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At the drawing room.

Miss Delacour came in the room to show Peter and Gellert the guests she had identified. Afterward, she left; she needed rest. Elke, Gellert's daughter could see things the others couldn't. She could see he was a spy, for whom, they didn't know.

They noticed the guest with a dark Aura, observing everyone closely. He was whispering, but he was sitting alone, away from others. Peter Granger came by the place where the guest sat, "Hello, I am Madam Mimi's uncle, I don't think we have met."

The wizard coughed a couple of times, "Hello, I am visiting my cousin; he left, but I stayed. I went to school with Malfoy. Kurt McNair nice to meet you." He offered his hand, but Peter ignored it.

"I see; we are here to tell everyone they can…." Peter was interrupted; a young wizard was pulling his robe.

"Sir, please, I have a secret." The young wizard kept eyeing the alleged McNair wizard.

"Excuse us," Peter Granger stepped away. He was one of the young ones fighting for Mimi. Maybe one of the ones changed.

The young wizard whispered, "I am Blaise, Draco's friend. He isn't Mr. McNair's cousin; he came alone. He is bad; I can tell; he doesn't look like that; he is englamoured. He meant the wizard had glamour changing his appearance, it would see he could see darkness around the wizard, Peter thought.

Peter decided Blaise was one of the children changed by the Pixies. "Thanks, let's pretend;" and louder he said, "Yes, I will tell Mimi and Draco you said hello."

Meanwhile, the wizard was leaving in a hurry, but he tripped and fell. Elke smiled, hiding her wand. When the wizard tried to stand up, he found out he couldn't.

Peter walked to him; other guests were paying attention, something was wrong. Many had the wands ready. "Let me help you."

The wizard felt the wand against him. "No, I am fine, " the wizard said. Gustav Grindenwald came to 'help.' Many witches were looking at the handsome blond wizards. "Please come with us; we insist. Mr. Malfoy would be upset someone fell down, and he wasn't told. Let's make sure you are all right." Peter said. The blond Fenrir, dwarfing the wizard, stood next to him. He gave the wizard a hand, not letting go. Elke came and stood behind.

Gellert was by the witch with the young son, a little older than Mimi. "Hello, I am a family friend. Please forgive me for asking, what is your name, I mean your maiden name. You look exactly like my, err, aunt." He now looked like a man in his mid thirties, after the 'gift.'

She smiled, "Cornelia Lastrella. " Gellert paled, that was his sister young man's last name. He remembered, he wasn't English or French; he was a Spaniard wizard.

"I see. Yes, the name sounds familiar. I would like to talk more; I believe we have close common relatives. What is your name? I am Jack Schmidt." Gellert asked; she looked like his sister with darker hair and sky blue eyes.

"I am Mrs. Susan Pucey." She saw Elke, "Oh dear, she looks a lot like me, like my grandmother's picture but for the curly hair." She blushed; "I heard my grandmother was the young sister of Grindenwald. My grandfather said she was, never mind. Please don't repeat that what I told you. I agree; we can talk later." She bit her lips, looking distressed for saying so much.

Grindenwald moved closer. "It is dangerous to say you are related to him, please, never tell anyone. I heard someone has been killing anyone related to him."

She nodded, "I know, he had an enemy; Albus Dumbledore; I usually don't say this. Thanks for the warning; my grandfather was afraid of him. I don't know why, but I trust you. Please call on me, I have her picture at home. I saw other ones of her in other homes.

She pointed at the child sleeping next to her; "My son, Adrian, he is quite taken with Madam Mimi." She smiled. "If you know the family is she already in a contract; if not a good word from you would be appreciated."

Gellert felt tears and wiped his eyes quickly. He wished he could hug her and her child; they were his sister's grandchildren. He was finding his family, so he hoped he didn't have more of the evil things inside. He wanted to ask Mimi if she could still see them inside him. If so, he would break the rules and ask for another healing; he was scared.


Meanwhile, Dumbledore had called Arthur to ask him to help getting a couple time changers for him. He was waiting for Arthur to arrive, unaware others were spying on him. "Arthur do what it takes, use your contacts." When Arthur heard Dumbledore saying he needed them to check on something he forgot where he had left it and needed to find it; Arthur was apprehensive and didn't like it. He knew Dumbledore had come down a chimney trying to find Harry. He probably wanted to look for Harry again.

