the pace. She needed to get away!

A few veteran ninja watched closely as the young girl strolled through the streets. After taking notice of the small child in her blood-drenched arms, they began to notice the other aspects of her. Her long black hair was tied in a messy ponytail that reached the small of her back. It was hard to determine her age due to the horrible light provided by the cloud-covered moon. When they saw her whine-colored eyes, she was instantly recognizable. The young maiden was Kurenai Yuuhi. Orphaned at a young age, surprisingly talented at Genjutsu, and had a high distrust of almost all men. She was a rare jewel to say the least.

"Yuuhi-san!" a teenager's voice broke the silence.

"What is it Iruka?" she answered quietly.

The young male skidded to a stop before her.

"I finally found you…" he paused to catch his breath before continuing, "Hokage-sama needs you to-"

It was at this point in time the scarred teen noticed the baby.

"Is this-"

"Yes…It was the baby used to seal the Kyuubi…"

Kurenai examined his reaction. All she saw was pity.

"I see, what about his parents?" the boy asked; fearing the answer.

"I do not know. I recovered him from Yondaime-sama, that is after he died..."

"So he must also have been orphaned…"

It was a statement rather than a question. The time for talk was over and the two continued together in silence. Upon reaching the tower, the three were instantly ushered into the main office. Almost all the high-powered ninja greeted the newcomers with fatigued looks. Kakashi and Rin were collapsed on the ground by the desk. Their wills were no longer able to sustain their body weight. The fourth Hokage's bloodied body lay on a table in the center of the room. Kurenai and Iruka walked forward until they stood by the other two younger ninja. Once again, the red-eyed female found herself the center of attention, or rather the child that she held. She heard whispers among her superiors.

"That is the child…" she heard one bald ninja state.

"Such a burden to carry…" an older woman whispered, gaining nods of agreement from a few surrounding ninja.

The whispered assaulted the young girl's ears. She wished for them to be silent. Now was not a time for murmuring amongst one another. Kurenai desperately want the Sandaime to hurry and dismiss these scrutinizing eyes. Unconsciously she tightened her grasp upon the newborn.

"Thank you all for arriving." The voice of a powerful man echoed throughout the room.

The Sandaime had finally arrived; accompanied by four people. Instantly, two of them were recognized as Tsunade and Jiraiya. The others were the elder Hokage's old teammates.

"I appreciate your patience. Now we have quite a few matters to discuss quickly."

-Three Hours Later-

"Everyone but Kakashi, Rin, Kurenai, and Iruka may leave."

"But what about the child? What is to be done about it?" the head of the Uchiha clan demanded.

"As far as I am concerned, we will decide what to do with HIM after our village has been rebuilt and stabilized." Sarutobi retorted harshly.

Fugaku Uchiha snorted before leaving. Everyone else soon followed after. Once the room had cleared, the five elder ninja examined the four young ninja. Kakashi and Rin had quickly fallen asleep, resting on each other. Tsunade did a quick check up on the two.

"They are both fine. It is merely exhaustion."

"What of the other two?" Jiraiya asked.

At the mention of the other two, Kurenai raised her head and Iruka slowly stood to attention.

"Oh, you are awake." Tsunade smiled softly.

"Just barely Tsunade-sama…" Iruka yawned.

Kurenai did not respond much but the medic nin knew she was paying attention.

"Yuuhi-san?" Jiraiya asked.

She nodded, saying the man could continue.

"Can you give Naruto to Tsunade, so she can do a check up on him?"

The medic nin waited patiently for the girl to unravel her arms and hand the child over. Instantly the baby awoke and cried. Its comforting heat source had been stolen. Seeing the distraught baby, Kurenai grabbed his little hand and he simultaneously stopped his fussing. Naruto was obviously not happy she let him go, but the little contact was all he needed.

"Kawaii!" Tsunade quietly laughed.

"It seems little Naru-chan has taking a liking to you Yuuhi-san." The toad sage responded, earning a blush from the young lady.

Within seconds, the check-up was done and Naruto was safely tucked back in Kurenai's arms. The baby was soon sleeping soundly.

"Hmm…other than the fact his body seems to be more developed that a newborn, everything is normal."

"That is a relief." Sarutobi breathed a sigh of relief. "The Kyuubi is probably speeding up his growth so that Naruto can be able to protect himself quicker."

Silence reigned. Eventually one of the elder Hokage's teammates spoke.

"Is there a place where these young ones can stay for the night? I know we are desperately short on ninja, but we need to give them more time to recuperate."

"Um, I have a question." Kakashi slowly stood and placed Rin on his back.

