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Hermione and Her Conscience

Hermione bit her lip, wondering. In the movie, Jiminy was usually right. She whispered, "Are you my Jiminy?"

"Maybe," she heard the voice, followed by soft laughter.

Harry wondered why they hadn't tried to check the spider he saw earlier on the wall and asked, "Maybe the spider knows something. Mimi can try to look at it."

One of the former Dementors agreed and said, "I can try to look." It was the one whose hair resembled a tiger's.

"Ask Yasly (Yaxley). Maybe he knows," Frankie suggested.

Mimi was quiet. "Ask," She was agreeable, looking around, looking on her shoulder. She wanted to ask Jiminy what to do because she didn't want Draco to die.

Peter left to ask Yaxley, who thought the spider might be Avery's wife. The two went with the former Dementor to retrieve the spider. When they came back, they held a beautiful witch in a bind. She had a huge smirk. "Don't worry. She cannot communicate with anyone. I made sure of that. But she won't talk." Peter explained, staying outside the children's room.

"Wait," Gustav came outside and touched her. "She is, damn." The witch dropped dead. "I didn't do anything. When I saw inside, something exploded. Someone killed her before I could see what she did."

"Maybe there is someone else here. Who is she?" Fenrir asked from inside.

"Avery's wife, he was forced to marry her. She was a favorite of the Dark Lord." Yaxley said.

"No, maybe she had a curse. If she were compromised, she'd die." Peter argued.

"Who was killed?" Hermione and the others asked, "someone bad?" The children were okay with the idea.

"The spider," Peter answered.

"Was it a witch? She was bad." Harry asked, "Where is the witch of Avery?"

"No way to tell," Gustav answered, unhappy he might have killed her. He had never killed anyone. Besides, they lost a chance to find out more about the curse.

"Maybe we need to obey. Jiminy was always right." Hermione told her Pixie band, looking worried. Fenrir didn't believe her about obeying, not for a minute.

"Who is Jiminy? " Fenrir was weary. Maybe Jiminy was a secret word. They were seven going on twenty. And more pups would soon join the band of terrors, as Lucius called them; he had a lifetime job.

Harry told Fenrir, "Jiminy is Pinocchio's 'concese.' Everybody knows that." All the children agreed, wondering why their wise uncle didn't know that.

Now, Fenrir was keeping an eye on each of the bad pups. They were planning something with secret codes. Too bad he didn't watch the Muggle children's stories and preferred action films.

Hermione kept looking around. She would ask Zech. She asked, "Has anyone seen a hmm, maybe a cricket?" Her Pixies shook their heads. Peter, her uncle, who had stepped into the room, heard her and wondered what was going on.

Harry and Frankie asked, "Is he here? The cricket?"

"Dunno, maybe?" Hermione told them. Their eyes opened in wonder. Zech, the small dragon, looked around as well. Anything was possible.

Seconds later, Peter heard a voice laughing, "Jiminy?" He asked. The joke was on him, Peter thought, looking around. He could hear the voice clearly, a female.

Peter knew who Jiminy was, yet he worried someone was trying to manipulate Mimi. Peter knew they were not pretending and hoped it wasn't something bad, but the voice had been friendly. One thing was certain, his daughter seemed subdued, obeying. "You never know." Peter ascertained, hoping for the best.

Spiders and news-

Peter left the room, worried. When he was near his brother and their wife, he 'told' them about Jiminy, and they shared his concern.

He told everyone about Avery's wife and how she had died. Lucius was convinced she wasn't alone. Someone else must be inside or nearby," Lucius told them. Maybe Pettigrew, although 'lost,' could still make things happen. He wanted Harry to talk to the mice, to ask where Pettigrew was. Then they could keep the area totally blocked with a charm.

They were talking when Wallburga and Sirius arrived. Remus stopped them from talking. "Let's stand away from Draco and Narcissa to invoke a wall of silence. After we check if small wizards are hiding."

