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Harry Potter had been away from Hogwarts for a little under three months. Mrs. Ealy kept her promise to keep Harry informed on the school work he missed. He was thankful that his Gryfindor Head of House was his family's matron at Hogwarts. He was current on all his actual assignments. Neville, his Gryfindor brother, informed him every three days about the activities he was missing at Hogwarts that did not count as assignments. The Deputy Headmaster Creswell informed him that as long as he had a certified medical excuse and handed in all his assignments Harry would be able to advance to the second year.

Harry stayed out of the muggle system with the same excuse. He had a medical doctor sign off on his illness and his treatment. The muggles would allow him to make up the school work, but they required him to be in class for a certain number of hours every year. He had missed too many days to advance into the next level. He hired a squib teacher who could help make up the difference in missing information, but Harry would have to work through some sort of alternative summer schedule to advance or he would have to repeat the year.

Harry was a little pissed that his first independent effort at trying to learn more than the average British wizard had been short circuited, but he was not going to be discouraged. He would make whatever sacrifices he needed to make to complete his basic muggle education. His mom was muggleborn. He felt that he would be true to her roots if he dedicated his efforts to finish what he had started with the Dursleys.

Ian had found the Dursleys, ran tests on them, and found out only one had been coerced during his time as the cupboard dweller. Ian found that Petunia alone had signs that she had been magically compelled to behave in certain ways. Her husband and her son were working under no compulsions. Ian questioned Petunia at length about her attitude, her behavior, and her desires. In the end, Ian determined that while Petunia was remorseful about what the Dursleys had done to him, she missed the luxuries 4 Privet Drive afforded her more than her heartfelt remorse. Harry did not see how he could talk to her so long as she was trying to get something from him. If Petunia found a way into the luxury she wanted without involving him, he would talk to her. Until then, he sent a message worded to the effect that he would keep in contact with her, but he was not able to see her yet.

Ian had taken the entire Dursley affair personally. Since he lost all of his family except his sister and his nephew, he didn't understand Petunia Dursley's behavior. While Harry was indisposed with the treatments for his growth and nutrition, unblocking his magic core, and stabilizing his connection to the alien predator baby that was stealing his magic; Ian decided that Harry needed to get a pureblood overview on rearing children. Ian let Harry know he did not have to directly raise the baby so long as he watched over his or her well-being. He could play godfather, be a magical guardian, or be hands off as long as the baby was being adequately cared for. Ian informed Harry that as soon as Harry addressed the lack of care the Dursleys delivered him; Harry could bar the pureblood wizard responsible to be disqualified as a future parent, godfather, or magical guardian of any kind. There was a litany of expectations which came with being a wizard head of house or a guardian for another house. When a wizard failed in the execution of their responsibilities, magic held him uniquely responsible.

Harry learned quite of bit on his back. He decided the moment he was able to walk around and care for himself that he would never again take being self sufficient for granted. Gale, Ian's wife, had been helpful in keeping Harry's mind busy while he recovered from the magical exhaustion. She taught him about her job at the Ministry as a Muggleborn mediator. She gave him cases she had resolved and asked him to come with a solution for the kinds of problems she faced. Harry surprised Gale by some of the unique solutions he proposed to resolve the problems.

There was the case of Podmore versus Kennedy. Gale had gotten the pureblood Podmore to relinquish his clients to muggleborn Kennedy because the clients decided he was the better barrister. Podmore tried to take Kennedy's assets as his due because Kennedy did not have the proper backing in the Wizengamot. The case was referred to Gale because the Wizengamot wanted to expand businesses beyond Diagon Alley for a couple centuries. Kennedy was helping their efforts by enticing new businesses away from Diagon Alley to the coasts and other places. The Wizengamot's hope was if Britain increased trade, they could encourage a renewal for their entire country. Podmore's hurt pride would cost much more than the Wizengamot was willing to pay.

The laws on the books encouraged purebloods to retain existing clients and businesses so the market remained stable. Gale's challenge had been to recognize the limits of the Wizengamot's rules, but find a way for Kennedy to push more aggressively in the field. Gale could not overturn the law who protected purebloods for centuries. She recognized that muggleborns left Britain for other countries because the system was rigged against their innovations. Her office was built to keep the best and brightest of the half blood and muggleborns in Britain. It was the only concession that the Wizengamot pureblood contingent would accept when the reform Wizengamot members tried to repeal the discriminatory laws.

