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The Nurse and The Son

"It all seems to be in order Miss Smith. I just have a few more questions; Hospital policy." I nodded, eagerly to end this interview with Human Resources. Situations like this always made me feel like I was in the Principal's office for something I didn't do. In the end, it didn't take as long as I thought, only a few more questions about my last job and why I wanted to work at Saint Thomas.

"I've always heard good things about Charming Mister Daniels and I wanted to see for myself" It was partially true, I did hear once what a great place to live Charming was "And recently I was left an heirloom here by my family and decided, why not?"

He gave me a quick look over the papers, like I told him something that he wasn't expecting to hear. This man looked like one of those people who needed to get out in the sun more, even living in Charming.

"Oh, really? But, I thought…"He looked to his papers again. Like I said, needed to go out more "…That you didn't have any known relatives Miss Smith. In your file it says…"

"I know what it says." Damn it; I didn't want to snap like this. Especially at the person that was the responsible for hiring me "I'm sorry mister Daniels; it was just a form of speech. What I meant to say is that a good friend of mine left me the house before dying"

Now that sounded like I was some sort of vulture. Great, just great! Maybe I just should my mouth shut from now on.

"I see" Was all that he said, before writing something in my file with a red pen. High School all over again, I swear! "Well Miss Smith, we at Saint Thomas Hospital understand your situation and we're deeply happy to have such a great professional working with us."

That was unexpected! Especially after he said "my situation", was I an alien or something? But none of that mattered now. I got the job!

"Thank you sir, I…"But before I had the chance to make a fool of myself, a woman wearing brown and grey clothes walked in. She was small, with tiny hair and glasses.

"Oh good, just in time. Gillian Smith, meet Margaret Murphy, your supervisor" She looked me from head to toe, measuring me like I was food. But I held my head up high as she shook my hand.

"Nice you meet you nurse Smith. I'm sure that introductions aren't required." I liked this woman, she didn't talk a lot, I can handle that. So I just shook her hand and we left for my first tour around the hospital.

"So, I saw your file" We were in the pediatric sector, my favorite from the entire hospital where my new boss decided to speak "Notable work you did at Saint Peters . Not many nurses could've handled a situation like that." I nodded, silently appreciating her compliment when another nurse came in. She looked younger than me and more hyper too.

"Hi I'm Nellie! Nice to meet you!" I was really scared of the bubbling girl in front of me. Maybe she was high in coffee or something "Can I talk to you for a second Margaret?"

She excused herself and told me to follow the girl-Nellie to attend a patient. A first time mother, it appeared.

"Do you like here so far? I know I do! Charming is so nice. A small town, true. But nowhere else you can find…"We were in front of the door and she just wouldn't shut up! This was a very delicate place and women and babies needed to relax at all costs.

"Nellie, why don't you stay here, filling these forms while I go check out on the mom?" She looked relieved, like she didn't want to go in there. Kids these days. Humpf

"Oh my God, thank you so much! This wing always makes me sick with the vomiting, the complains and…"I stopped her, motioning that I was going in and silently thanking the person that was waiting for me in the room. She had no idea, but she just spared me from a major migraine at the moment.

There was another nurse already there, but she wasn't paying much attention to her surroundings. It looked like she wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Very professional! I ignored her and went straight to the bed.

"Good morning Miss Ortiz, how are you feeling?" I heard the nurse snort but ignored her, putting myself behind her so that the patient wouldn't see. According to her medical charts, she'd had enough problems on her own. We didn't need to stress her out more with the lack of professionalism.

"I'm doing great, just tired of being in bed all the time. I swear, every time I come here it's the same thing." ok, she was upset. That's completely normal for a woman in her situation, but no, the so polite nurse decided to make her presence known by dropping Mrs. Ortiz's bag and I had enough of that

"Would you excuse me for a moment Mrs. Ortiz? I'll be right back" I said in my best sweet voice that I use only for my patients and grabbed the older nurse's arm, dragging her out of the room.

"What the hell?" She said defensively, like she didn't do anything wrong. Luckily, no one was in the hall, so it gave me a few moments with her.

"Look, I don't know what your problem is. Maybe you're a bad nurse, or maybe you're just a bitch. I don't care. You just don't treat your patients like that. Got it?" She crossed her arms and tried to scare me. Like I'd fall for that.

"Listen rookie, you're new here. So you don't know who that woman is. If you did, you wouldn't be on my case like that." I was getting pissed at here and if I continued like that, by the end of the day, I was sure I was going to be fired.

"No, you listen. That woman in there is our patient. She's expecting a child and it's our job to assist her the best way we can." She looked down, lost of words "Now you better take a walk and calm down. You're in no condition to help anyone right now." She didn't say anything, just walk away. I guess people here have more prejudice than where I am from. Idiots.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Ortiz for my absence. It won't happen again" I gave her my first true smile since I got here and went to take care of her medication. She looked healthy and her results were good, better than they had been. Nothing to be worried about.

"It's ok. Not many people do that, you know, defend someone like me" She looked at me, examining me, almost like everybody else. Is this town really that afraid of new people? But, she didn't have that judging look, like almost everyone else does; more like securing herself that I wasn't going to bite her head off.

"Well, you seem young so I'll give you a hint; there are many not nice people in the world. So others tend to be confused when they see one." This time she smiled too. She looked so young and tiny. She had an angelic face with a few tattoos and she was covering her belly with her free hand, possessively. I liked her.

"Where is your husband Mrs. Ortiz? There are some things I'd like to discuss with him." She looked down and I knew I've said something I shouldn't have.

"My husband isn't with me right now, he won't be for a while." I took her hand squeezing

"Well then, you can share the good news with him later. That's good; you can always be the first one to know how strong your little girl is." I winked at her, relaxing the atmosphere. It wasn't any of my business where he was or wasn't. All I'm concerned about is my patient's well being.

"Yeah, she's a fighter" She agreed with me, tears in her eyes "Damn. Sorry, hormones" I gave her a box of tissues, patting her hand.

"There's nothing to be sorry about Mrs. Ortiz. You are going to be a great mother and you're so overwhelmed with happiness that you can't express in words. Am I right?" I winked again, and she smiled. Mrs. Millicent Ortiz seemed like she was going to be a great mother.

"Yes it is, and please, call me Milla." she offered her hand, which I gladly accepted.

"In that case, please call me Gillian" We shook and she continued to smile.

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