Amanda and her mom were driving to the store, to go grocery shopping. It was cold, and almost night. Amanda got a chill. Damn, it was really cold. Her mom started yelling again, and like before, Amanda had no clue what her problem was. So she put her head phones in and blasted her music, just listening to it already made her forget about her mother.

Amanda Morgan was a very quiet girl. Had some friends, sometimes. She was terrified of her parents, but dosen't show it at all. Dirty blonde hair fell just past her shoulders in a layered mess. But her only true friend, Kara, called it a 'hot mess'. Amanda's were a dark green, and they looked even dark with the dark makeup she wears. She loved The Karate Kid, and fancied Daniel LaRusso. She knew Ralph Macchio played him, and he's 50 now, but she still thinks Daniel is cute.

Her mom looked over at Amanda and saw she was listening to music. This of course, angered her mother, who reached her arm over and tried to take it her mp3 away.

Her mom wasn't watching the road. The road was slippery. The truck behind them went a little too fast. They were gonna die, and Amanda knew it.

The song that was playing when the two cars collided was "Daniel" by Bat for Lashes.

- *Amanda POV*

Slowly opening my eyes, I looked around. I'm dead, so this has to be either heaven or hell. Which one is it? This dosen't seem like either. Beach blondes. Everywhere. What the hell? I got up, and asked a man closests to me what state this is. "California" he stated walking away, probably thinking I was crazy.

What am I doing in California? I started walking down the sidewalk, looking at all the people that were passing by. They seemed to be dressed weird. And their hair was really poofy. I stopped a women, and asked her, "Umm, what year is it?" This women, like the man, thought I was crazy. But she replied, "1984".

I suddenly felt extremley dizzy. This dosen't make any sense. I guess I didn't watch where I was going, because I bumped into a old looking chinese man, with a teenage boy following behind him.