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Song used for this chapter: GO-ON by UVERworld

It was a Monday morning at Sora's house; it is exactly 8:30 A.M.


Sora sighed at his cell phone waking him up. He stirred, and reached out to his alarm from the side of his pillow. After a few misses of getting it, he lazily grabbed his phone, unlocked the touch screen, and "dismissed" it. He gave another sigh out, and stretched his body while still in bed.

Then he sat up and opened his eyes slowly to try to focus his vision.

But there was a knock at his door.

"Sora? Are you up?" Leon's voice asked through the door.

"Haiiii," The younger one slurred.

"I'm coming in," Leon said before entering his little brother's bedroom.

"Umm... Do you need something, Nii-san?" Sora focused his vision on the taller male.

"Yes, there is." He deadpanned.

Sora blinked at his bluntness. "O-oh. Well, what is it?"

Leon walked towards Sora to sit next to him, and latter made room for the older brunette. "Sora, there was a group of teens around your age and older that came by yesterday while you were out of the house. They said they were a friend of Roxas'."

"Eh? Who?" Sora tilted his head a bit.

'So cute...' "There were so many of them, I thought they were Girl Scouts, but the ones I remember the most was Yuffie, Mar... something and Dem... something."

"Oh," Sora nodded. 'So it was Yuffie and the others,' But then suddenly, Leon made a gloomy expression. Sora sweat dropped at the sudden change of mood. "E-etou... Nii-san—"

"Those three were the most annoying." Leon cut Sora off. "Are they your friends too?"

"Eh? Umm... I didn't really talk to most of Roxas's friends. The only one I talked to the most was Yuffie."

Leon nodded. "Sou ka. And, another thing Sora," He added.

"Nani?" The younger one replied.

"Do you know a guy named Cloud Strife?" he asked.

Sora's cheeks turned a bit pink at the mention of the older blond's name. "Y-yeah, I know Cloud." He started to fidget with his thumbs when he averted his eyes to his fidgeting thumbs.

Leon's whole body went stiff when he saw Sora blushing and fidgeting at the mention of the other man. 'What. The. FUCK!' he screamed the last word in his head. So yeah, that was the best "what-the-fuck" moment to anybody that thought that it was awesome. "Err... S-Sora, how did you meet the basta—I mean, Cloud?" he forced the question out of his mouth.

"Huh?" Sora snapped his head up quickly, then calmed down. "W-well, while Roxas and I were looking for Ax—"

"Wait wait wait." Leon suddenly halted him.

Sora looked at him in confusion.

"You and Roxas?" He repeated what he heard... mostly.

Sora nodded. "Un,"

Now Leon was racking his brain memories about yesterday when he wasn't home, and Sora was all by himself.

-Flashback yesterday at 11: 45 A.M. with Leon-

This scene took place where the fight with Roxas and Axel happened at: the abandoned car factory.

The older brunette was pissed off like an angry bull on the loose. You could see that there was an animated red vein in the side of his head, his eyes are shadowed, and there was a black aura radiating from him. He was standing straight with his arms crossed and looking down at his 20 lackeys

And there his lackeys were; sitting in a seiza position, their heads tilted slightly forward, their eyes looking at the floor, and sweating. (A/N: the seiza position is when you sit on your legs. Look at the pictures in google if you want.) The first one directly in front of Leon started to speak. He was nervous, and stuttering. "E-e-etou... L-Leon-aniki—"

"Shut it." The leader's voice growled.

"I'll shut up now." The lackey replied instantly, voice squeaking.

"Now," Leon started.

His lackeys gulped in fear.

"I'll ask once more, so you better answer."

They quickly nodded.

"Now... Where. Is. My. BLACK LEATHER BOMBER JACKET!" He shouted the question at them. (A/N: it's his jacket in Dissidia! XD)

The lackeys cowered behind each other and hugged each other in a group hug. One of them said, "We don't know, Leon!" he cried. "We just don't know! Oh, please spare us!" he pleaded while the others nodded frantically.


He suddenly felt his cell phone vibrate in his right-front pocket. He stopped yelling for a second to get it out of his pocket and to look at who's calling him. A small smile made its way onto his face when he saw who was calling him. He answered the call, "Hey, Sora. Is everything alright? Do you need something?" His voice sounded calm with a hint of happiness in it.

"..." Yup, that moment was a "what-the-hell" moment to the lackeys. Just imagine the look on their faces.

