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Chapter 7 – Stay with me

Passing through the thin curtains, sun rays beautifully spread across the room: their delicate sparkling light made Usui's blonde hair next to her seem almost golden. The wall opposite to the window was spotted with sunlight; the bed linens felt fresh and nice on her naked skin. It was Sunday morning.

There had been several Sunday mornings similar to this one, since Ayuzawa and Usui had started sleeping together. Since then, they had shared his bed every night. Waking up to each other had become somewhat of a habit, but one that never failed to provide them with happiness.

Yet this one Sunday morning was different – because today was the day she was supposed to return home. How fast had these three months gone by! True, three months was a very short period of time: but in those few weeks she had experienced something so totally different than her previous way of living, and she had come to appreciate living with Usui so much - so much more than she expected to - that she felt very afraid of going back home, now. Yet, ''please let me stay with you'' was something she could never ask. Never.

Ayuzawa shrug the thought of going back home off her mind as she snuggled closer to her boyfriend, inhaling his scent. The contact of their naked skin one against another had become familiar – yet every touch still felt so pleasant. It was rare that she woke up before him. On week mornings, being the stupid perverted alien that he was, he often woke up earlier just to make love to her - apparently he was a fan of morning sex. Ayuzawa smiled upon remembering their morning ''workouts'', as he playfully called them. There would be no more of those for a long time now, since she was going back home...

Suddenly she hid under the covers, and very carefully crept her way along Usui's body, until she reached his groin. Slowly, trying not to wake him up, she started to caress his inner thighs and pelvic area, before to move on his still sleeping penis. The stimulation didn't take long to get an effect: his length quickly grew bigger in her hand, and it was soon hard enough for her to take into her mouth.

The covers were lifted to reveal Usui's face, fully awake. Extending one of his arms, he grabbed her hair and gently accompanied her movements with a slight pressure of his hand.

He was so lucky, he thought, to have a lovely girlfriend like Misaki, a caring, true and honest girl with a strong personality, who sometimes surprised him with good-morning-blowjobs…I mean, how much happier could one get? Yet…mornings like this would get rare from now on. Since she was leaving today… Because he couldn't say something like ''Stay with me'', could he?

Closing his eyes, Usui just lay and enjoyed the moment as he felt his release building. A few more pumps and spasms of pleasure poured his semen into Ayuzawa's mouth. Having swallowed all of it, she climbed back to his face, resting her head against his chest.

-Good morning, Takumi.

He pulled her near, caressing her back.

-Good morning, lovely Misaki.

With his other hand, he started to rub her clitoris with one finger, slowly preparing her entrance for further exploration. Then he plunged one, then two fingers in, and started moving them in and out, at a slow pace, steadily. All the while he kissed her hair, her forehead, and held her close, whispering ''I love you'' two or three times. Once he judged her wet enough for him, he delicately turned her on her side, opening her legs from behind her, and pushed his way into her. He felt her hips answer his effort for getting in, welcoming him in her insides. In the position they now were, he had access to her breasts, to her clitoris, he could nibble her ear, kiss her neck, whisper sweet words to her. He could love her gently.

He did not always love her gently. Sometimes he needed her too much to be gentle. Sometimes he rushed to the fucking; aching with want, he crushed her breasts more than he caressed them; he did not kiss her, but almost ate her. Fortunately she didn't complain. She even seemed to enjoy doing it rough, although perhaps she would never admit it…

But this morning, he would do her slow. He would be gentle. Ayuzawa's head rested against his chest, her eyes closed with pleasure. Her hips met his every thrust to help him reach deeper. One of his hands fondled her left breast while the other started circling around her clitoris, stimulating her in yet another way. She began to moan softly.

Her moans were one of the things he preferred when making love. The way their intensity increased with the pleasure, the way their sound changed when her mind went blank. The way she broke his name while calling for him in her release.

They came together for the very first time that morning. It had felt amazing to know that the other was experiencing similar pleasure at the very same moment. It made them feel special.

However, their idyllic love-making session came to an abrupt end when Usui, while resting beside his girlfriend, holding her hand, decided it was time to stop avoiding the subject and face reality.

''So you're going back home today, Misaki?''

He hoped she would say: ''You know, I'd rather stay here.''

''Yeah'', answered she, secretly wishing he would reply something along the lines of : ''Why don't you stay?''

''That's great. Your mom and your sister certainly missed you. You'll all be reunited again.''

''Yeah, I missed them too, so I'm looking forward to see them. Especially mom, I heard her health improved a lot and that she had fun working at the hot source resort.''

''I'm glad to hear that. Can I accompany you home? I'd like to see her and wish her 'welcome back home'.''

''Of course.''


'' Why won't he say: don't go? '' Ayuzawa questioned herself.

'' Why won't she say: can I stay? '' Usui asked himself.

