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The Curse and Surprises

Everyone fell asleep on the chairs. It was early morning when Fenrir came back. He was bursting with happiness. He had the most amazing news. With him was a witch who looked very much like Eleanor, and a little like Mimi, a little older, not by much. "My niece, they are all alive—every one of them. I have grand-nephews and nieces. My nephew needs the Pixies. My sister is alive; Peter has taken her, and," he saw Yaxley asleep, he pointed his hand and froze him. "Gellert went to see my parents. The others will be coming with their families, to be with my parents. This is my niece, Elke. She is a healer like Gellert's parents. My sister is not well. We can talk later."

Elke greeted them. She spoke with a German accent. "First, I want to see the little one. Oh! Pups, so many, are they? Uncle Fenrir already unlocked our wolves. He hopes that wakes my mother up."

"Yes, they are, almost all are Greyback," Fenrir looked at Harry, "no correction, they all are. I am so tired." Fenrir jumped on the bed and fell asleep in two seconds. The big wolf lay where he liked best, with the young ones. He never had nightmares when he slept with them.

Elke said, "This my happiest day, I never married, but now there are enough young ones to love." She went by the pups and kissed everyone of them. "Pups smell the best, my uncle used to say that. He was right."

She stopped by Draco; Lucius stood by her. She opened a satchel she carried, took out a pouch, pulled her wand, and with her other hand sprinkled dust around Draco. That was when Lucius saw feet sticking from under the bed. He looked under, Vince was under the big bed, sleeping. He showed him to Remus who levitated him to a bed. Lucius wondered how much Vince had heard. Zech could find out. What they would see would change much.

Lucius fell ill, now that he could see inside Draco's body. His young son had an eyeless creature that looked like a lizard with dragon teeth, at the base of his neck. It's open jaws where around his spinal chord, ready to kill him. Then she went by Narcissa; she had the same, around her heart.

Zech's brother had left for a couple minutes, when he was back, Avery was gone. Avery was going to do something incredibly stupid; he wanted to try to destroy Pettigrew himself. But first he wanted to make a visit.

All their friends fell asleep on couches, all over the place. They were on a vigil; many had their wands on their hands. Some were already saying it was the Dark Lord's doing; they wanted him to to stay gone. They wanted to propose to find him, before he was back.

Avery wanted to apologize personally; he felt awful. He scurried, then looked nonchalant like a guest looking for a bathroom. He walked looking down. With all the sorrow, he was ignored. He knew where Draco's room was. It had been Lucius's room when he was a child.

He stood by the door, inside a concealment charm. Not effective around those here; they all could see inside them. it was Grant's gift to everyone, "What are you doing here?" Miss Delacour tapped him. He jumped, at once he was surrounded, Lucius asked what was going on.

Avery said, "I wanted to tell you I am so sorry and maybe I can help. If Pettigrew approaches me again, I will tell you. If you wish, I will kill him."

"We can talk later, go back down." Lucius wanted to cry.

Elke was furious, who dared to bother the family? She went to face Avery right away. Avery had never seen one like her, taller than most men almost as tall as him, and he was six foot; she had wild curls down her back. She wore men's trousers, odd boots with socks rolled, and a long jumper. She looked like Madam Mimi and a little like Elly. She made him wish he was single. Hmm, she looked a little angry, making her look incredibly sexy. He grinned, looking friendly, but she ignored him.

Elke, with her trained eye, saw something wrong with Avery. "Oh dear, someone will kill you at any moment." She didn't know who was the one; but she suspected the same one behind the curses. She looked in the satchel across her chest; she pulled a bottle, opened it, and sprinkled a few drops on Avery, saying, "Dētectio malefactor."

Elke Grindenwald-Greyback backed up, fearful; Avery had a nasty-looking hairy-spider creature around his neck. It made an ugly sound, venom dropping from its fangs, "Stand still, she urged Avery, "it is a demonic minion, not what it seems." Elke Grindenwald pointed her wand.

Something seemed to happen, they heard a voice, some recognized. "He is no longer loyal, kill him; do…" The voice was stopped when Elke's wand sent a flaming arrow into the spider-thing. When it exploded covering Avery's face with gore, he fainted.

Lucius sounding tired said, "Find him a bed. When Pettigrew couldn't reach him; he informed the Dark Lord. Pettigrew must be eliminated."

Delacour came to see Lucius; she informed him. "You have around 30 guests sleeping around; they are with their children. They have their wands. I seen some in the meetings, most of them. But there something I noticed, one of the guests looks different, something dark was covering him. I also saw one who reminded me of the Grangers. Someone should come with me."

Elke was worried, not sure how to remove the things inside the Malfoy. It had to be done soon or they would die. Zech was sent to check the guests.