"You may ask away."

"What is to be done with Naruto-san?"

"As of right now? Hmmm…" Sarutobi thought for a few seconds, "Well, I really do not know. I am sure he will be placed in the care of a young couple or the nursery until he is old enough to fend-"

"I will take care of him!" Kakashi uncharacteristically interrupted. "Forgive me Hokage-sama."

"No apology necessary. Why do you want to take care of him?"

"Rin and that child are all I have left of my master. The Yondaime chose this baby to contain the Kyuubi for a reason. I have a decent apartment that Rin and myself live in. Naruto would be safe and well looked after."

"I would have to think about that…"

"I would also wish to take care of him. That is if Kakashi and you don't mind." Iruka stated tiredly.

"Me too…" The red-eyed girl spoke.


It was a simple question, but Iruka could not seem to find the right words. After a couple minutes passed, Kurenai stepped forward.

"What else do we have? We are all orphans Hokage-sama. All four of us share a bond through this single fact and because of that I believe we are the best choice you have right now."

"But I could give him to Tsunade and Jiraiya. They would both be a great choice, would they not?"

The genjutsu mistress took a small step in surprise. Sarutobi was right. They would be a better choice.

"We could be like a couple!" Jiraiya fantasized, puckering up his lips and tried to hug the woman.

"Like hell, you stupid pervert!" Tsunade said punching the man in the stomach.

"Tsunade-hime…" the man whined, falling to the ground.

Sarutobi slapped his forehead.

"Then again, maybe not."

At that statement, Kurenai visibly relaxed. Tsunade was quick to notice this. She kicked Jiraiya while he was down, for good measure, and then faced the young girl.

"I think she is quite taken with the child. Plus if I was to take him, he would have no childhood. It would be filled with endless training and drinking. With this idiot," she kicked Jiraiya again, "Naruto would most likely end up being a womanizer and pervert."

"That's SUPER PERVERT to you Tsunade-hime." She snorted and kicked him once more.

"What about living accommodations? I know Hatake-san has a place, but what about you Kurenai and Iruka?" the other teammate of the Hokage's spoke up.

"They can both move in with me." The silver-haired wonder stated. "I am a jounin so I can afford a large apartment with enough space for all five of us."

"If that is the case, then I will not deny your request; however, I will only accept this under one condition."

Kakashi nodded in agreement so the Hokage continued.

"I will set up a monthly 'allowance'. It is to be used only for Naruto and to help pay for your rent. I know Kurenai, Iruka, and Rin are all chuunin and Kakashi is a jounin, but I will feel more comfortable if I know you will have sufficient funds to pay for it all. After all, this battle with the Kyuubi was devastating to our economy and overall village condition."

"We gladly accept your stipulation." The three conscious ninja stated.

Now that the matter had been settled, Sarutobi ushered the young shinobi out. Kakashi was quick to lead his new roommates to his home. By the time the four had arrived, Rin had awaken.

"Yuuhi-san? What are you doing here?"

Her teammate was quick to explain everything that transpired. Rin accepted immediately and led Kurenai to her room to give the girl a shower and change of clothes. The two girls first took some blankets and made a makeshift bed for Naruto. It was not much, but the child gladly accepted his 'bed'. Though, he was quite reluctant to release Kurenai. Rin giggled and showed her new roommate the bathroom and change of clothes. Once the red-eyed beauty was in the restroom, she was finally able to see her appearance. Her black locks were greasy and stuck together in multiple places. Her normally white shirt was drenched in the blood.

"The same blood that still covers Naruto." She thought for moment before exiting the bathroom.

Kurenai reappeared with Naruto in her arms.

"You should be given a bath little one." She whispered.

As though hearing her, the baby awoke and opened his eyes. What she saw shocked her. His eyes were a gorgeous blue, but what shocked her most was the fact that soon after seeing her face, Naruto cooed and giggled cutely. For the first time, in a long time, a smile graced her lips.

"Are you ready for your first bath?"

It was though the blond baby understood her, because he soon cooed and made a noise that sounded a lot like "uh-huh". The maiden locked the door before setting the boy down. She then started undressing herself. She watched in amazement as Naruto turned his head away from her partially naked form. The teenager giggled to herself.

"It seems you are already a decent man. To look away from a woman undressing is a hard thing to do when you are a male."

She turned on the water and let it reach a warm temperature before plugging the drain. As the bath filled, she finished relieving her form of her clothing and soon undressed the baby. Testing the water, Kurenai slid in with Naruto cradled over her shoulder. A towel surrounded her body, separating her and the little one. As she soaked in the heated water, all the stress of the day began to hit her all at once.

