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Chapter 1 – Strawberry day

Carefully assembling the cake that he had especially created for today's event – ''Maid Latte's Strawberry Day'' was how it was called – Usui Takumi looked like he was executing a choreography. The event consisted of the maids all wearing an outfit made with strawberry-printed fabric, and the day's menu including strawberries in every dish. It was Usui who had suggested the idea, when the manager, unable to find a good theme, had asked him for suggestions. That day he had caught a glimpse of Ayuzawa's panties, which happened to be strawberry –printed, and the image couldn't seem to leave his head; so when hurried by Hyodo-san to share his ideas, he had simply answered: ''strawberries''. Then noticing the puzzled expression on the woman's face, he had quickly thought of a reason that would justify what he had just let out and came up with the fact that the strawberries season was actually at it's peak. So that was how the event was decided, and Usui had to thank his fast mind for pulling him out of a bad step.

Watching him work from the other side of the counter, the maids couldn't help but be in awe.

''His movements are so graceful!''

''Precise and delicate yet one can feel the manliness in his gesture!''

''Usui's body gives off such strong pheromones, whatever he does! Aaaah, lucky Misa-chan!'' exclaimed the manager passionately.

Speak of the devil and you're sure to get a visit. The only one who was not watching Usui playing world-class pastry chef at the moment was Ayuzawa, and there she came stomping, getting angry because she had been doing all the work in the café while her colleagues seemed glued to the back store floor.

''WHAT NONSENSE ARE YOU ALL BABBLING ABOUT! I need help with the service, girls, there are a lot of customers today…'' she said, half yelling, half trying to control her temper.

The maids quickly dispersed in some sort of confused manner, a bit ashamed to have completely forgotten about work in front of Usui's talent showcase. Ayuzawa stood there for a moment, staring at what her colleagues had got so worked up about, raised her shoulders in sign that she couldn't care less, and hurried back to the front store. Behind her, Usui gently smiled.

''Oh how adorable she is when she gives me the cold shoulder,'' he thought. He couldn't deny that he had fallen for her. A day without Ayuzawa was tasteless to him. Never before had he felt such complicity with anyone. With her, he who could get so easily bored, thought he could resist the quotidian invasion of boringness. ''And she's so cute in that outfit too…''

In the end, the idea of a Strawberry Day event had turned out to be a good one, or so that was what Usui told himself as he fixed three whole strawberries on the top of his cake as final touch. He took a step back to admire his work. It consisted of a génoise biscuit with a layer of rose water flavoured crème légère encircled with strawberry slices, on top of which was another layer of génoise and a thin layer of strawberry preserves: the whole thing was topped off with a white chocolate mousse. Three rosaces disposed diagonally and topped with wholes strawberries made the decoration. Usui was quite satisfied with his creation. No matter how you looked at it, it looked y-u-m-m-y!

When Ayzawa came back to the kitchen to get coffee for a customer, she noticed that Usui wasn't in the kitchen. As she walked toward the coffee machine, she took the opportunity to admire the cake – she could only allow herself to do so when he wasn't around. She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she was really impressed. '' Such clean-edged and perfectly layered work… It looks so professional! How can that perverted outer-space human be so good at everything?, thought she. Compared to him…I'm no match…''

''Mmm looks so gooooood, I want a bite…'' murmured she, not hearing the footsteps behind her back.

''Hey! Misa-chaaan! Praising me, I hear! Such a rare occasion!'', teased Usui with a cheerful voice. I'll give you a piece if you say ''Master Usui please feed me your delicious cake''.


''Eh? How about: ''Master Usui please take a good care of me tonight?''

''…..Are you feeling suicidal, YOU PERVETED ALIEN?''

Ayuzawa, red with anger, ran back to the front store before her mood got worse. But then she realized she had forgotten about the coffee cup she'd gone to get, and had to come back to the kitchen. Discretely eyeing at Usui, she noticed he was smiling and it annoyed her even more, but she decided to ignore him for the time being. She quickly filled the cup with one shot of espresso, heated the milk and made it foam, poured it in the coffee, stirred a bit, sprinkled some sweet cinnamon on top, placed the cup on her tray and hurried back in the café.

Usui, still smiling, had resumed his work and was now preparing strawberry parfaits when he suddenly heard loud noises coming from the front store, along with screams and the sound of dishes breaking. In less time than it takes to say ''Ayuzawa'', Usui was holding her in his arms.

Honoka, hysterical and with a hard to stand high-pitched tone, started explaining what had just happened. Apparently, Misa-chan was about to go down the stairs when a kid came out of nowhere and accidentally ran into her, causing her to drop the plates that she was holding. But Misa-chan being Misa-chan, she tried to catch them before they'd hit the floor, then lost her balance and fell down the stairs. She was conscious but looked like her head had been hit pretty hard, considering the fact that she was now gripping at Usui's shirt like if her life depended on it.

''Two Usuis ?'' asked Ayuzawa, seeing double.

''Misa-chan, does it hurt anywhere?'', he asked, worried.

''My…my head.''

The young man carefully examined her head, touching it delicately to avoid hurting her.

''There's no cut and you're not bleeding, but you may be suffering a concussion. Are you feeling dizzy or something?''

''Why are there two Usuis? One is already bad enough…'' said Ayuzawa in a light voice before fainting.