Harry heard the problems raised and asked whether Gale had tried to look through the muggle human rights turmoil in the two previous decades to find a solution. When two opposing groups fought over the same ground, one or two things happened. The one group destroyed the other and/or made them subservient to the first. The two figured out how to live with limited resources peacefully or the two groups merged violently if need be. Harry asked whether or not Podmore wanted to pass his law business to his children or if Kennedy poached clients without notice or giving Podmore a shot at maintaining his existing client base. Harry asked Gale whether she had an interest of having repeat customers or giving them a way to continue discussing the issues raised.

Gale concluded that Harry would be the perfect summer worker for her office. She was able to get Podmore to concede on clients so long as Kennedy consulted Podmore before he took any other future Podmore clients. Kennedy agreed to give Podmore notice of any existing clients if Podmore didn't complain to the Wizengamot before he came to Gale's department. The bad publicity was enough to destroy a non-pureblood's future ambitions. Gale told Harry the underlying issue was pride and professional standing. If Harry could learn to be on the look out for wizard's and witch's reputation and avoid clashes with the magical being's ego, Harry would go far in his new world.

Gale gave Harry a new case each day to resolve. Harry surprised Gale because he gave a new approach to each problem. He enjoyed the interaction and decided to make the MacKenzie his home for the summer. From what Ian and Gale said, he could take the Knight Bus, floo, or portkey back and forth to summer school. Gale said she would help him with the newborn until he decided who the adoptive parents would be. Ian asked him if he would be interested in continuing the wizarding culture and custom classes. Harry was just happy to find somewhere he belonged and where the people were truly happy to have him. Harry decided he would learn whatever they had to teach him as long as he was welcomed into their home.

Amelia had taken to reforming the DMLE with an abandon that the wizarding world had failed to see for centuries. The Ministry contained the uncorrupted aurors who favored purebloods. Rufus Scrimgeour had overseen their progress through internal review. Amelia met with him everyday to determine what work these aurors could reasonably conduct.

"We've been at this new work environment for a couple months, Amelia. Where are we going?" Rufus ran his hands through his balding head, frustrated by the slow progress.

"If you want to be let into the changes, meet Moody, Shacklebolt, and myself tonight for dinner at Bones manor." Amelia tapped the desk to let him know his time was drawing to a close.

"I will be there." Rufus moved to the door.

"Be prepared to bring your plans for the department. It will be a long meeting." Amelia waved him out of her office. She had another meeting that she did not look forward to conducting.

Shacklebolt met her in the hallway. They walked over to the Barty Crouch's office. Amelia's passing piece of advice to Shacklebolt, "Please take as many mental notes as possible about body language and any unspoken messages here. One day, you might be called to take responsibility for the DMLE. I want you to understand a few things before that day comes."

Shacklebolt had entered the DMLE during the height of the war with Voldemort. He survived but he tried to never stand out in the department. "Why would I ever take over leadership as a ministry head? I doubt my background would be sufficient to advance so high."

Amelia acknowledged his comments with a nod of her head. "Just because you don't want to be seen does not mean that your talent at solving cases is not recognized. I need your eyes and ears to be sharp for this meeting. We can talk about equipping you to lead the daily operations for the department after this meeting. You are going to need to coordinate quite a bit in the short term. Your work is reliable."

When they reached Barty's office, Amelia asked the assistant to let Barty know they were there for their initial meeting. They stood waiting while the assistant gained permission to let them enter Barty's office.

"Hello Mr. Crouch. We have a code 99 situation afoot. You operated my department throughout the time of Voldemort. I need and want your help to get the Auror department battle ready in the next couple of years. Will you help us?" Amelia and Shacklebolt stood at the end of Barty's desk watching his reaction.

Barty straightened his collar and smoothed out his sleeve. "You know the minister moved me away from the DMLE because of my son's associations. What makes you think he will reconsider?"

Amelia took one of the seats in front of Barty's desk and offered Shacklebolt the other. "We'd like to discuss the code 99 situation with all the safety protocols in place."

Barty stood up from behind his desk, wand in hand, and circled his office checking for any listening or surveillance devices. To his surprise, he found several uncomplicated devices throughout his office. Barty had been out of action for a decade, suffocating in international standards of cauldron bottoms, sports or other gaming, and other drivel Fudge gave him. He refused to accept the indignity of resigning in disgrace, so he marched on. There had to be someone in the ministry who was excessively paranoid to monitor his activities.