Ayuzawa was almost finished packing her stuff. She could have done it faster, but her heart wasn't really into it. Why was it, that she did not want to leave this place? It was not like she was going to be separated from Usui. They would still see each other at school and at work. They could meet on weekends; she could sleepover any time she liked. Still, it was hard to leave. Living together had been so much fun: waking up to each other, bathing together, eating together, how could she give up on those things, now?

As she passed the living room with her bags she saw the kotatsu, a piece of furniture Usui had bought especially because of her coming here. They had made so many memories involving that kotatsu. It had witnessed the first steps toward the intimate relationship they now had.

Usui was waiting for her outside the door. When she got there, he picked up half her stuff, carrying it for her.

''These three months have been fun'' he stated, '' I hope you'll still remember I'm your boyfriend, even if you don't wake up by my side.''

''Mmmm. And what are you going to do, if I do forget?''

''Well I'll kidnap you, bring you here and make your body remember.''

''Stupid perverted alien. I won't forget.''

Then she thought to herself: '' Or maybe I should, if it will bring me back here.''

On the way to her home, neither of them spoke a word. Each was busy with his own mind: but although they felt very far from each other, in reality their thoughts were pretty close. They wanted the same thing, but neither of them could bring himself to say it. Ayuzawa thought it was not her place to ask him to stay. It was his apartment, she had been a ''guest'', and although she was her girlfriend, it was not for her to decide if she could stay. And she considered if he didn't offer it, it was impolite to ask. On the other hand, Usui thought that Ayuzawa, being the strong, independent girl and demonic president that she was, probably preferred going back home. After all, living with him meant that there was more risks for their relationship to be discovered by their schoolmates. Furthermore, she was the responsible type and she would probably worry for her mother and sister if she wasn't around to take care of everything by herself. So, although he really wanted her to stay with him, he wanted to respect her priorities – or what he thought they were anyway – and in this light thought it might be disrespectful to ask her to stay.

When they turned the corner of Ayuzawa's street, a rush of excitement came upon the young woman: a smile grew on her face and she unconsciously quickened the pace. That sudden change of attitude got Usui worrying, and before he had realised what he was doing, he had stopped her by the arm and spun her around to face him. He was about to plead her not to stop living with him when she spoke, surprised.

-Whaaa- Usui?

Oh god. He probably had a weird face right now. Her reaction made him come back to his senses.

''Think of something, quick,'' he urged his own brain.

''You were about to step into poo'', he stated, blankly.

She looked at the ground, perplexed.

''There is no poo, baka Takumi!''

''Is that soooo?'' his voice went back to its teasing tones. ''I guess it just disappeared while you weren't looking.''

''How much stupider can one get, really!'' she turned around, annoyed.

He sighed. This kind of mood suited them better.

They stepped into the house. The first thing they noticed – with unconceivable amazement on Ayuzawa's part – was that the floor was now solid enough for even a sumo wrestler to walk on.

''Tadaima!'' said she, as she entered the kitchen, where her mother and sister sat at the table.

''Okairi, Misaki!'' answered her mother, getting up to welcome her older daughter and Usui.

The reunion went on in a cheerful mood. Everyone sat at the table to chat, Ayuzawa's mother made everyone taste some Hokkaido specialties that she had brought back, and told them about her work at the resort. Suzuna talked about things she had won while staying at her friend's house and made them laugh with the description of a gadget of which she never understood the purpose of and had wondered the use of for three days long before someone stole it from her at school. They sat until late. Eventually Usui left, leaving his girlfriend with her family. And life went back to normal.

It was Saturday evening. Ayuzawa stood before Usui's apartment, knocking on the door. It had been almost a whole week since she had left this place, and she had to admit, she already missed it. Her boyfriend opened the door, welcoming her inside. She had come determined to tell him something, no matter how impolite or disrespectful it might appear. This whole week she had been questioning herself, pondering the options, thinking things through, over and over. In the end, she had decided that it was impossible for her to go back to her previous way of living. She needed to be closer to him.

When she had thrown herself inside of his arms, Usui felt all of his resolutions fall down. This week he had had a hard time trying to reason, to convince himself not to let his emotions break through and lead him to act impulsively. He had tried to remain rational and to prevent himself from running to her and pleading her to go back with him. Yet this single embrace broke down everything that he had carefully assembled.

''Misaki…'' he called, his voice low and broken.


''Listen, Misaki. I can't take it anymore.''

But she didn't really hear him talk.

''Takumi, you see, I really miss the kotatsu…''

And he didn't listen either.

''And I can't bear to wake up alone''

''And I miss eating with you, watching movies with you…''

''So, Misaki, come back here and live with me.''

''And I miss you, Takumi, I want to come back here.''

They paused, catching their breaths. They had both spoken very fast, impulsively, and had barely listened to what the other had answered. But then realization hit them. They stood there in each other's arms, staring at the other with a stupid, almost absent-minded smile. It was just too much happiness. Then Usui leaned toward his girlfriend, kissed her, he kissed her and kissed her until he felt too turned on to just keep on kissing, and carried her to his bedroom.

Why, they had to erase last Sunday morning's memory by making a new one, right?


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