Hello again! I am just shocked at how much of a response I got from this fic. Lesson learned. If you want reviews, leach them off a better author. So here is another scene I came up with. I'm planning to write these as if they were all oneshots, but if you want to place them in the same universe then this would take place before the previous chapter.

Edith was busy sorting through some important paperwork when one her many beepers went off. She quickly checked the message and grimaced. Grabbing one of her tablet computers she made her way out of her personal office and quickly strode down the hall. She reached the front door just as Lords Gottwald, Nu, and Soresi entered.

All three showed a moment of surprise at her appearance, but each quickly regained control of their expressions. Edith gave the three a quick once over. Each one was trying to keep a neutral expression. Each one was failing in that endeavor. Gottwald looked like a man who was on his way to his own execution. Soresi looked extremely confident, like he was expecting a promotion. …Odd. 'He must not be aware of what happened at the court house, …or he is extremely stupid', Edith brushed it off. Nu was the most collected of the three. Her expression revealed nothing. However, she radiated fear. Edith nodded in approval.

"His Highness, is recuperating in his quarters," Edith informed them. "Follow me".

The three leaders of the Purist Faction followed her. Edith noticed that they didn't relax once. A small smile appeared on her face. Being the personal assistant to a Royal Prince certainly had its perks. She wondered how they would react if they knew she was half number.

When they arrived at Lelouch's room, Edith quickly walked in without knocking. The prince would have already been informed of their arrival.

Lelouch was calmly eating a meal in bed. Edith barely stopped a frown when he didn't look up.

'Fine. If he wants to play this game, I will'.

"Your Highness," Edith began going into a kneel and bowing her head, "I present the Lords Jeremiah Gottwald, Villetta Nu, and Kewell Soresi who have arrived as requested."

Lelouch calmly placed his utensils down, wiped his mouth and looked up.

"Thank you Edith. You may return to your duties".

Edith nodded and quickly backed into a corner. She turned on her tablet and began to work. Lelouch would have noticed the computer. If he wanted her to leave he would have dismissed her more directly.

"Now I would like to know. Just who was it that came up with the brilliant plan of using Suzaku Kururugi as a scapegoat?" Lelouch asked without a hint of sarcasm in his voice. In fact, Edith could swear there was a hint of respect in it.

A moment passed. Gottwald noticeably gulped. "Well your Highness, I-"

"Sir, it was my idea, Sir" Soresi said stepping forward.

Lelouch eyed the officer for a moment. "I see, and how did you come up with this plan"?

"Well, Sir, with Prince Clovis's death and your hospitalization, the Elevens were becoming more and more aggressive. We had lost virtually all control of the ghettos and there was wide spread fear that the riots and protests would turn into an Area wide uprising. I had originally planned to present my proposed solution to you upon your recovering. However, the deteriorating situation led me to take act on my own, Sir."

"And how did you decide upon Kururugi?" Lelouch asked with an approving smile.

"Sir, in order to bring peace and stability back to the Area we needed to remind the Elevens of their place. The best way to do this would be to give them a leader and remove him, in one fell swoop. Kururugi, as the son of the ex-Prime Minister, was a perfect match. As an Eleven he had an obvious motive. And as an Honorary Britannian soldier he had the means."

"Of course. I think I've heard enough." Lelouch pressed a button on his bedside table. "Guards, please escort Lord Kewell Soresi away. He is to be executed."

All three officers were completely shocked. Soresi got over it the quickest.

"What? H-how, how can you give such an order?"

Lelouch looked up at Soresi in mild confusion.

"How? I am a prince of the Holy Empire of Britannia. And you are a traitor to the empire."

Soresi's confusion turned to anger. "I am no such thing. This is slander!"

It was at this point that the guards entered. They moved to grab Soresi, but Lelouch stopped them with a wave of his hand. Then turned back to Soresi.