"Good idea," one of the Malfoy twin witches said. "For now, we will go and help with the little angels."

They heard a few comments about 'the angels.' Lucius said, "More like little terrors."

The former Dementors admired the children and wanted the parents to let them scare Bellatrix. The parents were unaware of their powerful gifts; they were adventurous, but many children were. The children, most of them, were something they thought was a legend. They had seen Madam Mimi's act and would never forget it. They knew the young ones would be fine; they were certain.

When the Dolohov-Malfoy twins went to the dormitory, the children went to them. Needless to say, Fenrir didn't like the way the witches looked at him, like he was desert. His nephew noticed the beautiful witches and winked at Fenrir, who paid zero attention. He had no time for females, even less for two, he agreed with Harry. Since the massacre, the idea of being in a union didn't appeal to him. Besides, he was like many of his kind, no partners until they were ready to commit.

When Miss Delacour returned, she noticed how well her wards behaved, making her uneasy. Something was up with the young ones. Fenrir nodded at her, agreeing with her judgment. He just knew they were planning to 'save' Draco, heavens knew how.

Meanwhile, Wallburga explained to the ones in Draco's room they hadn't found what they were looking for but told them their idea. "Kreacher figured out about the symbols. We must extract the demons in the same order they went in. With further research, we found the demons inside were small until they were awoken. Small, to make them hard to detect."

Gellert's daughter agreed. Such was often the case. In her years doing her grandparents' work with her other father, they had arrived to the same conclusion, though they had never seen anything that big.

Lucius said, "Bella said she drew the square on Cissy's chest first, then the circle on Draco. Good job Kreacher. I like the idea of forcing them out, but I don't want to chance anything. We need Harry to talk to the mice, and find out where is Pettigrew. But ideally, I would like to know the exact curse Bella did. One of the terrors said the chocolates didn't activate the curse. Bring the oldest, away from each other." Lucius asked.

Peter and Remus went to get the oldest ones. Fenrir came along, never leaving Hermione's sight.

"You read a book, in the story the curse was somewhere else, where?" Lucius asked. He had a feeling this was important.

Hermione and Harry simultaneously said, "In a toy box, a present, somewhat brought."

"Kreacher and Dobby, go and check the gifts people brought, Remus, and Sirius, go as well. It makes sense." Lucius started.

"My brother and I will also help, we can feel curses." Gellert's daughter, Elke, and Gustav, his son, offered. Sirius didn't like the blond Fenrir, staring at his mother. He was probably bossy like Fenrir. Besides, he wanted his mother with him.

"Harry, son, can you ask the mice to tell us where is Pettigrew right now." He asked Harry, who was happy to help.

Hermione was unusually quiet, looking around. She could hear someone, saying something. She covered her mouth, Zech the small dragon noticed. He looked around, but nobody was there. Hermione whispered, making sure nobody else heard, "Jiminy, what are you saying?"

Hermione talked very loud. "Look for a present with a crystal ball, inside a red box. I think."

"How do you know?" Fenrir asked Hermione.

"It doesn't matter, find it." Wallburga huffed.

Harry stood by a wall, making squeaky sounds. They all watched in awe. In a few minutes Harry squeaked again. "He is near the kitchens, around the small garden. Going in circles." Harry explained.

Someone went to make sure Pettigrew could not use magic or communicate with anyone. The ones looking for the presents came back with two boxes. Both had crystal balls, but the boxes weren't red. "One says, from The Red Shop." Hermione checked them. "It is that one."

Wallburga said, "She must be right. According to what we read, the symbols must be destroyed. But we don't have a fire sword. We need one."

Zech whispered on Fenrir's ear. "Dragon fire will work as well."

Fenrir said, "Do it."

Zech breathed blue fire, nobody saw him, only the fire. They heard a shriek and the box turned into dust.

"Mimi, dear, please show us inside Draco." Lucius was hoping.

Several adults stood with with Mimi, their wands ready. She put her hands over Draco. They saw the thing inside was smaller, it had closed its jaws, and getting smaller, slowly.

