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"You guys! Give me back that stone!"

Mikan ran around the apple tree chasing two boys who were holding captive her precious alice stone. The boys kept running around the giant tree while taunting and telling her things she didn't want to hear, didn't want to know but she ignored it. She focused all her energy on getting back the green stone. "You guys! This is not a joke! Don't play with that stone!"

One of the boys threw the stone and the other caught it midair. Mikan glared at the holder of the stone. She's seriously pissed at the boys right now. Just ten minutes ago, she had been sitting under the tree and had taken out a green stone from her pocket. She just sat there, staring at it and doing absolutely nothing when the two boys suddenly came out of nowhere and took captive of her stone right from her palm. She was so shocked by the gesture that she was still in shocked until one of the boys called out her name. Then she had to run around the tree while the boys passed the stone to each other and had her acting like a distraught chicken. So yeah, she was seriously pissed.

"Haru, give it back to me right now or I will hurt you. Do you understand that?" Her voice was flat and cold. He may be her senior but time for politeness was over.

Haru the blond, gave a distinctive snort. "You're such a loser, Sakura. Everyday sitting under the tree looking at this stone. No wonder you're such a loner."

Mikan said nothing but her eyes gave the impression that if look could kill, they would be six feet underground.

Haru caught her eyes and smirked. "Don't look so angry, Sakura. I only want to look at it. That's all." It was clear Mikan didn't believe or care about that. He decided to ignore her and stared at the stone for a moment which made noticed a detail on the stone. "Oh my Sakura, is that two dots I see? Which means...this is dangerous alice you're holding."

Mikan was taken aback by it and the blond didn't missed that. "Sakura, you know you're not supposed to hold an alice stone, much less a dangerous stone without the permission of the Elementary School Principal." And then he grin sadistically."Wonder what I'll get if I report this to the Principal. I'm sure your punishment this time won't be so lenient."

Mikan's eyes windened momentarily while her entire head were filled with the possibilities. What if the Principal finds out she has this alice stone? Catastrophe wouldn't even be enough of a word. If he finds out, he'll quickly suspect if there are other stones she's carrying and that would lead to a very bad outcome. Not letting him know about her stones would be the least of her worries. The alice stone the boys were holding were no ordinary alice and she couldn't even bare thinking what the the Principal would do if he got hold of the other stones. No, she couldn't let him have it. Her parents had entrusted her with this and she would not fail them. Even if it meant risking exposure.

Haru and his friend watched the brunette in front of him taking a deep breath. He took it as a sign of her trying to calm down from the rage he knew she was having but he was dead wrong. The air around them had gone entirely cold and quiet. The boy standing beside Haru snapped his head around them. The once subtle wind was getting stronger and was starting to get scary. "Haru, dude let's give her back the stone. This is not good, man."

Haru snapped at the boy. "Shut up, Shika. This is our chance to get the Principal's attention! If we give this to him, he's going to reward us."

Shika thought about it but before he could completely make up his mind on what to do, the wind suddenly threw him and Haru to the apple tree. Both backs hit the tree trunk. The green stone fell from the blond's hand . Beside him lay Shika completely dead to the world. He slowly shook the boy's body. "Shika, wake up! Wake up!"

"Don't bother."

A shadow was cast over him. Instantly, his hand stopped shaking the boy awake. He immediately cowered. He didn't dare raising his head to look at the figure who was clearly standing in front of them. This is definitely not had heard about Sakura's power that was said can destroy the entire school when wanted and sometime, her temper that rivaled the worst bully in the school but had shook it away as a mere rumor. It wasn't possible for a girl who prefers loneliness instead of contact with the outside world to have such powers right?

Oh how wrong he was.

"..Stone. Now." She laid out her hands to him. He quickly grabbed it from the ground and gave it to her, careful not to make physical contact. The wind suddenly stopped swishing so much and was back to it's sleeping state. Haru widened his eyes in wonder and slowly raised his head to look at the girl in front of him.

She was staring at the stone with a thoughtful look in her eyes before speaking softly, "Scram." The blond wasn't having any seconds thoughts about the order and quickly ran for the hills while leaving his fainted friend behind. Mikan didn't notice there was an unconscious boy on her feet and simply stared at the stone. For a moment, nothing moved around her. Finally, she was about to put the stone back inside her pocket with the rest of her secret stash of alice stone when all of a sudden, the stone shone light. She didn't even have time to say 'Darn' when she disappeared leaving the scene nothing but a boy.

Voldemort bristled through the hall of his mansion. Anyone who passed him on that day would either be unlucky enough to die or lucky enough to tell the story of him being as angry as no one had ever seen. While his face showed nothing, his eyes were clearly needing some murder on his hands to be able to feel calm enough again.