"Ah! Nii-san, is it okay if I can hang out with Axel?" Sora asked through the phone.

"Axel?" Leon repeated the name, trying to remember who this "Axel" guy was.

"...Yeah, it's the guy with a really red hair that spikes everywhere; a friend of Roxas's. You saw him before." The younger one described the red head.

At the mention of Roxas, Leon's protective part of his conscience kicked in. "Oh, uhh... where are you going to hang out with Axel? Is-is Roxas going too?"

"He said that we're just going to walk around town, and I'm not sure if Roxas is going. Axel didn't mention him."

"Is that so?"


'That probably means that the yankee won't be there.' "Oh okay,"

"So, is it okay if I can go?" Sora asked again.

Leon thought about it for 15 seconds and sighed once he came to his conclusion. "All right, but you have to call me if you ever need anything, or if you're EVER in trouble. Got it? Don't hesitate to call."

Sora was cheering on the other line when his brother approved. "Wahh~! Yes! Got it! Hontou ni arigatou, Nii-san!" (A/N: "Thank you so much, Nii-san!")

"Also, you must stay—and I mean, STAY away from any gang fights if you see them, got it?" Leon wanted to make sure that his otoutou gets the message.

"Yes! I will stay away from any gang fights if I see them!" Sora repeated his brother's words.

Leon nodded in approval (even thought Sora can't see it). "All right, stay safe." He said before the call would end.

"Okay! ...Oh wait! Nii-san!" Sora called out before he hung up.

"Hm? Nani?"

"I have your favorite black leather jacket in my room! I think you accidently left it in here last week while you were probably cleaning my room." Sora informed him.

"...My... jacket?" Leon slowly repeated; trying to make sure he was hearing it right.

"Un! I put it on your bed just now. And I have to get dressed now, laters!" Sora chirped, and then hung up.

Leon moved his eyes to his lackeys, who were still cowering. "Oi, listen up." He commanded them.

"H-hai?" One of them squeaked.

"Turns out my jacket was in my little brother's room. The one place I never look in. You all can leave now." Leon dismissed them as he left the building himself.

Once Leon was completely gone, the same person who squeaked before said, "Guys... I think he just made me jizz in my pants...!" he whimpered.

-Flashback end-

'Oh my Buddha—Roxas was with So-chan! Damn it!' He cursed himself as he sighed. "Then, was Roxas with you when you met Cloud?" He asked his otoutou another question.


The older brother was gaping inside. '...That kid is definitely bad news! He and So-chan met Strife! Strife of all people!' "S-Sora, listen to me," Leon put his hands on Sora's shoulders to show that the talk was serious.

"Err... What is it?" Sora was puzzled by the sudden seriousness.

"Be careful around Cloud. I don't want you to be around him too much." Leon told him firmly.

"Eh?" Sora's voice had a hint of sadness in it, which made Leon flinch. "N-nande?"

The other brunette sighed. "Look, Sora," He removed his hands from Sora's shoulders to rub his temples. "Strife and I are rivals. And we're not on good terms."

"Why not?"

"Sora... It has to do with the delinquent world. You're not part of it; so it's best if you don't know. You shouldn't befriend Strife too much." Leon slightly narrowed his eyes to show Sora that he was serious.

The younger one saw the look, and gave Leon a dejected look. "Hai, Nii-san..." 'So...Cloud is in the same world as Nii-san and Roxas...'

Leon didn't like to see Sora give such a look, but this topic is serious. "Alright, now go get ready for school." Then he made his way to the door, going to leave for school himself. He had already gone through his morning routine and had already eaten his breakfast (which was only cereal and milk).

Once Leon was gone, Sora started his own morning routine, changed his clothes, took his cell phone and house key, ate the same breakfast as Leon did, washed it, took his backpack, electric guitar (in its case) with its wires and amp, walked out the house, and locked the door. "...Wow, now that I think about it, it feels like I do so many things in the morning before I leave the house." He said to himself.

And just when Sora was about to walk to school, a voice called out to him. "Oooiiii! Soooorraaa!"

When Sora turned around, he was tackled by a red head hugging him. "EH! A-Axel?"

"Ohayo~!" The taller male greeted. (A/N: "Good morning" in a shortened way.)

"U-un, ohayo..." Sora greeted back as Axel let go of him.

