Another short chapter:( I'm sorry I'm not so good at this yet, however over time maybe my writing skills will develop. that or I'm just too impatient:3 Special thanks to Channyseason2 and purple398 for your helpful plot ideas:3 and to the rest of my readers and your comments:)

So as you had learned in the last chapter, there was now a pair of soon to be newly weds. It was finally spring break, and the Anubis crew were on a train to Fabian's home.

Fabian was sitting, reading a magazine. Nina was sitting in the seat next to him reading over his shoulder, "Are you excited?"

He looked up from his magazine to her, "Yes, a lot really," he smiled, "You?"

"Absolutely. I'm so Happy for Trudy, and I'm looking forward to meeting your family," she said with a smirk.

Fabian smiled with a faint blush, "Oh really?"

"Of course," she said resting her head on his shoulder.

Fabian smiled and shifted to accommodate her.

Further down the train, Alfie boarded the car with a suspicious look on his face. He walked to where Jerome, who was eyeing a cute blond in the next row up, was sitting, "Jerome, Jerome!" he whispered frantically.

"What Alfie? I'm busy here, if you can't see," he answered.

"We have an emergency," Alfie said, looking around under the seats and such.

"What kind of emergency?"

"Uh," he stammered. At that point Amber let out a scream. Everyone on the train jumped and turned to her, excluding Alfie who was crawling back off towards the dining car.

"Ahhhiieee!" she shrieked, "A snake, I saw a huge slimy nasty snake!" she was standing up on her seat.

"Actually Amber snakes aren't slimy," Mara corrected.

"A snake is a snake Mara," Patricia said with her legs pulled up onto her seat.

"Where is it?" Mick asked

"Where is Alfie?" Nina said looking around.

"I shall protect you!" Jerome shouted putting an arm around the blonde.

"No way" she said with a grossed out face as she walked into the next train car with her friends. Jerome stood there with a blank stare.
"Denied." Fabian said smirking.

"Where's the snake?" Amber repeated.

"Yes find it!" Patricia concurred.

"Where did Alfie go?" Mara asked.

Jerome snickered, "He crawled off to the dining car, bet'e has something to do with all of this,"

"I bet," Mick said laughing as well.

"Ah! There it is!" Patricia yelled.

"What's going on in here?" Uncle Ade said walking into the car with his usual farsightedness.

A harmony of "get the snake"'s where shouted at Uncle Ade.

"What? Snake?" he said confused looking around. He saw it and fumbled around to grab it and missed it.

A hand shot and grabbed it quicker than Alfie when he crawled out. The other hand held onto Alfie's collar. "What. Is going on in here?" Victor shouted. His voice cut through the excited atmosphere like butter.

Amber sat down, and everyone straightened around. He released Alfie, then turned around exiting the car.
As soon as the door clicked, everyone busted up laughing.

"Did you see his face?" Nina asked.

"What did he do with the snake?" Amber added.

"I do believe he took it with him," Uncle Ade said pausing, "I will be going then," and he walked out as well.

"I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting experience," Fabian said to Nina. She nodded and smiled.

Okay, I hoped you liked it, I wanted a funny chapter that wasn't just all romance:3 I promise the next chapter will be longer, because its going to have more than one idea in it:3 but because of that I can't promise a speedy update:/ and I'll be taking my time on this one since these chapters have sucked so far, Ta Ta for now:3