"Now show us inside Cissy." Lucius hoped as well.

It was the same, smaller, jaws closed. They made a magical drawing of the location over both of them.

"Let us take them out, please." Mimi begged.

"Too dangerous, but you can help us destroy them." Fenrir was afraid for them.

Hermione's next words made him distrust them even more. "But we helped you to feel better. You were sad inside."

"When did you do that? I didn't ask. Never mind." She told the truth, and he felt better. Most of the nightmares were gone, so he decided not to argue.

"We will tell when to help. But you stand still." Lucius proposed

They agreed to do so, "But we need Frankie, Evie and Amelia." Hermione suspected that whatever was inside Draco was very bad.

"Maybe, we will decide. But yes, who knows, someone go and bring them." Lucius kept thinking there was more to this,

"Sirius do what is needed. " Lucius didn't want to say much in front of Hermione, "Draw both a circle and a square over the place where the, ahem, things are." He would use the blood Bella hid. "If we are right, the whatever is left will come out their bodies, Elke, Grant, Peter, be ready to destroy them so they don't go into someone else."

Sirius argued, "No, I cannot, it is, ahem, you know magic." He meant blood magic.

Remus growled because it was needed. Sirius was turning into a butthead. Severus shook his head, this was an emergency, what was wrong with Sirius? He was behaving like a spoiled dunderhead. Wallburga was at fault, spiking him like he was five. Maddy Granger, his wife, whispered something to Sirius, and he shook his head.

Wallburga pursed her lips, but Sirius wouldn't budge, "I know what to do." Wallburga said, thinking Sirius was being unreasonable. And a bit ridiculous since he blood-bonded his wife.

Fenrir told Lucius, "I am taking the pups out of this room, then I will come back with the others." He was expecting bloody resistance from his favorite Madam Mimi. But he was wrong, Hermione came and held his hand. "Okay, I'll obey Uncle Fenny." Fenrir looked at her, wondering what she was up to.

Lucius nodded, also suspicious of her lack of resistance, but he saw she was looking around. Her parents did as well. Remus had decided her star pupil wasn't trying to start something, but something was up. "Madam Mimi," he was still peeved about the trickery of the young ones with their fated performance, "who or what are you looking for?" Moony warned him the bad pups couldn't be trusted, reminding Remus they almosy had a heart attack with their Madam Mimi's performance.

She was honest, "Maybe Jiminy?" She grimaced.

Her father shook his head, "Darling, there is not," his brother interrupted after hearing the soft laughter.

"Who knows Darling, maybe." Her so called uncle went by his child, bent, a nd whispered, "Maybe Jiminy doesn't want to be seen, or anyone else to know about him." Hermione nodded agreeing, thinking her uncle was the best.

Both Peter and Hermione heard, "Maybe is the only way for Jiminy. Good Mimi, obey those who love you," followed again by the soft laughter.

Zech and his brethren heard the voice, it was friendly and loving. Maybe a protector, but they couldn't feel or see anyone else.

"Who is Jiminy? Dear Mimi, be careful." Lucius thought it was an imaginary friend, yet he was afraid; something was not right. Maybe there was a trigger unknown to them.

"Whatever, I am taking them out of the room." Fenrir insisted.

"No, she needs to stay if we need to do something else. The other children must come as well. We will protect them, but who is Jiminy?" Lucius said, keeping an eye on his wife and son.

"The conscience of a good little witch, didn't you read the book? It is a Muggle movie, a children's story, watch it." Peter said when Fenrir held Harry and a smiling Hermione's hand. She was happy she had a conscience. Her other papa believed her. She knew he wasn't her uncle but her other papa.

"Mimi, I believe you." Harry added.

Fenrir grumbled, thinking Hermione was leading the uncle. While getting ready, he held on tight to them, and would invoke a wall of silence until they were ready to act, deciding two of the Madam Mimi's crew were enough."