Axel looked at what Sora was holding, and gasped happily. "You brought your guitar today! Are you going to sing again?" He asked excitedly.

Sora blushed. "W-well, sort of, I just need to think about the lyrics. I already have the sound, rhythm, and melody." He rubbed the back of his head shyly.

"..." Axel was staring in doubt at Sora. "Are you fisting me?" He asked to no one in particular.

"...What does that mean?" Sora asked, not knowing what "fisting" means.

Ignoring the brunette's question, Axel asked, "Didn't you just made a song three days ago?"

Sora thought about what Axel just said. "...Three days ago... Oh! You mean the one you and Roxas heard in the music class three days ago? But the new song that we're talking about now, I started it three days ago at home. It's not completed. But I started to make it on the same day I sang "Just Melody" to you guys."

At the explanation, Axel made an "Ohhhh!" sound. "Sou ka! Geez, and here I thought you can make new completed song in just three days. I heard that it isn't easy to make new songs. And your song title sounds awesome."

Sora giggled a bit. "Sometimes it isn't easy to make new songs for me, because I put too much thought into it. But, if it's about how I feel, I don't have a hard time making one. It usually takes four days the max actually. And I thought the song title sounded awesome too!"

"Woah! You're such a genius at doing this music stuff, Sora! If you keep this up, you'll get a chance to be famous!"

"I'm not interested in being famous. I just want to sing on my own free time and do what I want to do. Don't the famous people get told of what they need to do from their manager or something? I don't really want that."

Axel chuckled. "I see what you mean Sora. So, are you heading to school right now? You're kinda early."

Sora nodded. "Yeah, I always go at this time."

"EH! Roxas and I don't! This is way too early! –But I'm going to his house this early to get something from him to use— and school starts at 9:30! And it's—" Axel paused in mid-sentence to get his cell phone out to check the current time. "about 8:50! We usually leave at 9:15! Is that why we never see each other in the morning?"

Sora laughed. "S-sure! Heheh! That's maybe why. But I leave early to go over my homework, but when I have extra time, I just play with my guitar. I have one best friend that I'm always with, but she's out of town for a few weeks because of some family business." He said the last sentence sadly.

"Aaawww! 'Is okay, Sora! Roxas and I are with you!" He ruffled Sora's spiky hair. "...Hm?" He moved his hand back and forth on the brunette's head a few times. "Woah! Suge~! Your hair is so soft and silky," He kept touching Sora's hair in a different manner. (Like those girly gay guys you see in comedy movies)


"It's like, it's like eyebrow hair!" He exclaimed. (A/N: can you guess where I got that from? XD) "You're not wearing any hair products, right?" he asked

"N-no, I don't wear them."

Axel whistled. "When I do my hair to make it look like this," he removed his hand that ruffled Sora's hair, to point at his flaming hair with his thumb. "I have to use certain hair products, iron it while combing it, and freeze spray it at the end. It takes a lot of time to do all that! Damn, you're so lucky to have hair like this! The others that I know who are lucky to have hair like yours are Roxas and Cloud... Well, that's all who I can think of, anyways." He grinned.

At the mention of the older blond, Sora started to brood.

And it didn't go unnoticed by the red head. "Hey, Sora, why're you pouting?"

At the comment, the shorter boy tried to glare at Axel, but it looked more like a pout too. "...Nii-san told me that I shouldn't be too friendly with Cloud... "

"Cloud?" Axel repeated the name. He remembered the story Yuffie told them of who Cloud was. 'You know, it's kinda unfair that she remembers who Cloud is, but I didn't.' he thought to himself. "Oh... um... sorry to say this, Sora, but... your bro is right."

Sora started to look sad at Axel's opinion. "Why is he right? Just because Nii-san and Cloud don't get along, doesn't mean that I can't associate with Cloud like he's my normal friend." Sora tried to think of good reasons to support his somewhat friendship with the blond.

"That may be so, but we don't know if Cloud knows that you're Leon's otouto, Sora. Because that will be BAD news. That guy is strong. But I'm not sure if he and Leon are on the same level..." Axel paused for a moment, remembering something. "...Wait a minute, didn't you and Leon already had this argument at the abandoned car factory? This is the same topic."

Sora sighed. "Yeah, you're right. Never mind then. See you in school." Sora parted, and turned to the other direction –passing Roxas's house— to walk to school.