Barty nodded to Amelia. She stood. "I will contact Minister Fudge in the coming months to have you partially reassigned to the DMLE. Thanks for your time." She handed him an invitation to dinner at Bones manor for that evening.

Barty looked around the room, wand in hand, and searched for any other oddities. "I look forward to hearing from you or Minister Fudge. Take your time. I am completely satisfied in this department."

Shacklebolt and Amelia walked back to her office. "If you would check me, Shacklebolt, I'd feel better."

Shacklebolt discreetly moved his wand by his side. "You have several tracking and surveillance charms on you. Their origins are hard to determine. We need an entirely different protocol for any meetings within the ministry."

"We'll discuss it at another time. I will check you, first. Tomorrow is time enough for any real decisions." Amelia handed Shacklebolt an invitation and nodded her head. "I have found several charms I don't recognize on you."

In the meantime, Moody had received the same summons to Bones manor for later in the evening. He had been having the time of his life for the past couple of months. His initial team had 40 members. He divided them up in 3 teams of 10 with the other remaining 10 becoming a support crew. He made sure after a day of training, they went home sore and hardly able to move. Their lives had changed drastically.

Everyday he asked them whether they wanted to survive as aurors or change ministry jobs for something much less demanding. Their first mission would be happening in the next month. There was a dark lord in Brazil who was decimating the wizarding population. The drills Moody taught them and reinforced would help them defend themselves in a hostile environment like Brazil. If they were able to handle a hot war like Brazil, then Moody would take them into the Balkans where wizards were playing hide and seek with the local muggles. In the d├ętente after Grindenwald was defeated, the dark wizards were allowed to fade back into society. They were creating problems for local law enforcement. Most nations ignored it because they wanted to pretend Grindenwald never happened. Moody felt that Voldemort would have far too many willing wizards if they did not help end the cold war.

Moody hoped he had 20 seasoned aurors when he finished with this set. He doubted that any of the aurors would be the same after he finished with them.

The busiest person in Britain for the previous months was Albus Dumbledore. As he relinquished the duties and responsibilities for magical sentients in Britain and abroad, Dumbledore decided he should tell the younger generations the truth about his early years and his fight with Grindenwald so they had some reference point for their future struggle with Voldemort. He would not be able to save those who refused to listen or believe they were in imminent danger of subjugation or that their leaders would first fall victim to Voldemort's assassinations and political maneuverings. He could leave a legacy for the young leaders who arose to shoulder the weight of leadership; so the young could have an example of how difficult it is to prosecute a war where rumors were the only information that had to survive.

He'd fulfill the responsibilities he had for House Dumbledore, but he'd write his story too. Dumbledore had found a foreign publisher who could distribute his books outside of Britain. He'd let Odd Lovegood print his first book in a series for his tall tales paper, The Quibbler. The Prophet would relay the Ministry's take on Dumbledore's story, but the skeptical people who wanted to learn would have take steps to see beyond their disbelief. The Quibbler would started publishing pieces of his story before Hogwarts Spring Break. The book publisher would release the entire book on Dumbledore's early years before Hogwarts summer break. He let Abe and Gellert read his first book, The Greater Good: How differences in the means made Grindenwald possible. They had discussed what sensitive issues could not be presented, but agreed it would be the best way to preserve the magical legacy they had worked so hard to obtain.

Remus, Arthur, and the thief, Mundamus, decided the first order of business was to secure their homes and businesses against arson, thievery, a ground force assault and kidnapping. They would each need a safe house for their family and friends, a bolt hold if all plans failed, and an underground network to give people a safe passage out of Britain if the worst happened. The Order in the first war of Voldemort had been basic information network. They had their fighters, but they did not oppose Voldemort outright unless one of their members had been directly impacted. If the Order could not protect its members, the organization was going to fail part of its mission (making Britain safe for people of the light).

James Potter gave Remus one responsibility before he took his family into hiding: take James' money and create a fighting force regardless of species willing to stand against the dark. While Dumbledore sent Remus to steer werewolves away from Voldemort, James gave him the means to do it. It started small. Remus had a retreat for werewolves who did not want to join the Dark Lord. They signed a contract to keep their location, its occupants, and their benefactor secret and safe from all harm. Eventually, Remus housed three to five dens of werewolves who wanted to have better options than the Dark Lord or the British Ministry gave them. Before James' death, he and Remus incorporated their operation into a muggle company, Safe Harbor. Half the proceeds went to a muggle fund for Harry Potter and any siblings he may have. The second half went to the benefit of all the people Remus was able to save.