So, he stopped to see Minerva. She was worried, time to inform Lucius. She sent an urgent message and told Arthur to tell Moody. Arthur said, "We finally have a good life, all we need and more. Molly likes to live a better life, so she stays away from Dumbledore. I told her it is either he or I; I mean it. He wants to keep fighting, and I want peace."

Minerva agreed, no more war; Albus had something up his sleeve.

A rat trap

What the grownups didn't know didn't hurt them. True, but what the young didn't know was safer.

Hermione and the older Pixies could communicate mentally, not so well with Draco who was learning, only the wolves. 'Harry, we can pretend to obey. As soon as Uncle Fenny is not paying attention, we hold hands. Frankie and Evie can help, and we go to the place.'

Harry nodded; he was on a mission to save Draco.

They missed Fenrir's wink to her fathers and Lucius. 'Let them, we will move with them; they don't know they are attached to me rather well. We need to find out what they are doing.'

Other adult wolves heard and grinned. Gellert's children were in love with the little ones, but seventeen-year-old Inga was upset. They were playing with a pro, never again. She would be close to them, but would be aware.

"We need to get food for them," Hermione tried, pointing at the former Dementors. Hermione and Harry would go to get them food, so she thought. She sat on the bed, still in night clothes, but wearing a jersey and socks, ready to bolt at the first time possible. Harry and the other older Pixies were dressed the same.

"Who do you mean?" Her father asked.

Everyone was quiet, looking to where she was pointing. Zech whispered in Fenrir's ear. "They see all of us and the newcomers, everyone. At first, only Hermione, now the others as well. But only the Granger and Tilly Lestrange. They all have something in common. I will explain later. We saw a change on them a few hours ago, during the 'Healing,'" Zech told Fenrir.

Fenrir communicated this to the others, mentally. Peter and Grant tried to see the invisible ones, and to their amazement, they saw the guardians sitting on wardrobes and Zech's brothers. It had to be tied to their father, maybe to Jeanie's parents as well, since Tilly Stranger wasn't a Granger.

Lucius was worried; what if Mimi left and was injured or worse. She was his family; his beast wouldn't survive losing Draco, Mimi, and Narcissa. He loved Lucinda as well, but Mimi was first.

Harry heard chittering, so he jumped out the bed and sat on the ground. He listened, "The rat is inside; it came thru a tunnel." He chittered back, telling the mice to wait. He ran to tell Lucius and his father. The guardians heard Harry explaining and smiled, they were now sure; he was the child who spoke to animals; they were the children of the prophecy.

The Malfoy Guardians, the twins, appeared, "Let us stop the Animagus wizard; we will try to catch him. Harry, tell your friends to show us. He won't see us."

"We cannot kill him, " Lucius warned them. "The Dark Lord, will make sure to," he remembered the children listening, "activate the curse."

Hermione heard and said. "Put the rat in a magical maze like in a boo Miss Delacour read. The bad wizards were trapped in a magic maze for many days and were confused."

Lucius stood and hugged her. "Mimi, that is brilliant. My child, please obey, don't take any chances; you are my family."

Hermione hugged him but promised nothing. Lucinda ran to him, "I'll obey."

Harry mumbled, "Tattle."

Lucius told the former Dementors, "Do it. Keep him away from the main area, until we can find what to do."

The Guardians left with the mice, agreeing in trapping the rat inside the walls in a magic maze .

"Daddy Lucius, okay, I will be good, but I I don't want Draco to die. If we don't do something the monster is going to kill him. I'll tell you what we were going to do." Hermione said and kissed Lucius.

"All right, please tell me." Her kiss calmed him. Sit here next to me. He sat on Draco's bed.

"We were going to do the same thing I did with my daddy; that time when we went to the Azkaban place, but we will need to go together so we can scare her. We are wearing angel costumes and will use my mommy's make up. " Hermione explained.

Lucius thought about it. He wasn't sure.

Wallburga shook her head, "No, absolutely not; you cannot go into that place. Azkaban is dangerous; children shouldn't go near it." She was panicking.

