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Song used in this chapter: Kanashimi wa Kitto by UVERworld

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"Roxas! Get out of bed now! You have to get to school!" A woman's voice called out to him from downstairs. In the kitchen probably.

"Uhggg..." Roxas groaned into the pillow. "Yeah, yeah... hold on..." came his quiet sleepy voice. Then there was silence. The boy had fallen back asleep.

"Roxas! You didn't fall back asleep again, did you?"




"Oi! Gaki!"


There were heavy foosteps coming up the stairs, getting closer and louder. Then there was a moment of silence... After a few more seconds of it, the bedroom door was violently slammed open. There was an irritated woman in her late thirties with casual clothes and an apron on at the doorway. The said woman stomped her way towards the bed where the boy was still sleeping, even when she slammed that door open very loud. When she was in front of the bed, she shouted, "ROXAS! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED! NOW!"

The blond hissed at her shouting. "Alright, alright...!" He started to sit up slowly, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with his arm. "Damn... You don't need to yell so fucking loud in the morning..." he mumbled.

"Ahhh?" A vein popped up on the woman's head with a black threatening aura around her. "What'd you say, gaki?" She cracked her knuckles.

The said boy tensed up a little at hearing her knuckles cracking. "U-uh... I said good morning, K-Kaa-chan!" He waved his hands in front of himself in defense when he answered.

"Is that so?" The woman who is identified as his mother, still in her threatening position, asked.

"H-hai...!" He stuttered.

The mother sharpened her glare. "It sounded much more longer the first time. But I'll let it slide for now. Now get ready!" And with that, she left her son's bedroom.

Roxas glared at the doorway, where his mother had passed through. 'Tch, old hag!' Then he got out of bed to get ready for school.

After he did his morning routine, he went through his closet to find his clothes for the day. He wore a black, baggy, cargo shorts (with white strips bordering the pockets) that ended a few cetimeters below his knees, white high top shoes, and a short sleeve red shirt with a dragon design on the front. He grabbed his cell phone, iPod touch with its earphones, wallet, house keys, and shoved them in his front pockets. And last but not least, he put on a cologne. One spray on his neck was good enough.

While fixing his hair, that defies gravity, down the stairs, he made his way to the kitchen table, where a bowl, a spoon, cereal box, and a carton of cold milk, lied. He lazily put in the sugared cereal and the milk in the small bowl. And then lazily ate it. 'Shit, this is boring...'

"Hey, hurry up and finish eating that. Axel will be here to get you, probably in a moment now." His mother, who is washing the dishes from her breakfast earlier that morning, told him.

"Tch, yeah, yeah, whatever..." he grumbled, taking in another spoonful of the morning food.

Just as he was swallowing his food, the front door of his house was slammed open, which then made him choke on the food. "Yo! I'm back!" a voice called.

Roxas had to pound on his chest to get the food down. And didn't succeed. So he grabbed the milk carton and gulped it down his throat to get the stuck cereal into his stomach. Once his throat was cleared, the milk carton was snatched out of his hands, and he received a smack at the back of his head. "ITE! What the hell!" He glared at the person who attacked him.

"Kuso gaki! What do you think you're doing! Don't drink from the carton! If you want to drink it, get a damn cup and pour it in there!" The blond's mother scolded.

"Fuck! Didn't you see me choking! I could've died!" he retorted.

"But you didn't!"

"..." he didn't know how to respond to that.

"Damn straight you don't have a retort for that!"


"Okay, okay, calm down, Roxas," the same voice, that called after the front door was slammed open, told him playfully.

"Oh shut the hell up, Axel," he grumbled in reply, taking another spoonful of the cereal. This time, he was being careful with it. Ha! Take that, Lady Luck!

"Sorry, it's kinda impossible for me to close up Hell, Roxas. Maybe we should ask Kami-sama if he can do it." the red head joked.

Roxas groaned in annoyance. "Fuck you," he muttered out.

"Sorry, but I'm straight. Unlike you." Axel grinned.

A murderous aura surounded Roxas. "Axel, childhood friend or not, I'll knock your head down so hard, it'll crack the floor!"