Remus had transformed Safe Harbor into a series of homes allowing refugees to move from place to place without being discovered until they found their final destination. Upon the Potters' deaths and Sirius imprisonment, Remus expanded Safe Harbor to foreign shores. Dumbledore refused to let him take Harry after James' death nor would he allow him to visit Harry wherever Dumbledore placed him. Remus decided the best way to honor the Potters would be to help as many people as he could. He looked for werewolves and hot spots throughout the globe. He accepted money as a part of their service, but most times he allowed people to work for Safe Harbor to give others the chance they had received. In the last ten years, his network was vast and multi-layered. He had set aside enough money aside for Harry that he should never have to worry about his finances at all. Safe Harbor had done quite well considering the nature of the service it provided.

Arthur was in between a rock and a hard place. He was the youngest brother of a large family. His father Septimus Weasley still lived and worked preserving what he could of the Weasley legacy after it had fallen into ill repute.a few generations ago. What wealth the family had was entailed to the oldest son and the rest of them had to make a way for themselves. There were so many Weasleys that he would have a difficult time corralling them to actually have an emergency plan, implement safehouses or bolt holds or even the money set aside for this purpose. Weasleys had far more pride than common sense when it came to favors because of the way they descended into ill repute.

His father could more than likely find a means to get the vast network of Weasleys to accept help, however, Arthur would have to explain his new found surplus in funds to his father. The last blowout they had was when Arthur came to his father explaining his need to get married to Molly Prewitt because he had a son on the way. His father told him one of two things would happen: he would have to give up his dreams of matching all things muggle with wizarding solutions and resent Molly or his children or he would have his dream career path but extend the Weasley shame of the Malfoy daughter left to raise the Weasley heir in shame. Arthur told him he would never do that to Molly, resolved to love his children however many he had, and pushed to reach for his ideal career even if he only was able to tinker on the weekends. Bill was almost 30. He was just now able to fully provide for their adult needs and some of their wants. He had just started on his dreams to figure out how to fuse magic to muggle conveniences. His Dad had seen far more than he.

When he thought about the House Weasley future, he knew Septimus would predict as much as 30 years into the future and set him on a whole new path. Arthur's adolescence was over long ago. He had to put away his dreams and attend to his responsibilities. When Percy was read for Hogwarts, he had to work twice as hard and take a Goblin loan to pay for all his children's future. He wanted them all to have big dreams and be able to reach them right away. He had kept his head down and made the sacrifices he needed to move his sons into a better position than he had been.

Bill and Charlie understood how great the toll was on him. The younger children had been forced to miss the influence he was able to assert on Bill and Charlie. He learned from Percy how different his childhood had been from Bill and Charlie. Molly had broken a lot of fundamental rules of Weasley tradition. In Molly's absence, Percy came home and worked with Arthur on his ambitions, learned his fathor had been working to get Percy and his siblings the things they needed and wanted, and realized what his obligation to the Weasley clan. The twins were too young to remember what Arthur's influence in the home had been. Ron and Ginny both thought that Molly made the sole binding decisions in their home. Septimus had been right about a lot of things connected to his family.

When it came to Mundamus Fletcher, it was anyone's guess as to why Dumbledore entrusted him with any important task, assignment, or responsibility? Mundamus was a study of contrasts. He was like a dark wizard version of Peter Pettigrew turned to the grey light. He believed in a certain honor among thieves. He was not a big ideas man nor did he have a good coordinating sense. Mundamus did not do things for unselfish reasons. If he really became in charge of a secret organization that was going to fight the dark, he'd only devote himself to it if he made a profit in doing so. He needed to get involved with magicals he refused to get involved with Voldemort the last time. There were all kinds of illegal enterprises he could benefit from fleeing magicals. Maybe an underground protection racket, perhaps guarding heirs and closely comforting widows, or then again bringing hard to get goods and services to those unable to get them; there were plenty of ways to get ahead in the midst of pain and suffering. Dumbledore had limited his actions in the past, but he doubted Remus or Arthur would be able to stay on top of all his side ventures.