OMGG! :D This is based on the book 'Across the Universe' by Ann M. Martin.. Its truly an amazing book, I love it so much :3 This isn't my usual Duncan and Courtney love story.. Just a Courtney story. Its all about Courtney.. And- Well, you'll see soon enough.

Last summer, the summer I turned 16, was the year Adam came into my life. I will always think of the events as 'Before Adam' and 'After Adam' Tonight, After Adam, I finally have a quiet evening alone. Well, technicly, there were people upstairs. But other than that, it was just me.

I look at the home movies we have in our parlor. WEDDING DAY- 1945. VISIT WITH HAYDEN- 1947. I look for the films from this summer, and I find it, which is labeled JUNE-JULY `1960. I look at the case in my hands, and just stare at it. My parents were out to a fancy dinner with my Nana and Papa for the first time since the tragedy, and my dad let me use the Movie Projector. I was eating dinner in there, because DJ didn't seem to mind, but I was technicly not supposed to eat in there. But I'm 16, so I'm pretty sure I'm capable of eating in the parlor. Dad told me I could do everything by myself tonight, and I did, without making one tiny mistake. I set up everything and watched the movie. i see Adam, smiling at the camera and waving while having lemonade with me on the porch with Ms. Haggerty. Everytime Dad took out that ridiculous camera, everyone would say, "Oh Lord.. That camera again?" And no one seemed to know what do to in front of the camera, so Dad would always say, "Just smile and wave." So they did. And then there came Blainley Valentine, and Adam walks up to her to say after Mr. McClean came over and waved to the camera. And then on a more sunshiney day, I see Nana and Papa waving to that pathetic camera, and then I see me and Adam in the backround, having a good time. I wanted to cry watching these videos from the summer. Everything that got left out changed my life completley.

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