The other boy took that moment to stop. "Right, sorry,"

"Whatever, c'mon, let's get going." half finished with his cereal, Roxas got up from his seat and headed to the front door, that was left open just slightly, to go to school. He pushed it wide open, going outside, with Axel following behind him. And since Axel was the last one to leave the house, he knew he had to close the door. So he did it. It didn't go unnoticed by Roxas. He narrowed his eyes. "Dude, you didn't have to do that. My old lady could've done it."

Axel shrugged. "Well, I'm more of a gentleman than you, so there's no problem!"

Roxas shook his head, deciding not to bother with it. With both hands in his pockets and a slouch, he walked off to his school.

While on the way there, another delinquent -along with his gang of nine more people with him- from another school, confronted Roxas. "Yo, Roxas." He greeted. "How ya been?"

Roxas groaned. "Oh, man... What do you want, Seifer? Look, if you wanna get your ass kicked, go ask someone else to do it."

Seifer. The guy that came up to Roxas, last year, in eighth grade (yes, right now, he's in ninth grade) to pick a fight with him. The dude said Roxas was ruining his "reputation". What "reputation"...? Anyways, the guy wanted to fight Roxas. He had his men with him, -twenty of them back then- with metal pipes, wooden sticks, and such in hand, and ordered them to attack Roxas. The blond's face expression back then was an irritated expression that said, "annoying-assholes,".

And with his awesome fighting skills, he defeated the twenty men -that were all down on the ground unconscious- in six minutes without a scratch on him. Then Seifer, that was the last person standing (becuase he didn't fight the blond yet), ran to attack Roxas. The blond first just stood there, with a bored expression on his face, and waited for Seifer to attack him at a good range. And when Seifer was, he swung a punch at Roxas, but Roxas ducked fast to the ground, turned his body to the left, and used his right leg to trip Seifer. When Seifer was at lost balance, Roxas quickly turned his right, and used his left leg to kick Seifer's side. When the leg connected the side, Seifer was sent flying into a building near them, and created a huge hole-like dent on it.

Then, Seifer passed out due to the impact with him and the building. Easy knock out.

And since that day, Seifer had been trying to get his revenge on Roxas. And it was fucking annoying. And even now it still is...

"I came here to pay you back; you know, for all those times you knocked me out." Saifer gave him a smug look.

Roxas raised an eyebrow. "Uh-huh..."

"You bastard-" one of the guys in his gang started to say, but Seifer stopped him by putting and arm out, telling him to stop, silently. "B-boss..."

"I'll do this one alone. You guys just watch the fight." The leader smirked.

"And watch your ass get kicked? Again?" Axel interjected, snickering. And made Roxas snicker too.

"Yeah, let's just get this done with, baby chicken," Roxas provoked.

Seifer gritted his teeth. "Don't get cocky, asshole!" He grabbed one of his men's metal pipe, and ran to Roxas to strike him.

When the metal pipe was being raised, and with both hands still in his pockets, Roxas calmly and swiftly used his right leg to do a side snap kick at the attacker's chest.

"GAH!" Seifer grunted out, before being send flying through one of Roxas's neighbor's wooden fences.

"BOSSSSUUU!" His men cried out at the same time.

"So," Roxas called them, also giving a smile that obviously meant "I'll-kick-your-asses-down-to-the-ground-so-hard,-you'll-be-six-feet-under-before-you-know-it". "Any of you wanna step up next?" he asked.

All of them shook their heads frantically. "N-No thank you!"

"Yeah? Well then..." His fake smile faded. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE! GET YOUR UGLY ASS-FACE OUT OF MY SIGHT!" He shouted at them.

"Y-yes sir!" Some of them retrieved their boss, and ran away like the weak baby chickens they were.

"...okay, let's go," Roxas told his friend, starting to walk.

"Roger!" The red head saluted, also giving a grin.

The delinquent and his friend had made it to school. They talked about whatever they were talking about for a few minutes until Axel needed to head to his homeroom.

"Yo, Roxas, here's your school's bag," Axel tossed the said object to the blond.

"Huh? When did you get it?" Roxas asked, while examining the stuff in his bag.

"When I barged into your house. You know, after you started to choke and stuff."

"Ah," Roxas nodded in confirmation.

"See ya in lunch then." Then Axel started to walk in the opposite direction of the hallway while giving a backwards wave.

