"Theodore's getting worse," whispered Simon, mopping his brother's forehead with a wet rag. Alvin's eyes filled with tears. Jeanette sat down and started to cry. Simon had spoken in an undertone so that the Chipettes wouldn't hear, but Jeanette had. He wished she hadn't; he hated to see her cry.

Eleanor sat down next to Simon and felt Theodore's head.

"If Vinny were here, she'd know what to do," she sniffed. Simon nodded; his mother was a lot better with sickness than anyone Simon knew. Brittany started to hum something…

Eleanor: It's hard to remember, summer or winter, when she hasn't been there for me. Friend and companion I can always depend on. My mother, that's who I mean.

Brittany: (Taking Alvin's hand) We've taken for granted, seeds that she planted, she's always behind everything.

Jeanette: (Hugging Simon) A teacher, a seeker, a both arms outreacher. My mother, that's who I mean.

Wish I could slow down the hands of time… Keeping the way they are. If she said so, I would give her the world… If I could, I would.

Eleanor: My love and my laughter, from here everafter, is all that she says that she needs!

Chipettes: Friend and companion I can always depend on, my mother, that's who I mean! My mother! That's who I mean! That's who I mean!

Simon stroked Jeanettes hair, letting the tears flow. They'd find Vinny, Simon just knew it.

The End!

(Don'tcha love happy endings?)