Its the first day of Summer, so naturally, everyone's sleeping late in Millerton. I'm always up early, and to not wake anyone up I stay in bed until about 6 or I lay there I hear nothing but the ticking of Mr. McClean's various clocks. He has many many clocks because his family owned a clock store that was passed on from father to son for many generations. But once Mr. McClean retired, he didn't have a son to give it to. So he just packed up and closed the store, Mainly because nobody ever went there as much as they did in the 30s. All the clocks he didn't sell or give away to family was in his room. Cookoo clocks, grandfather clocks, you name it. All in his room. I looked at my alarm clock. 7:30. I slipped into shorts, flip flops and a sleeveless blouse Ms. Hagerty made for me and headed downstairs. In the hallway was Mr. McCleans room, then Mine, Ms. Hagerty's, a guest room, Mom and Dad's, a bathroom and Blainley Valentine. [We had a long hallway]

"Good morning, Courtney." My mom said cheerfully.I started making tea and put it into a teacup on a tray.

"You got Ms. Hagerty's tray?"

I stared at her. "I'm holding it in my hand." I grabbed a piece of bacon and stuffed it into my mouth while my mom watched me eat it with wide eyes.

"I wish you would eat better."

I ignored her and headed back upstairs and knocked on Ms. Hagerty's door, and she told me I could come in. I set the tray on her lap and sat next to her bed on a chair. She liked her breakfast in bed.

"Thank you, Dearie." I smiled to her.

"So what are your big plans for today?"

"Well, I'm going to see Bridgette before she leaves, and then I thought I'd take a walk, help DJ make some lemonade and then just hang out here."

"You're such a sweet girl."

"Thanks. I better get going if I wanna go see Bridgette." I left and ran downstairs. As I went downstairs I could hear Mr. McClean call out,

"Have a good first day of summer, Courtney!"

I went downstairs to the kitchen, where I found Mom and Dad. I was about to go, but Dad stopped me.

"Nana's coming to lunch."

"Nana?" I repeated.


"For lunch."


I rolled eyes. "Why?"

"Its only lunch. I think you'll survive."

I groaned. "I'm going to walk downtown." I'm not sure if they heard me, but I went ahead anyways.