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Severus Snape

He couldn't wait for the weekend to be with Maddy, Sirius, and the baby. Maddy was the center of their love. Severus was happy with Sirius's hugs and occasional chaste kisses; often, they all slept as wolves, but Sirius still preferred Padfoot; that was Sirius. Maddy, his Maddy, Severus couldn't get enough of her healing love; he would die for his loved ones. He was worried about the news of Pettigrew, let alone Albus; he had been asking if the Malfoys were friends with a family with daughters. Sooner or later, he would find out. He also asked if he had seen a little curly blond at the Malfoy. He needed to tell the others.

Severus was on his way when he was stopped by one of the new professors, an African recommended by Kingsley. The Professor smelled bad, not dirty, something else. He needed to ask Fenrir. His question upset him; he needed to see Fenrir as soon as possible.

When Malaey was walking towards Severus, he saw the other Professor and heard him asking about the Malfoy. Oh no. "Professor Severus, just who I wanted to see. Could we talk later? I need help on a potion."

Severus was grateful for the interruption. The African wanted to know if Lucius Malfoy had younger children and if he were friends with a family related to the Greyback.

"Not now, but you can walk with me for a little," Severus said goodbye to the African and left quickly.

Professor Malaey asked, "What was he asking? I will confide in you, and there is something I dislike about him."

"Nothing important, but I agree; I am not fond of him." Severus breathed out. Uneasy, he wasn't sure he liked this professor either.

Professor Malaey was sweating; Professor Snape was a wolf; now, he felt sick. The noose was tightening. He needed to stop the African and Dumbledore. Time to find out the Time Turners. His brethren was a fool. His days were numbered; he didn't know about the Guardians or how the wolves could tear them apart forever. A clever idea crossed his mind, give them his brethren and ask them to disable the Time Turners. Let them do the work for him.

Later, Professor Malaey, alias the Master, sat close to the African, moved his hands, and looked inside him. he looked on his shoulder and saw the fly standing on him, ah, Albus or Voldemort's spy. "He looks like a nice Wizard." He said aloud, pretending; then, he went into his office and wrote an Owl. The Africans enabled the Malfoy family's curse; the ass worked for Voldemort long ago. The professor's relative impersonated a young African wizard, kept prisoner to use his blood to refresh their cover.

A breakthrough

Severus had talked to Fenrir, who was concerned. Then he sat by Draco, his eyes were full of tears for his godchild. A couple of hours later, an urgent Owl arrived. Strangely, once they read it, it disintegrated.

Lucius called most of the adults. The children were safely secured. He moved to a connecting room away from Draco and Narcissa. As soon as everyone came in, he started reading

Mr. Malfoy, read this away from your son and wife. There is a professor at Hogwarts who works with Albus and Voldemort. He met Voldemort not too long ago. I know he helped Voldemort to get your son sick, but I was unable to determine how he did it. He is dangerous and has a Time Turner to make sure he can return and re-infect your family should you find out how to remove and destroy the demons. Maybe one of you will go into the MoM and destroy the Time Turners. Someone, perhaps a wolf, can take the changer away from the professor. Albus wants a Time Tuner to find a little angel he had previously met. I want to help you because I think Albus intends to continue the war.

The African professor was recommended by an Auror, Kingsley, saying they are related. He is another demon passing the African Auror, a prisoner at a cave near the Forbidden Forest. Both the professor and the one passing for Kingsley because they need his blood to keep their appearance. Memorize this drawing fast, the prisoner is there.

You need to figure out how to trap the professor, so he will tell you the curse he used. I recommend getting the professor by the cave. I think he goes out there at night. I believe he is using his minions inside your son and wife. I wonder if you could find a way to puncture whatever is inside your son and, I think, your wife with a few drops of wolf blood. I think you know what I am talking about. The demon will disintegrate with the first drop. But best to get them out and then kill them.