"I gave explicit orders to do nothing without my word. I gave explicit orders to not look for a scapegoat. You blatantly defied these orders. The orders of superior commander, a Royal Prince, and an acting Viceroy. Not only did you defy these orders, but you led your fellow soldiers and the population in defiance as of my orders as well. You are guilty of insubordination, sedition, treason, mutiny, attempted coup de'état, and most likely several other crimes that have yet to surface."

Soresi was afraid now. He was sweating and looked like he was about to collapse. "But, but, this, …this isn't how it was supposed to turn out…".

The two guards grabbed the officer, pardon, ex-officer and dragged him away.

Now Lelouch turned to the other two purists. Edith noticed that they were both sweating.

"Now, Gottwald, I trust that Kewell was acting alone? It wouldn't do if the whole leadership of the Purist faction was corrupt. We would need to purge such a large portion of our forces". Lelouch stated as if he was discussing a dip in the stock market.

Gottwald was shaking. He gulped again, then fell into a kneel with a deep bow.

"I am sorry M'Lord, but-"

"We are both deeply regretful of our deplorable action your Highness." Nu had fallen into the same position. No actually hers was more of a kowtow. "Lord Kewell, had informed us that His Royal Highness had personally approved of his plan. It was irresponsible of us not to confirm his statements. We both accept responsibility for allowing this embarrassment to take place."

Seconds passed. Edith didn't even bother to pretend to look at her computer. Several emotions flashed across Lelouch's face, beginning with surprise and finally settling on smiling approval. Genuine respect and approval.

"Now, please. Both of you stand up. You cannot be held responsible for your comrade's actions. No one could have expected that he would have the gall to present his own desires as my own. Besides I expected that someone in your ranks would try to make use of the situation. It was my mistake for assuming that my previous orders would keep such ambitions in check."

The two Purist leaders stood up relief washing off of them in waves.

Lelouch dismissed Gottwald back to his duties (he was still in charge of the day to day running of the Area) and began to fill Nu on some more details of what he wanted the two to do while he recovered.

Edith missed the rest of the conversation however. An alert had popped up on her tablet.

'Damn it not again!' Edith thought.

The personal assistant of Prince Lelouch vi Britannia, Eleventh Prince and Sevent-, pardon me, Sixteenth in line for Throne, began to furiously type away on her computer as she tried to dial her headset phone while she quickly marched out the door. Abigail vi Britannia was once again attempting to sneak into Area 11.

"I don't care if the boat is the private property of the vi Britannia's! I am the personal assistant to Lelouch vi Britannia. Tell it to turn around now!"

After some thought I decided to write this whole scene from Edith's perspective. I mean we see a lot of her so I have a fairly good grasp of her personality, enough to write something from her perspective at least. And she is always there.

I also had a little bit of a theme running the background of this scene. It didn't actually come up until I was in the middle of writing it. Jeremiah, Villetta, and Kewell all view Lelouch differently and that colors how they react to this summons.

Jeremiah only thinks of Lelouch as a Prince. He goes in thinking of himself as having broken what is essentially a royal decree (not really but this IS Jeremiah). And as a loyal subject he must take responsibility for his betrayal.

Kewell only sees Lelouch as a superior officer. You always listen to a superior officer unless they are wrong. How do you know when a superior officer is wrong? When you do something different and win. Also I didn't see any mention of Kewell being their when Lelouch picked up Suzaku. *edit* turns out he was there. I've deleted some of my reasoning here. If you think what's left isn't enough to justify his actions then in this fic he wasn't there and only knew general details of what occurred* As far as he is concerned he did what was in the best interests of the Area. His orders ceased to matter once the situation called for new ones. As such he took the initiative and did the best he could. As such he has done nothing wrong.

Villetta is the only one of the three who sees Lelouch as both a prince and a commanding officer and a politician. So she stays silent and lets the others put their foots in their mouths. Nothing she could say could help her in this situation. When she realizes that Lelouch is giving them an out, using Kewell as a scapegoat for the entire faction, she takes it. And plays some lip service to the guy in charge at the same time.