"Geez, you're making this pretty complicated, Sora." Axel gave out a sigh. When he was about to enter Roxas's property, he heard talking and arguing in a distance. "Uh?" he turned his head the sounds resource and saw two people running. One was a fat-looking boy and a brown haired girl. They looked like they were exercising.

"Go Pence! Gooo!" the girl shouted in a commanding voice.

"THERE'S SO MUCH SWEAT IN MY ASS!" The boy, Pence, complained.


"This is torture Olette!"

"I don't care! Just keep running!" The girl, Olette, continued to shout.

When they ran passed the red head, Axel heard some crying from the boy. 'Good luck, dude.' He thought, praying for the boy to survive.

He walked to the front door and took a house key to Roxas's house, and unlocked it. "I really feel happy I copied his house key years ago." He grinned to himself as he entered his best friend's home. "Tadaima!" He called, joking. (A/N: It means "I'm home!" or "I'm back!")

Roxas's mother came into view from the kitchen. "Hm? Axel? Why are you here so early?" She asked, sitting back down on the dining table's chair to read her book.

"I came here to copy Friday's homework assignment from Roxas," He said bluntly.

She stared at him in an expressionless face. "...It's in his room this time. Go do what you want." She waved him off.

"...Wait, so... it's okay if I wake him up?"

"Sure, if you want him to beat some crap or something outta you." Roxas' mother said casually.

Axel gasped like he had been insulted. "Hey. Hey! You're a mother! You can't talk to a child like that!" He pointed an accusing finger at the woman.

She raised an eyebrow at him without looking away from her book. "You? A child? Pfft, funny one, kid. Since you're actually two years older than Roxas." She flipped a page.

"Hey! It's not my fault I started preschool late and that I got held back in kindergarten!" he huffed as he stomped upstairs to go into Roxas's room.

Once he made it in front of the blond's door, he opened it casually, which made some noise that can POSSIBLY wake an average person up. 'Damn it's dark in here!' he complained as he walked up to the curtains, and opened them wide, making lots of the sunlight to come into the room that was really dark a second ago. He noticed Roxas's loud groaning in annoyance of the light and shifting to get away from it. The older male smirked and began to sing, "I can show you the wooorrrrlllldd~!" (I think you all know the movie! XD)

"The only thing I want you to show me is you closing up those curtains and getting out of my room." Roxas said in a sleepy, yet also in an irritating, voice. "What time is it anyways?" he hid under his blanket.

"It'ssssss—" Axel glanced at Roxas's digital clock. "8:58." He told him.

"..." Roxas stopped moving. It went on for a minute, and Axel was about to say something, but then the delinquent quickly yanked his digital clock out and threw it in Axel's direction. "GET THE FUCK OUT!"

Axel dodged the thrown object, which made it hit the wall behind him and break into some pieces. "Uwohh! Calm down, Roxas! I know it's early for you to be up, but I just need to copy your homework from Friday!"

"JUST TAKE IT AND GET OUT SO THAT I CAN SLEEP FOR A BIT! NOW!" Roxas was close to throw his Pikachu plush toy at his friend.

"Okay! Okay! Just chillax dude!" Once Axel had located the blond's backpack, he took it downstairs with him and started copying down the answers. "Geez, I wonder what Sora would think if he saw you go fucking crazy like that, Roxas." He mumbled.

After some time, Axel got done copying down the answers and put the worksheets away. Roxas had gone through his morning routine, dressed, and ate toasts with butter. "C'mon, let's go." Roxas commanded the taller male.

"Of course, oh, great yankee-sama!" Axel saluted jokingly.

Roxas sighed and shook his head smiling a little.

Once they were in school, they went to their first hour, did their assignments, go to their second hour, and did other assignments there. And yes, despite Roxas being a delinquent, he does his school work. (A/N: Good boy, Roxas!) After second hour, they had lunch their lunch hour.

"What do you want today?" Axel asked his short(er) friend.

"Let me think, umm..." Roxas took a look at other students who already got their lunch. "Oh, curry." He told Axel. "What about you?"

"I'm getting a yakisoba sandwich." (A/N: I guess it's like certain noodles inside a hotdog bun.) Axel grinned.

"Alright, let's go get them."

Once the two had bought their food, they started to eat as they walked out of the cafeteria to head to the school's rooftop. They were already on the second floor, and when they got there, they saw Yuffie in the halls.

"Yuffie? What're you doing here?" Axel asked, almost done with his food.