Hot tears slowly raced down her porcelain-skinned face. A lot of lives had been lost today. The bloody battlefields still haunted her. She could still smell it; the overbearing stench of iron. Kurenai could feel the horrible, maniacal chakra of the Kyuubi.

Naruto cooed questionably. Tiny hands padded Kurenai's face. She opened her puffy eyes to something else shocking. His hands lightly touched her face; right underneath her eyes. With uncoordinated motions, Naruto seem to desperately try to wipe her tears away. Again she found herself smiling. Maybe her fatigue was making her see or think out of the ordinary, but either way, it appeared to her that Naruto was trying to offer comfort.

Even though she appreciated the gesture the tears resumed. She cried softly for what seemed like hours. Naruto still tried to wipe the tears away, but his efforts soon became tiring. The exhausted baby soon fell asleep upon Kurenai's shoulder.

"Forgive me little one…Let's get you to bed."

Kurenai washed herself as best as she could without disturbing her little comforter. Once finished, she gentle scrubbed Naruto and dried him off.

Rin suddenly knocked on the door.

"Yuuhi-san? Is everything alright?"

"Yes. I will be out soon."

True to her word, the chuunin was out. Rin smiled at the sleeping blond.

"Well I see he got his first bath as well as his first bath with a woman."

They both snickered at her comment.

"Kurenai, let's go to bed."

With a small nod the two girls were soon in bed asleep. Naruto lay in his make-shift bed, close to his red-eyed savior. Morning crept slowly forward, much to the appreciation of the five house occupants. At around 10am, Kurenai and Rin were the first to wake. Naruto soon followed and quickly 'asked' to be held. Rin giggled.

"Go get him mommy."

The younger girl glared before lifting the child into her arms. Naruto cooed excitedly. His actions brought a smile to her face.

"Come on little one. Let's see if we can find you something to eat."

Life resumed normally, well, as normally as it can with a child now in their lives.

-Eight Months Later-

Kakashi and Iruka had constructed a room for the little blond child. It had been well furnished thanks to the newly re-elected Sandaime.

As far as Naruto was concerned, his overall development was drastically increasing. Though he did have a handle on how his body moved, the boy still had trouble with walking by himself. Even then, that did not deter the little guy from trying to escape whenever he had the chance. Poor Kurenai once again found herself chasing down Naruto. After a minute of chasing him, she finally captured the blond child. He giggled as she picked him up. A smile formed on her lips.

"Come little one, let's go do some errands." The teenager told him.

"I'll come with you Kurenai."

"Alright Rin."

The three soon left the apartment. Rebuilding the village had been a constant procedure these past few months. It was basically a twenty-four hour, seven days a week job. Nearly half of village had been completely rebuilt.

"Where is our first stop?" Rin asked.

"Grocery store and then I was thinking of stopping by the dango shop."

The groceries were quickly purchased and the trio moved onto the dango shop near their home. Rin watched in amusement as the men around her looked shocked that Kurenai was holding a child.

"Who's the father?" Rin heard one chuunin ask.

"I did not know that Kurenai had a child. I never thought she had even been together with a man." Another guy stated.

"You all are idiots. Kurenai would never let any man near here. There is a reason she is known as the Ice Queen of Konoha."

"Oh good she is still available. Well then who is the father?"

Rin snickered and Kurenai rolled her eyes. These men would never leave her be. The two girls tried to not pay attention while they munched on their delectable treat.

"No one knows! I heard it's classified."

Naruto was absentmindedly babbling; making noises any child his age would. That is until something caught his attention. Right next to Kurenai mouth was a bit of dango. He focused on the sweet treat much like a predator watched its prey. Before anyone noticed Naruto had brought his mouth over Kurenai's. Shock quickly registered in everyone's mind.

"That was my first kiss!" Kurenai stated, shocked in her head.


Rin then decided to break the ice.

"Wow Kurenai, not only has little Naruto-kun taken a bath with you, he also stole your first kiss." The young girl giggled at the male's reactions.

Jealousy oozed from all their auras, and some even showed complete humiliation.

"He had a bath with her!"

"I can't believe we were bested by a baby!" a few moaned and one even cried.

It was at this time that Kakashi and Iruka walked into the shop. They both surveyed the area of downtrodden men and looked quizzically at the two young women for an explanation.

"Let's just say little Naruto-kun is more of a man then any of them." Rin smiled while Kurenai sighed heavily.

Now, as for Naruto, he just cooed victoriously with dango in his stomach and Kurenai's lipstick smeared over his lips.

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