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Draco's Dream?

While Draco was out, the magic keeping his body in a magical coma, couldn't stop his dreams. Maybe it was a dream, but it felt quite real. Everything was wrong in this dream. He was on a train going to Hogwarts, in the Slytherin compartment. He looked for Harry, Mimi, Frankie, and the others, but they were not there.

He saw Harry and Mimi. She looked strange, hmm, she looked much older. They were walking, laughing, friendly with ginger-hair wizards he didn't know. He stood up, "Mimi, wait," he ran out after them, when chilling words stopped him, "So is it Mimi? Are you after the Mudblood?" He turned around. It was Blaise, but a much older one.

Greg, an older version, added, "Your dad won't like it."

Draco ignored them and ran after Harry and Mimi. He was ill when Mimi turned around, "What is it with you? Why are you calling me Mimi? What are you up to?"

Draco thought it was a game, but before he could say much, Draco saw a huge man, a student he guessed.

"Hermione, wait, I brought you something from Bulgaria. Is he bothering you?" He pointed at Draco.

"Viktor, hi, " Hermione smiled from ear to ear. Draco felt sick, in pain. Even worse when the stranger kissed her cheeks.

He went to Harry, "What is going on? Please tell me."

Harry looked at him like he was crazy. Severus saw him, "Mr. Malfoy, are…." Draco couldn't hear, he was falling, all became blurry.

Next, Draco opened his eyes, and he was in his home. He was much older. He saw a crazy witch talking to a man who looked like a snake and had a giant snake. She saw Draco, "Come here. Your auntie Bella wants to share the news; we caught Potter, Weasley, and Granger, the Mudblood. Maybe we can play with them. The werewolf, Fenrir, we had to chain him with silver chains; he will die soon."

"You chained Uncle Fenny? Mimi, no, no." He closed his eyes. What was going on?

He opened his eyes; he was in the midst of a big battle; curses flew all over the place. There were dead people everywhere. He saw Uncle Remus dead; no, this couldn't be. He saw an even older Hermione; she hadn't seen an unforgivable coming towards her; he jumped, and nothing, all went black.

Then, he felt very small. He recognized the Muggle park. He could sense Mimi. His father was calling him; Draco didn't care; until a hand came out of the ground, grabbed his ankle, and he fell. His father caught up with him and took him away. He was screaming, "No, no, let me go to Mimi." That was when he saw a dark shadow, laughing.

He kept going back and forth; he was older, but all was changed; where was Mimi? His neck hurt so bad. He heard a voice, "Tell me who is Mimi and where is she, and the pain will stop."

He saw the tiny black dragon, "Don't say anything." The little dragon breathed blue fire, and the pain went away, no more dreams, nothing,

Draco slept, for now.

Malfoy Manor

All those in the room saw the bright glow around Draco. The adults heard a voice, "Be aware one of the children will try to move in time to stop the curse; why I don't know. Someone will find out about the children because of that and will try to change everything. The MoM has time changers, and someone has seen an alternate future. The time changers will be used to make it all bad. Whatever the young one has inside, is trying to get information from Draco. It is picking memories from Draco. I think Draco has seen the future; not a good one; it would seem. Draco is totally frozen right now, let him be."

Lucius was horrified, "Who can move in time?"

Peter said, "My dad brought a dog and other pets with him from the past. I heard about it today. But others have known for a while."

They knew who the child was, Hermione. Maybe she had gone back and was seen or sensed by the 'wrong' individual. She had to be watched 24/7.

Grant said, "The best way to stop her is to listen to her. If they could help Gellert, and, heaven knows who else, we can let them try. Otherwise, this will be a tragedy."

Gellert said, "No, it is a bad idea. I am afraid."

Fenrir finally woke up, "Where is Miss Pixie?"

"She went with Inga to see…." Peter started. "Why."

"I had a strange dream," Fenrir disappeared. He went to the nursery. He found his nephew's daughter, Inga, out, fast asleep, and the Pixies were gone. He panicked until a net descended, carried by two of the former Dementors. Inside, he saw the Pixies, sitting on what appeared to be a mattress. He noticed light bands around the net. And the same bands around them. They were all screaming, to be let out.