"Oh! Axel! Roxas! I was looking for someone." The informant said, not being specific about the person.

Roxas nodded. "Okay? Who is this "someone"?" He asked before taking a spoonful into his mouth. (It had already cooled down.)

The informant grinned. "Do you really want to know?" She asked slowly.

The blond rose an eyebrow. "Well no' "really". We're jus' curioush abwout who it' ish." He replied with his mouth full of food.

"It's someone you know, but I thi—"

"SHUTTUP!" Axel suddenly shouted at them.

Roxas was taken aback at his friend's shouting. "...NO YOU SHUTTUP!" He shouted back at him.





"WELL MY BAD! Now stop shouting." Axel said in his normal voice.

"Shut the fuck up." Roxas grumbled as he threw his food in a nearby trash can since some of Axel's spit got in it.

Yuffie sighed. "So... what did you hear, Axel?" She asked as though her hearing wasn't affected by their yelling when they were at such a close range.

"I heard a guitar! ...An electric one!" He added the last part. Then he gasped. "It could be Sora's! Let's go check!"

Roxas felt his stomach flipping at the mention of the brunette.

Yuffie noticed Roxas sort of tensed at the mention of Sora. "Hey, are you getting nervous, Roxas?"

...Déjà vu much?

"H-huh? I'm really not—"

"Let's just go already!" Axel was already running down the hall to find the sources sound.

"Hey! Wait! Slow your stupid ass down!" Yuffie called out to Axel, also running down the hall and Roxas following behind.

Axel abruptly stopped in front of a classroom door with Roxas and Yuffie behind him. And sure enough, it was a music classroom; they same one the two best friends had been in three days ago.

Roxas started to speak. "Oi, we should knock the door f—"

Not bothering to listen to the yankee, Axel wasted no time to open the door.

And guess who they found in there? "Sora!" Yuffie and Axel happily exclaimed.

The guitar boy jumped a bit in his seat at their voices shouting his name. When he turned to face them, he asked them, "Yuffie, Axel and... Roxas? What are you guys doing there?"

"I was looking for you!" The raven girl walked in, sitting on a chair next to Sora.

'Oh, so she was looking for Sora the whole time.' Roxas and Axel thought simultaneously.

"I heard your guitar, and followed it to here." Axel replied, answering Sora's question.

"...I just followed them." Roxas shrugged at his answer. Then he smiled at the brunette. "Hi Sora,"

Sora smiled back at the blond. "Hi Roxas!"

"So!" Axel said as he slid the door closed. He and Roxas also grabbed chairs to sit on. "How's it coming with the song?" He asked, remembering their conversation in the early morning.

"I still can't think up of lyrics," Sora said a bit shyly.

"Awww," Yuffie somewhat sympathized. "I'm sure something will pop up!" She encouraged him.

Sora laughed lightly. "Yeah, I'm sure too."

But when it came to Axel, he had other thoughts. "Heeey~! Let's get Roxas to sing, Sora! I'm sure he might have something!" '...Probably...' He added the last word in his thought.

At the statement, Roxas sputtered. "W-WHAT!"

Yuffie was leering.

Sora was staring at Axel. "Get... Roxas to sing...?" He repeated Axel's statement.

"Yup~!" The red head grinned.

"..." Sora kept staring at Axel, running the idea over and over his head. And gradually, his surprised expression stare turned into a wide smile. "I really like that idea!" He exclaimed happily.

On the sideline, Roxas was gaping in disbelief. But no one can blame him really. Like, why would your only crush agree to an idea that would get the blond to sing? He needed to get out of this somehow... "S-Sora, are you sure about that? I don't know ANYTHING about making music and its lyrics!"

Sora shook his head. "No, when I heard you sing yesterday in town, it looked like you were a natural at it! You probably didn't know it. And as for the lyrics, sometimes, the words come from your inner feelings." (A/N: ...Does it?)

Roxas forced an awkward smile. "Is-is that so?"

"Yeah! This song's melody felt more like a homework assignment to me. That's why I couldn't think well for the lyrics." (A/N: That's how I feel like when I write stories when it comes to due dates...) "So can you try it?" Now if you look closely, you can probably see pleading sparkles in Sora's bright blue eyes.

And having Sora for his crush, Roxas couldn't deny him. At all. "S-sure, Sora." He tried to sound not nervous about it.

