Last chapter! Yay! not really, I had a lot of fun writing this, as much I hope you did reading it, enjoy:3

The reception had started, Wedding breakfast (what the meal after the wedding is called in England) was over, and Trudy and Uncle Ade were cutting the cake.

"I never even though about this, but Trudy's your aunt now," Nina said as they watched.

"Your right," Fabian said, pondering it, "I never thought of that either,"

Every one was eating cake, traditional fruit cake with marzipan icing.

Fabian dabbed a bit on his finger, and then poked Nina's cheek.

"Hey!" she laughed, returning the gesture.

He laughed taking his thumb and wiping her face, his hand lingered on her cheek, "you have such pretty eyes," he said softly, then immediately blushed and removed his hand.

Nina smiled to herself, and continued picking at her cake.

"Do see this?" Amber asked Patricia, practically jumping from her seat.

"Yeah, now sit down before they see you!" Patricia said, sticking her arm out as if to catch Amber.

"They are just too cute, look at them, they're totally in
Love!" Amber squealed.

"Like you hadn't noticed before," Patricia said flatly.

"Of course I had, but I mean, this is just so romantic,"

Patricia huffed, but couldn't help but flash a small smile.

"Maybe I should go over and give them a little shove," Amber said, and starting to stand up.

"Oh no you don't," Patricia said grabbing her arm, "they don't need any help from what I can see,"

Amber sat back down and pouted, but soon brightened up when Jerome and Alfie came to sit with them.

After everyone had eaten, Trudy and Uncle Ade shared the first dance, and were soon followed by everyone else.

Nina and Fabian sat and watched everyone for several songs or so, when a pretty up-beat jazzy song came on.

"Fancy a dance?" Fabian said standing up and extending a hand to Nina.

"Yes I'd fancy that a lot," she said, "but wait" she bent over and removed her shoes, "just gonna warn you I have two left feet,"

Right then Mick came over and patted Fabian on the back, "good luck mate," and he walked away.

Fabian's cheeks were pink when he looked to Nina, who smiled and laughed.

They walked out onto the dance floor.

"Alright, just follow me, and hold on," Fabian said with a smile. Nina nodded.

Fabian danced around slowly not to loose Nina, he twirled her and spun her till she was giggling like crazy.

"What even is this song?" she asked.

"Dunno," Fabian answered, "My uncle's into this sort of stuff,"

"It's fun" she said.

Everyone was dancing, Mick and Mara of course, Alfie had persuaded Amber to dance, and the most shocking thing of all was Patricia and Jerome, whom both of which seemed to be enjoying themselves.

They all continued to dance more and sit and talk till later. The song they were dancing to end and Nina and Fabian stood there. They were looking at each other for a while, then Fabian said, "Follow me," with a smile and he led Nina out back to where the wedding was earlier.

It was dark now, and they went out hands intertwined, and sat down in the middle of one of the rows of chairs that had yet to be put away. As Nina sat down she gave a small shiver. "Here," Fabian said, immediately taking off the jacket to his tux, and wrapped it around Nina's small frame.

"Thank you," she said clutching it, it smelled like him.

"Anytime," he answered. After a minute of two he got the courage to, and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer to him.

Nina put her head on his shoulder, and looked up at the sky which was completely full of stars, all twinkling, "wow," she said.

Fabian looked up as well, "Yeah," he said, then after a few minutes looked back at Nina. She looked at him as well. He took his hand and placed it under her chin, then leaned down to place a soft kiss on her lips. When he backed away again, she kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck. He held her waist, and when they parted said, "I love you Nina,"

"I love you to Fabian," she answered softly, she certainly wasn't cold anymore.

"Way to go Fabian! Whoo!" Jerome called, cheering as if it were a sport he was watching.

"Aw! You just ruined it!" Amber whined, "I'm so happy for you two!"

The two turned around to see their friends at the door watching.

Nina waved to them, "hi guys," she said laughing a bit. Fabian waved as well, then looked to Nina and kissed her cheek.

"Good job mate!" Mick called his arm around Mara, and with that they left Nina and Fabian to be alone.

"They certainly are a crew," Nina said laughing.

"Indeed," Fabian answered.

"But I wouldn't want it any other way," she said, hugging Fabian.

"Me either," He answered putting his chin on top of her head.

The song they danced to was "Sing Sing Sing" Benny Goodman arrangement, or something of that nature. I had such a fun time writing this, and i got such grate feedback from it, I'm very grateful:3 I'll still be working on other material, but if you wish for a HoA fic, that isn't Fabian with anyone else but Nina, I'd be happy to do it, if the idea doesn't suck:3 so once again TTFN:3