Avatar Drabbles: Cracktastic Bits

By Kimberly T.

100-word glimpses of insanity in the Avatar 'verse! This is what happens when the writer gets too little sleep, and too much sugar in her cereal… or is that not enough cereal in her sugar?

Too Much To Bear

Katara was a patient, tolerant young woman. Really, she was; look how many years she'd put up with washing her brother's smelly socks!

And she understood her duty. That's why she wasn't traveling the world with Aang, or enjoying steamy sex with Zuko. Once she'd gotten married, she'd said goodbye to all those possibilities and never looked back.

But there were Limits. Limits to what she'd put up with for the sake of her tribe's improved welfare and his kingdom's need for an heir, and her husband was really pushing it!

"Kuei, dammit! Bosco is not allowed in our bedroom!"