The other boy nodded again. "Yeah," he replied. While standing in the hallway, he decided to skip first period (again) and go to the school's rooftop instead.

When he walked in the direction of where the rooftop would be, he fished out his iPod touch, put on the earphones, turned it on, went through his musics, and chose the song "Trance" by Granrodeo. He sang along to the song quietly while walking up the stairs.

When he was in front of the door, he opened it, and found something he wasn't expecting...

There was another person, who is a boy, on the rooftop. 'Fuck! Who the hell is that!' A vein popped up on the head.

This boy, that was sitting crossed leg on the rooftop, had spiky, brown hair that looks like it also defies gravity. His back was facing Roxas, so the blonde couldn't see his face. But, what he could see about this person, was that he has a slender body, he wore a light blue, sleeveless hoodie, a yellow-plaid, somewhat baggy, shorts that looked like it reached three inches below his knees, he had a guitar (at least that's what it looked like when you're standing behind him) on his lap, his left hand held the guitar's neck close to the top, and it looks like he's also wearing a silver, thin chain bracelet around his left wrist. Oh, it also looks like he's wearing those converse shoes. An orange at that.

'Well, at least the kid ain't bad at knowing how to dress,'

After Roxas made that thought, the brunette in front of him strung the guitar wires. Probably checking to see if the sounds are in place. He gave a nod, then started to play the guitar.

Roxas took the earphones away from his ears to listen to the boy play. When he took off the earphones, the boy started to sing.

Kokoro dake wa sutenai yo
Kore ga owari da toshitemo dare nimo omoide toka kibou wa ubaenai

Roxas, was flabbergasted. 'Holy crap... This kid sounds good! No, that's not the word, this kid sounds AMAZING!'

Te wo kasaneta toki no nukumori wo ime-ji shite
Tsurai toki hodohora waratte miseru yo

Itsumo boku wa iyana koto hitotsu de yokatta koto zenbun wo
Wasurete shimai sou ni naru keredo
Shikoshizutsu tsuyokumo natte omoiyo omoi wo

Tattenai hodo no kanashimi ga boku wo eranda toshitemo

Dareka ga kono unmei no kuji wo seou nara
Boku wa sakete ikiru dake no hito ni naritakunai
Tsurai no wa wakatte iru kedo ashita waraeru youni

Unmei no tayori wa mawaru ge-mu no youni
Furareta saini hora hito wa aterareta michi

Tadotteiku kono me ni utsuru subete no mono wa
Ubawaretari nakushitari suru keredo
Kimi ga kureta kotoba dake wa

Dare nimo ubaenai
Nanimo mienai kurayami no
Ai ga kieta yoru niwa
Nemuri nitsuku mae ni

Kimi wo omoidasu
Ashita kimi to isshoni mita kumo wo sagashi ni ikou
Murina nomo wakatterukedo
Kyou yori chotto wa susumu tameni

Suteki namononi demo donna ni tsurakutemo
Ichi ichi uiteirarenai jidai de
Raku wa sugu sugi sari
Tsurai toki no hou ga nagaku kanjiru iyana soutaiseiriron no naka de sugosu

Sora wo nagame yukkuri to
Ukabu hagure kumo wo mite
Itsuka no boku mitai dane
Kimi no koe sagashiteru yo

Sayonara wa iwanai koto nishou
Korega owari datoshitemo
Jibun desae kibou toka kokoro tokatte ubaenai
Ichinichi ga owari nemuru mae ni
Ashita aeru kana toka
Muri nanomo wakatteru kedo
Ai no sumu kokoro no domannaka wa
Darenimo ubaenai kara
Ashita wo waratte mukaeru tameni

Roxas closed his eyes, listening to the music the boy was singing. It made, dare he say it, his heart feel warm inside. 'Tch, FUCK! What is this kid doing to me! That's it! I'll kick his ass for making me feel this... this... whatever this is! ...AFTER he's done singing!'

Fuwawa hagure kumo ga
Boku no yuutsu to kyou ni nagareteiku
Onaji kumo ni mata dare kaga
Jibun mitai tte kasaneru no darou

The boy was done singing. He let out a sigh and stretched out his arms. "Yosh!" he said in a low voice, and started to stand up.