The Granger brothers stood with two of prepared syringes, they had extracted Fenrir's blood thinking it would be the best. Gellert excused himself and left the room, not wanting to chance a demon. Now he was afraid one left would grow to whatever was inside the Malfoy.

One of the former Dementors had been thinking since Hermione revealed the demons inside Draco and Narcissa, "I remembered, I have seen the demons inside them before; the one who lured me could summon them."

"Maybe he is around, who was he? Could he be near?" Lucius asked.

"Maybe he is the one at Hogwarts, the one who will be destroyed later today?" Severus said.

"If so my cousins, the twins, should accompany Alastor and Remus. I think either Fenrir should go as well. Best not so send Gellert's son, what if Albus sees him." Lucius thought it would be best.

How the Master is in trouble.

"Agreed, but the portal should be destroyed today, to stop any like him, Lucius the three of us can do it. Too bad no more of our family is left." One of the twins said. Lucius would tell her about other cousins and his great grandfather.

One of the unseen black dragons, the hidden powerful protectors, whispered on Lucius' ear. "If you kill the Master you won't find the souls of the slaughtered young wolves."

Lucius repeated this, and they decided to trap the demon, but still kill the one passing for Kingsley. If the professor were the Master, the former Dementor twins would recognize him. But making him talk would be difficult. In any case they should find out what he knew.

Draco's dreams and future Trouble

Draco dreamed he was playing with someone who looked like his father. He told him, "Draco, I don't know if I can visit again. But if not, tell your daddy to make sure the place in the garden where his father and mother rest, is well secured. Tell him never, ever help Tom. He must kill the rat and go away for a while. Tell him about all your dreams and to destroy any Time changers. We love you." He kissed Draco.

"Yes Papa, I like you." Draco hugged him. "But I don't like the other dream, the bad dream," he was scared. "I will tell him and Mimi."

Walking Up

With his wand Lucius levitated Narcissa's bed next to Draco's, slightly apart. So Wallburga first went to Narcissa, lowering her gown a little, readied her wand, dipped the tip of her index finger inside the flask with the blood, cast a charm she had read to open 'doors' into people, as she drew a square on Narcissa's chest. They saw how the square glowed on Narcissa's chest for a few seconds. Then she went to Draco. Everyone ready to act, with their wands pointed.

"Now, it is probably time." Wallburga said, anxiously, in the books they read once the door was open, it should be easy to deal with whatever was inside.

Each Dr. Granger, including Jeanie, with an extra injection ready in case it was needed stood ready to act. One stood by each Malfoy, and Jeanie in the middle, between the beds. This day had made Lucius realize how lucky he had been the day little Draco met his Mimi; otherwise he would be at Voldemort and Bellatrix's mercy, forever, doing their bidding. He looked around the miracle around him, seeing the ones present united. Then he looked at his beloved Mimi, a naughty little which, yet perfect. His eyes felt wet, scared for the future, for his little son.

Lucius vowed never to stray and to fight whoever threatened his future. He looked around, he could have sworn he smelled his mother's favorite perfume, made by the Lestrange, and also his father's cologne. Maybe there were others around them, he hoped.

Hermione stood by Draco first, Harry next to her, nobody expected her words , "I Healer Pixie and Shadow Pixie want Light Pixie to be still. It is only a pinch." She had heard that at the surgery when she broke a tooth before she met Draco; so she knew about injections. They saw the light coming from her hands and a weaker light from Harry's hand, surrounding Draco. Nobody reprimanded her or Harry. Instead her parents and other former Muggles smiled, knowing Hermione was trying her best, even when she thought this was a waste of time.

Then she showed everyone inside Draco and everyone was scared because whatever was inside him was smaller but still large enough. It was time to act. Outside the room, a small shadow was trying to enter the room, but moved when a big wizard ran to the door.

Someone was knocking. "Please open; I found something at home. It is urgent." Lucius recognized the voice.

They also heard Yaxley; he sounded angry. "What are you doing here? We told you to go home. Your damned wife has done enough."

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