Sora broke into a huge smile, feeling giddy. "Okay!" He forced himself to calm down his giddiness a bit. "Now, I'll play the whole song for you to get what it's like, okay?"

Roxas nodded.

Once Sora had played the song on his electric guitar, Roxas listened carefully to the tempo of it. 'It sounds really good... Maybe I can do this.' He thought a bit confidently.

When Sora was done playing, he asked Roxas, "Got it?"

"Yeah, got it, Roxas?" Axel and Yuffie repeated, grinning.

He ignored the two. "Yeah, I got it."

"Okay, here we go," Sora started to play his electric guitar again.

To seek your way of life
In the brilliance for an instant

Infinite choices are all over
Where you stand is what you choose
To seek the place where you meet the end...

Roxas listened to the rhythm and sound of the music again so that he can get his made-up lyrics in tune.

Guts Music!

Nani mo shinaide asobu dake sonna yoru wa nakete kitara
Tanjun ni ikiru hibi no naka de utau imi o kangaeta

It's up to me
Tsutaeru shudan teki ni hon o shuppan shitari kouen shitari tegami mo nanka ii ne
It's up to me!
Sekai kaetai dake nara toukyou metoro kokkai gijidou mae ni orite ossan o okosou

Ikutsu mo no ikikata ga mugen ni hirogaru naka de boku ga te ni shita no wa

Hibike go on Go on! Go! Roll on! Todoroke to oh yeah! Sekai o makikonde
Baka mitai honki no koe ga kokoro ugokasu toko o miseta iin da yo
Konoyo wa suteki de afureteru yo demo kore jyanakya dame nan da yo
Oto rizumu merodii koe kimi ga nakya boku wa iki datte dekinainda

Guts Music!

Atama no ue no akai ringoro atama moroto mo buttobasu you na shougeki wa masani Eternity
Ichido ajiwatte mina goody goody – La

Mosukiito Music issou paradokkusu onkyou shinri gaku chokutsuu
Ready Ready gouude ni yeah! Step! Step!
Odoreyo Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Way! Way! Way!
Utae wo kawai ta hibi no naka ni uruoi ataeru kimi wa masani Music Venus sa

Hibike go on Go on! Go! Roll on! Todoroke to oh yeah! Sekai o makikonde
Baka mitai honki no koe ga kokoro ugokasu toko o miseta iin da yo
Konoyo wa suteki de afureteru yo demo kore jyanakya dame nan da yo
Oto rizumu merodii koe kimi ga nakya boku wa iki datte dekinainda

Itsumo tonari ni ite yume ya koi no setsuna sa oshiete kureru
On Music ironna kotoba de zutto kikasete hoshii
Kagiri aru jikan de kagiri nai kokoro de tsutsun de

Having a wide grin in his lips Roxas thought, 'This feeling of singing freely... it feels... great...!' He thought in ecstacy.

Guts Music!

Tsutaetai kotonoha ga aru kara oto ni noseru kimochi o erandashi
Baka mitai ni honki no uta ga yuuichi boku o kaete kuretan da yo

Konoyo wa suteki de afureteru yo demo kore jya nakya dame nan da yo
Oto rizumu merodii koe kimi ga ire ba saikyou no Music
Go on o todorokase rarerun da

After Sora finished up the ending, he, Axel and Yuffie were clapping enthusiastically. "You did it, Roxas! It was amazing!" Sora said happily.

"And I got the whole thing recorded!" Axel said, holding up his cell phone.

"Oh, you should let me get a copy of that." Yuffie said plainly.

"Sure," The oldest of the four nodded.

Before they could talk any further, they saw some students running in the halls. They looked like they were looking for something or someone.

But in a second, a student quickly slid opens the door, and was panting. Probably from running. "H-hey, is Roxas in here?"

"What?" Roxas replied coolly, looking at the boy.

"There's someone outside the school's gates looking for you."

The yankee raised an eyebrow. "Hah?"

-Outside in front of the school's gates-

'This middle school looks so small...' Cloud thought boringly.

Looks like other delinquent has come back for a resume challenge!

...And, no. His high school is just too big...

Akari: ...So this chapter wasn't all that funny...

Kitakami: Yes, we noticed it, and we're very disappointed in it.

Akari: Well she just finished it at 2 in the morning on a Monday morning...

Kitakami: And she's struggling with school work too... It's not pretty...

Akari: See you in the next chapter! XD