'Whoa! He's getting up! Shit! What do I do? Damn, there's nowhere to hide; since he'll see me right away. Just stick with plan A then? Just kick his ass? Yeah, let's just go with that.' The blond answered his own question to himself. With both hands shoved in his pocket, he stood tall, and put on his poker face that came with a glare.

The other boy, with his guitar in its case and in hand, turned around to face the door, but was surprised to see the school's delinquent standing there. 'E-EH? Wh-what's the school's most known delinquent doing up here?' He was getting scared. The guy's glare is freaking horrific!

"Hey, you," Roxas called with a firm voice.

The brunette flinched a little. "Y-yes-s...?" He stuttered out.

"..." Roxas was taking a good look at the boy's face. 'Damn! This guy looks like he has the same face as mine! I mean, he even has the same color as my beautiful eyes! The hell is that? Well, he has more of a girl-ier face than mine, and his body shape can look like a girl's too...' The blond felt his face heating up a bit, and tried to calm it down. "G-get over here!" He ordered.

The other boy flinched a little again. "O-okay..." He made his way to the blond. While walking slowly, of course.

"Hurry up and walk faster!" Roxas ordered again.

So much for walking slowly. "S-sorry!" He obeyed.

When guitar boy was in front of him, Roxas felt his heartbeat beating. Hell, he could even hear it! Not only that, his stomach felt weird too! Then he inhaled in.

The innocent boy ducked his head, thinking the blond was going to hit him. But Roxas actually said something instead.

"I LIKED YOUR SONG! YOU SOUNDED AMAZING!" He blurted out without thinking.

"...eh?" They both said simultaneously.

Then Roxas started turning red from embarrassment. While the brunette just stared at him with surprised eyes.

"I-I mean- you were s-singing- the guitar- I j-just got here- you-" Roxas didn't know what he was saying with all of the stuttering. So he looked at his shoes instead, not wanting to look at the other boy. 'What the fuck! What am I saying? Holy shit, this is ruining my badass image! ...And what happened to plan A?'

"...really?" The innocent voice asked.

"H-huh?" Roxas looked up, a blush in place of his place.

"D-did you really like my song? Did I really sound um... a-amazing...?" The boy looked the other way, with a blush of his own, not wanting to look at Roxas.

Seeing the other boy blush made Roxas feel a little better. "Y-yeah." He scratched the back of his back of his head nervously.

The other boy snapped his head up at Roxas, a blush no longer in place, with the same surprised look he had on not too long ago. Then a few seconds later, he gave Roxas a warm, gentle smile, with his eyes closed. "Thank you!"

Roxas stood, frozen, in front of the boy, looking at his smile in awe. That's when something, somewhere inside him, sparked. '...eh...?'

Then the first period bell rang. "Ah! I'm late!" The brunette exclaimed. He slid in between the doorframe and the delinquent to get to class.

But then Roxas grabbed his wrist. "W-wait," he said.

"Hm?" Guitar boy looked back at him.

"A-ah... um... what's your... n-name?"

Guitar boy stared at him for a few moments, then gave him a smile. "It's Sora,"

"Oh... I'm Roxas,"

Sora gave a small giggle. "Yeah, I know; everybody in school does."

"Ah, that's right..."

"Yeah... Well, I guess I'll see you later, Roxas,"

"Y-yeah, sure..."

With the introduction done, Sora carefully ran downstairs to class, while Roxas just stared at the figure, until he wasn't in sight anymore.

"...dude, when I say 'start from the beginning', I didn't really mean from the beginning of the morning!" Axel pointed a sea-salt ice cream at Roxas.

"Oh shut up. At least I told you anyways," Roxas replied, also eating a sea-salt ice cream. Both him and Axel are sitting -or more like squating down- in front of a convenience store, eating the ice cream.

"Well, what're ya gonna do now?" The red head asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"Slow boy... I'm talking about this Sora kid! It's obvious that you like him!"

"I'm not denying,"


Roxas sighed. "I dunno. I wanna see what's going to happen first, though."

Axel also gave a sigh. "Alright then. This is your love life anyways," he took a bite of the ice cream.

"Like I said; shut up."

"Shut don't go up,"

Roxas shoved the sea-salt ice cream out of Axel's hand, which made the sweet treat fall on the dirty ground.

Axel gasped. "Fuck you!"

"I'll pass,"

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