Be aware of flies. Albus uses them to spy on others, so make sure there are no flies in your house

When Lucius finished reading, Severus exclaimed, "That was the Professor talking to me, asking about the Malfoy."

Grant Granger looked happier, "We can inject blood on the thing inside them, but what will stop it from closing its jaws?"

"Inject? What do you mean?" Lucius asked.

Grant pulled his wand. He pointed it and made an illusion of a syringe. "The needle is very fine. But blood is thicker, so we will need a thicker needle. Of course, there is planning needed. We need to distract it, and Mimi will have to show it to us while we do it."

"How long does it take for the blood to go inside?" Lucius asked.

"The moment the needle goes in," Grant explained.

"We also need to get the professor, Kingsley, the Kingsley demon, and the Turner." Severus added, "but who sent that Owl?"

"Who knows?" Lucius didn't care.

The Malfoy guardians offered, "We can go in the MoM and look for the Turners, but how do they look?"

Lucius smiled, "I have someone who can help. But he wants our bad Pixies to fix his eye. They've been asking to do it forever. I know he knows about them, so I guess it is a small payment."

"We need the Turners as soon as possible. Imagine if Albus finds out about our Evie. He will want them. And when he knows she is related to Gellert, he will try to kill her and the other children." Fenrir was worried. "Who knows if he suspects who are your new friends."

"First things first, we will need Mimi to show us the things inside Draco and Cissy, so we can figure out how to destroy them before they notice. Maybe the Pixies can distract them, though I think we need to destroy them at the same time. Too bad we don't know how Bella put them inside."

"We must notify our Auror friends to be careful around Kingsley," Severus added.

Remus had come in, "I will do it."

"No, I will get Alastor here," Lucius decided.

Zech came and murmured in Fenrir's ear. "Oh, no. We must get the Time Turner right away. Draco's dream was about someone stopping him from finding Mimi. Whoever read his memories was able to see an alternate timeline, and will try for Draco to dream again to see when it happened."

"Who is the Professor? We destroy him first. Then we will look for that Time Tuner. We can see demons behind disguises, most of the time." One of the Malfoy witches asked. "You can too." She told Lucius. "I believe the little ones are powerful. Some are something else, fabled beings, because their powers are without an equal, and for reasons unknown, they made the others powerful as well. They should scare the nasty witch at Azkaban. We remember her. She paid guards to torture the young wizard, her husband's brother. Maybe she knows something; we can help. Later, as soon as possible, we must seal one of the Master's entrances to the Dark underworlds; it is here."

Lucius nodded, he was thinking the same. He knew time was running out. "Bring Mimi and her cohorts. No, bring her first, then the others."

"There is more. Those beings can go back and forward in time," she pointed at the Granger twins, "they are the same and more. If someone tries to change the past with a Turner, maybe, it could be undone. We don't want it changed, so were there any animals there that day?"

Lucius nodded, "My big boys, there." He pointed at the mourning wolfhounds.

"Let me think, someone could go back to a time before that day when they met. The wolfhounds can make sure the little one is not stopped. We can use a charm to instruct them. It doesn't change the timeline." Another twin added. "But first things first, who is the demon professor? And can a wolf come with us?"

Fenrir harrumphed, "I could, but I must keep an eye on the pups." He didn't like how the damn Malfoy witches eyed him. He had no time for females, not for many years. He had a full-time job; the pups wouldn't die on his watch, but they would easily fool anyone else. He left in a hurry because Mimi was up to no good, she was a Greyback, and he heard about the Grangers that was clear.

"No, I will do it. We are paying a visit to Hogwarts with a contribution." Remus smiled, showing his fangs. Moony had told him so. He wanted to kill the one wishing to change his life. He would destroy anyone who would try, to include Albus.