Lucius sat, staring at nothing when two figures appeared in front of him. One was the former Dementor from earlier, with the Malfoy hair. A second one accompanied her; ah, they were two witches.

Both dropped the face helmets. Lucius had seen their portraits; they were the French- Russian twins, relatives of the Dolohov as well. They lived in the early 18th century. Some said they had been murdered and disappeared. Strangely, their portraits were silent. Lucius, like many other Malfoy, had a crush on the beauties. They disappeared around the time many of the Malfoy books had burned.

"Nicola and Liza, is that you?" Lucius asked.

"Yes, that is us. We will undo many wrongs and will help you find the rat. The children are right; Kneazles get rid of rodents. But, first, let's help the healer. We need you; you need to trust us. You think you are a Veela, but Veelas are females; you have a Veela here. We made up the myth to punish your line. To punish everyone related to you. You are a guardian who looks a little like the Veela; some said we and Veela's are related; who knows. But you can change at will. See us."

Elke and the few awake, opened their eyes wide when they saw what they believed were Angels, standing there. Kind of angels, their skin was light gray, they had black wings, claws, and when they smiled, sharp teeth. They were also very tall, Greyback tall; their hair was Malfoy hair.

They opened their hands over Draco, and his body was encased in a cocoon of light. Draco floated above the bed. They did the same with Narcissa. "Nothing can happen while they are there. Nothing can penetrate the cocoon. The beasts inside are dormant. You could have done the same. It will give the healer time to find a way to remove them." A Malfoy twin explained.

Lucius cried, relieved; now, he had hope. He needed to contact his grandfather and give him the news. Hermione opened her eyes, when she saw Draco floating, she changed back into Hermione. She opened her hands to bring him down but was stopped. She was panicking, afraid Draco had died, and the angels were taking him away. "Don't take him. Daddy Lucius, let me try to heal him."

Grant came in the room. He stared at the angel beings and went to Hermione who was crying, "It is my fault that Draco is with the Angels."

Lucius also went to her, "No darling, they are helping Draco."

Her great-aunt, Gellert's daughter said, "You are the little one, Mimi, the Healer Pixie. You are the Healer Pixie, such a pretty witch."

Hermione dried her tears and asked, pointing at Elke, "You look like my grandmother, who are you?" Her eyebrows were knitted, lips pursed. She sniffed the air.

Elke smiled, "I am your grandmother's little sister. Your Papa Gellert is my father."

Grant said, "Hello auntie," and went to hold her.

"You are Peter's twin. You look like my father." His aunt held him.

Hermione wasn't so sure; Elke looked too young, "No, Daddy, be careful; maybe she is an anpostor (impostor)," she didn't trust anyone, too many strangers.

Elke chuckled; Mimi was a Greyback, she could see that. Fenrir didn't trust strangers.

The 'angels,' were back to the half-masked witches. One asked Hermione, "Dear, can you take out whatever is in him? We can help."

Elke wasn't in agreement, "I have never seen anything so big. Anything could happen."

Lucius and Grant didn't agree, as well, what if something happened to Mimi?

One of the Malfoy cousins said, "The Master must have helped."

Again, they had missed Vincent who stood by the door with his mouth opened. He decided to be brave, "I want to help Draco."

Lucius shook his head, they all forgot about Vince. Zech touched him. Zech was invisible, though Hermione could see him. Vince also did; he asked Zech, "Are you a fairy dragon?" He giggled.

Lucius said, "Oh, dear; Vince, how long were you standing there?" Lucius had a bad feeling, they hadn't seen Vince, because Vince wanted to stay hidden. Vince was charged with magic, what had happened? Vince had very little magic before. The 'little angels,' if he weren't so sad, and Draco wasn't in such shape, he would punish them.

Vince thought about it hard, "A while, before the Angels showed up."

Grant and Lucius looked at each other and said, "Oh, no."

Lucius asked Zech, "Please check all their friends, I have a bad feeling." His grandparents were right. They should have stayed away until Voldemort was ruled out.

Dobby who was listening said, "They be the other children, the ones with Mr. Harry, Mr. Draco, and Miss Mimi."


Albus felt old and abandoned. His brother never came back; Minerva was secretive; many of the Order had left him. Even Arthur stayed away from him. Severus was different. Now, more than ever, he wanted to find the little blond angel; the angel was his realtion. He was paying someone at the MoM to monitor new magical children, but nothing further had come up. That day years ago, in the fireplace, those were magical children, very magical. He needed to find them. He had examined his torn robe; one or more had traces of Dumbledore magic.

Unknown to him, Moody and Arthur were making sure that any such reports would never go forward to Hogwarts.

He was pacing his room when a visitor was announced. Dumbledore was looking for a couple new professors, the newcomer, an older wizard. He looked somewhat familiar but from where.

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