Zech explained, "My brethren created it, so they cannot go wherever they were going when we caught them. At first, they seemed to be playing, all of a sudden, the cousin fell asleep, and the children started to go thru one of 'the doors.' We stopped them, and now, they are mad as hornets; I should know I was stung once. Miss Mimi tried to zap everyone of us."

Fenrir growled. The children were quiet in seconds, looking afraid. "Well, until Draco is better, you will be with me at all times; for now, reading times are off. Lucinda, be a good pup and tell me where you were going."

"I tolds her we're in big trouble. She tolds we need to help Draco, and we are going to get the Bellitris." Lucinda started crying. James was also saying they made him.

Fenrir said, "Mimi wake Inga up, immediately." He looked at the former Dementors holding the net, "Please bring the net to Draco's room, with the pups inside."

"We are trapped; let us out," Hermione demanded.

"So you are, good idea. I like it. " Fenrir gave them an evil look and a silent snarl.

Inga woke up; when she found out what they did, she was upset with them. "I said, no, it is a bad idea, next second, I was asleep. They did it once, but it will not happen again."

"Let's go," Fenrir said. The children were quiet, looking afraid..

A Jury.

Peter and Grant grinned when they saw the net. The children were screaming, saying they were trapped. Lucius was quiet. When the net opened, he pointed his wand. "Neither of you can hold hands until we figure out what to do; don't try, you will get zapped. Now, where were you going?"

James and Lucinda screamed, "To Bellitrish, we said no."

Lucius growled, "Likely tale, no, no, and no."

Gellert was horrified, "You cannot; it is dangerous, very. You will all get hurt."

Wallburga ran to hold them, but Grant stopped her.

Fenrir said, "They have invisible lines attached to me; we will make this room into a dorm."

Hermione sobbed, "You are mean; Draco is going to die because you won't let me help. We were not going there, to the bad place, or not too close."

"What do you mean not too close?" Grant asked, maybe they could set up something to scare Bellatrix, with minimum involvement from the children.

Lucius said, "Let me set wards around this room. Remember Vince, who knows who else is listening. Someone wake up Remus, Elly, and Jeanie. If Sirius and Maddy are here, call them. Tell Sirius to wear a disguise."

Hermione started crying; her mom was the toughest; she knew her mother. She said her girls were Granger and one had to stay a step ahead. Harry, for once, didn't apologize. Draco was a brother, and they needed to save him.

At Hogwarts

Dumbledore had requested a time changer; he wanted to see if he could return to when Gellert escaped. Now, he had hired two professors. One seemed familiar; the other, he wasn't so sure. Dumbledore would have Severus look at them.

The Master was surprised to find an old enemy. This other would be trouble; the Guardians would find him because the enemy was from a lower echelon, a mercenary who had helped humans hungry for carnage. The Master collected souls, of the ones killed by others, like he was any better. The mercenary had lost a lot of his powers last time, during a Muggle war; those higher than guardians were still looking for the idiot. The Master needed to find who the mercenary was working for, and destroy that human before attracting the Guardians. And where was Voldemort; the Master would explore. He needed to get rid of Dumbledore, Voldemort, and whoever. The news many Dementors were gone trouble him. Hopefully, there were not many Guardians left, but he knew the Azkaban Angels were Guardians; they could forever end his existence.

He greeted Minerva and a young witch, her niece. The Master was afraid of Minerva, not sure why. He also saw Severus Snape. He scared him a lot; hopefully, he wasn't a wolf, but he checked on him, not possible; he had read about Severus Snape, he was fully human.

At Malfoy Manor

Peter and Gellert went to check on the guests with Miss Delacour. They came with Elke and Gustav. Elke looked like Elly and Maddy; and Gustav was a blond Fenrir with a short beard, disguising his looks.

Gellert froze; the witch holding the hand of a young, looked like his sister with dark hair. He was going towards her when Miss Delacour said, "Look at him, see the dark shadow?"

Elke said, "Shh." She pointed at the wizard's ears. "A spy." She mouthed.

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