Yaxley was waking up. He heard Hermione and going to Azkaban. He awoke at once.

"Like you did when you came to see me? You were there, I could feel your kisses. No, Frankie and Evie cannot go; it is madness." Yaxley noticed the children were giving him dirty looks; so be it. Better mad at him than hurt.

Wallburga had been told about the Madam Mimi's Healing. She saw that Yaxley loved the children, maybe all would be well.

He went to Wallburga and whispered, "I hope you didn't tell Evan's parents; they will give him to the Dark Lord."

Wallburga smiled, "Not a chance, never."

"What do you mean when they came to see you?" Lucius and Grant asked at the same time. Remus and Elly were walking in.

"With all the confusion we didn't tell you," Remus proceed to tell them about the young ones' escapes to visit Yaxley. "I agree with Yaxley, I think they were physically there."

"That cannot be, they were watched; okay maybe not so well while they were asleep. But Madam Mimi, don't get any ideas, that has changed now." Fenrir snarled, scaring all the Pixies. He was their superior and were afraid when he was angry.

Now everyone was up in arms. Zech, staying invisible now that Yaxley was awake, told Fenrir, "They never, ever left the room, or maybe they left a very real illusion behind. They do things we cannot understand when they work together."

Fenrir talked mentally to those who could hear him, explaining what he had heard. Something else to worry about. Maybe the ones who just came, the former Dementors, could help. When Lucius heard, he felt as if his head were going to explode. He needed a pain potion. Mini sensed his discomfort and touched him. At once, the headache went away, but it was sure to come back.

"Dear Madam Mimi and the other pups, I will say it just once, cross the line, and I will compel you to obey; it won't feel good. Plus no reading, nor swimming in the pond or playing with the fish," Fenrir meant as pups; they liked to swim and play with the fish in the pond. The fish the adults caught to grill later. "And I will think of a few more restrictions, later."

Now, the older children were crying, "Draco is going to die." Harry, Hermione, and the older cousins kept saying that. Hermione was saying the grownups were bad and mean, angering Fenrir and her fathers. Her hair was flying; she was angry and wanted to 'sparkle' every one of the adults, but would never dare to do so.

When Hermione saw her mother, she was quiet; Harry was also quiet. Lucinda ran to her, "Mommy, Mimi is taking us to Bllitrish, to the Aschka place."

James decided to join Lucinda and went to Remus. Frankie, Evie, Lily, Tilly and, Amy remained quiet.

"Harry, is that true?" Jeanie asked.

Hermione grumbled, "Tattle, bad pixie." She said, mad at Lucinda.

Harry shrugged his shoulders, a first. He wanted to save Draco. Lucinda was out; for the first time ever he was mad at Lucinda. The invisible ones, and the Grindenwald watched the interaction of the powerful children with great interest.

Grant looked at Lucius, they liked the plan, sort of. But they had a couple of problems, "Lucius, please step out for a few seconds." Peter asked; they were back. They updated to Lucius quickly.

"Who are you? I don't know you." Lucius said when he saw the wizard.

"Draco's friend said he was glamoured." Peter explained, "I tried to remove it, but the glamour stayed."

Elke followed. She searched on her satchel, " Here," she blew a shiny powder on the wizard's face.

"You used to work for me; Michel something. I remember, you were fired for stealing" Why are you here?' Lucius asked.

"To make sure you do what you are told. Someone, my boss, wants you to deposit funds for the Dark Lord. If you hurt me; he will be waiting for me, and your wife will die. You have no idea." The wizard smiled smugly.

Fenrir came out, touched the wizard's head, and shook his head. "No, he lies. He is here only to listen; he was planning to steal the money. Where is the Dark Lord? I see you work for someone else, for whom?"

"You find out." Michel said nastily.

"We will. Let him go, but first," Lucius pointed his wand. The wizard went down. He called Axel to throw the wizard out. When he was gone, Lucius said, "All his memories of today and last night are gone. Thanks," he said to Fenrir. One of Fenrir's wolves would follow the wizard; it would be easy, he had a magic tracer.

Lucius felt hopeless, but Grant liked the children's plans, with some changes. Meanwhile Pettigrew was lost inside the walls couldn't figure out where he had made a wrong turn. They had to do something before it was too late.

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