Bellatrix was sick with fear. The news about the illness at Lucius Malfoy's Manor was in the news. The angry angels, or fairies, or whatever they were, would kill her. But if she told Lucius what happened and that she didn't know how to get them out, he would kill her. What a quandary, but if she told Lucius, Voldemort would surely kill her. She confided in the movement leader, who was upset at Bellatrix for keeping a deadly secret. He told her to fix things up because there were worse things than death.

She made a decision. She wrote Lucius an urgent owl. She would ask Lucius for secrecy, so Voldemort wouldn't blame her. Now, she felt less scared.

Malfoy Manor

Alastor came to when the coin vibrated, one of the ways Lucius could call him. Lucius told him about Kingsley. To follow him this evening, but not alone, a witch would accompany him. When they rescued Kingsley not to take him to Mungo's but to a private address. "So are you keen on replacing your eye, maybe other missing parts."

Alastor's smile was luminous. "But how?"

Lucius smirked, "No need to pretend, we trust you. You surely know what happened last night. "

"We were outside. Animals came out of the forest. The little ones did it. My son, err, the new Auror, was with us." Alastor wanted to say he was his son.

Lucius tapped his forehead, "Don't remind me. They will be in restriction until they marry. We have a problem." He explained to Alastor about Kingsley, Pettigrew, Bellatrix, and all those involved. "Please find out where is the Time Turners hidden. It is very important."

"I will do as you ask. Albus is plain dangerous. Now, I understand now why Kingsley is acting odd. He brought his relative, a strange wizard. What do you want me to do? And may I see the little ones?" Moody loved the powerful children. Maybe one of his grandchildren would marry one of them. His favorites were Hermione, Harry, and Draco.

"For a second, but you must go and warn Rufus and your son." Lucius raised his eyebrow, "I have seen your eyes. He is your son, no denying it. Kingsley is a demon. When you follow him to the cave, you won't be alone; you cannot destroy a demon alone. You will let me know when, and Remus or someone will join you. Hopefully today."

Moody shrugged his shoulder and said nothing. A young witch who reminded him of someone, accompanied him to the room where a couple of giants were watching the children, he thought.

The older children ran to him. They all wanted to check his eye. Mimi whispered. "I want to fix your eye and leg," and louder, "maybe you can read us a book, " she winked, sort of of. Her cousins and Harry were ready. It was their dream.

Fenrir knew what they were up to and had to control a growl. He hated their knowing smiles. Bad, bad pups, he wanted to take them somewhere but wasn't sure where. He knew he wouldn't survive their deaths.

"Sure, I will be back, and we can read the new story of the Healer Pixie. I will bring the story Poppy wrote." He smiled and recoiled when he saw Vince sitting under a table. He pointed his head at Fenrir, who sighed loudly. They had figured out Vince could hide in plain sight.

As soon as he left, Hermione started mouthing words to Harry, who was still crossed at Hermione for zapping Fenrir. But forgot about it thinking they had a chance to replace Moody's eye.

After Moody left, Peter came for Mimi. They wanted her to show everyone where the monsters were. He tied the magic chain to his wrist, which angered Mimi. He didn't care. Better angry than hurt, nothing could happen to his daughter. "I am not a dog; I am a witch. You aren't nice anymore."

Peter sighed, "No, but you are disobedient and take dangerous chances. Until we can trust you, we will need to keep you like this. Now, let's go to help Draco."

"You are going to let's try?" Her face changed, looking happy.

"No, you must wait." Peter turned around, feeling Vince. "Young man, you best go to your parents if you want to help Draco."

"Yes, obey if you want to be my friend," Mimi told Vince. He obeyed and went to his parents. One of the small dragons stood on his shoulder, wanting to make sure he stayed out of the room. Mimi looked at Peter, "I am being good."

Peter rolled his eyes, goodness; she was a Granger; best to ignore her. "Please, please, let me try. Draco has a monster."

"Yes, darling, we know it. But we don't want you hurt. I want you safe. You can help, but let someone else do it. Okay?"

Time was running out; they all knew it.

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