Dear Reader

My sincerest apologies, I know that I am taking forever and a day to post. Please bear with me. It is your right to know why I am putting Hidden Meanings on hold yet again. Here is the story.

I live with my grandparents because both my parents are undependable and selfish. My grandfather became ill right around Christmas. On New Years they told us that he had leukemia and had two weeks to live.

Doctors are idiots. They were just trying to scare us into chemotherapy. It didn't work. If he had a short time to live he wanted to live it now spend it full of poisons.

After three months of pain and suffering, he is finally at peace. Let me tell you a few things about him. His name was John 'Kelly' Prichard. He was not my biological grandfather; he married my grandmother when I was six. Kelly was an amazing person.

He loved me and my sisters like he was our own father. But most of all he was my teacher. A true living Yoda, "Do, or do not. There is no try." is what he would tell me. "If you start everything as a 'try' or attempt you have already failed." To get me moving he called me 'young samurai' and he will always be my sensei.

As a child his family could not afford to buy him a guitar, so he made one. He taught himself to play and loved to teach others. He worked for NASA for many years… and no matter how long it had be since he changed careers to being a tech expert at Old Dominion University, what he did at NASA was "classified information." He loved to tell me how things worked, and the best part of watching a new movie was to see how it was made.

Well here we are three months after being told he had two weeks to live and he is finally free. Everyone is crying over his body and, all I can think about is, "This is the last thing he would have wanted." His philosophy was mourning and funerals are not for the dead. Once people are dead the really don't give a damn, the whole purpose is saying good bye and comforting the people that have been left behind.

My grandmother on the other hand says this is all for him. She gets tired of people fussing over her and telling her how sorry they are. She is not sorry. Don't get me wrong she loves him still with all her heart, but he isn't suffering anymore. He is with God as an advisor like he was for us.

Kelly isn't gone for we will always hold him in our hearts. There are a lot of people whom he has guided and touched profoundly. In my mind he will always be as he was before the illness. So this is not "good bye" but only "Till we meet again", my friend, my teacher, my grandfather.

Thank you for your time, and for listening to me. I hope to have the next chapter by next week if I am lucky. Again thank you for your patience.

banryuu/senshi (young samurai)