The day had been, least to say, awful. He just been informed in the Death Eater meeting that an unauthorized raid had been done. He had been so angry by that fact he Curioed the ones who had done it to near insanity. Don't get him wrong, he wanted to torture the idiots to insanity but that would meant less servants on his hands and that wouldn't do so early in the war. No, he needed mentally stable servants for now but no harm in giving out punishment, right? He needed them to realize that doing such things could bring more bad outcome than good and in a war this scale, he couldn't afford to lose.

Even so, he was still mad. Seething, even.

Thus seeing a girl laying down on the floor of his room was quite shocking for him. His first thought was how did she get pass the wards of his house, let alone his room. However, seeing that the girl was positively dead to the world, he had her carried to his bed by one of the house elves -magic or not he would not risk touching her- and decided to shower. Some bloods from the torture meeting had managed to stick itself onto his robes and he felt disgusted by it. He wasted no time burning the clothes and taking a shower after that. When he was done, he dressed himself in a simple, tunic robe and got out of the shower -his shower was big enough for a wardrobe to fit into- and noticed the girl was still not awake. This was as good as any time to examined the girl.

She was wearing a some sort of clothes that was totally unfamiliar to him, almost like a uniform but not like those he had seen in his life. She was a brunette and had a butterfly piercing on her right ear. She looked like a foreigner, most probably an Asian. She was wearing a black cardigan with blue trimmings, a blue mini skirt, a blue ribbon and a knee-length boots. Judging from the clothes, he deduced she was a muggle as wizards never wear those kinds of uniforms which lead to him thinking how could a muggle slip through his wards. He knew for a fact his wards were one of the best rivaling Albus Dumbledore but a mere muggle getting through his wards? It was absurd but thinking again, maybe it wasn't absurd. The girl could be a witch pretending to be a muggle but he couldn't detect any magic in her. He detected a sort of foreign power in her, almost identical to magic but at the same time it wasn't.

That left him wondering again just who is the girl.

Mikan was surprised to find herself waking up on a bed.

A gigantic bed.

A bed that she suspects could fit five to seven people. It was that big.

When she woke up, she was in a daze. Her brain took about ten minutes to fully reboot. When it did, she slowly got up and sat her back against the head board which caused the sheets to pool at her waist. She looked down and saw herself in a white, silk robe. She raised an eyebrow but said nothing. She was about to get up from the bed when her head was attacked with immense pain and flashes of picture. Memories.

"Haru, give it back to me right now."

"No wonder you're such a loner."


Her eyes quickly widened as reality dawned onto her. The green stone the boys had stolen from her had been the time teleport alice. Naturally, it can make the bearer travel through time but it had to be absorbed first. How had the alice stone been activated when all she did was touch it for a while? Had the stone sensed her alice while the boy was holding it and reacted to it? It was possible and was a pretty good theory. Correction; the only theory. However, with that question solved, more question popped out in her head.

Where is she?

What time is she in?

How is she going to get back?

More importantly, where are the stones?

Something snapped inside of her. Mikan quickly look around her, checking for any signs of the stones. With a swift haste, she swing her legs across the bed, threw the sheets to a side, finally getting up from the bed and started running around the room, praying that the stones is in the room. She had the lamps lifted, the sheet turned and even the pillows destroyed in her search for the stones. When she was sure the stones were not around, she banged the nearest wall with her head, trying to convince herself that it wasn't happening and this was all just a dream.

So deep in thoughts, she didn't noticed a man creeping behind her and finally tapping her shoulder.

She jumped from the touched and literally swirled her body facing the owner of the hand. That gesture made her realized whoever it was, was so close to her, too close in fact till her nose touched a flat chest at one point that lead her to doing a summersault and landing a few feet from the body. When she was back on her feet, as if on instinct, she examined the man carefully. He had a brown hair, nearly the same color as her which was somewhere between dark and light chocolate, a pair of red eyes and was wearing a black robe. All in all, a weird guy. She raised her eyebrow.

What year exactly is she in?

Voldemort stared at the brunette in wonder.

Up until ten minutes ago, he had been in his office, storming up plans as usual when all of a sudden, one of the house elves notified him of the mystery girl's awakening. He immediately left his work and walk very fast to his room only to find it turned upside down. Then, he noticed the bed was empty and a girl wearing a white robe was banging her head to the wall. He tilted his head to a side and raised an eyebrow. Slowly, he crept onto the girl and tapped her shoulder. He anticipated the girl would jump from his touch and was ready to back away real fast but apparently, she was faster. Her nose and his chest touched. Before he could react, the girl did a summersault and landed a few feet in front of him. He could only blink then. That was until the girl spoke.

"Who are you?"

His brain was instantly gearing again and his face was put back to its flat-yet-cold look. "You do not know me?" He spoke with deliberate tone. He was mildly surprised the girl spoke english but didn't comment on it. How can this girl not know him? If she were a witch, she would have instantly recognized him. Then that must mean she's a muggle. "What is your name?"

The girl threw him a suspicious look. "Won't tell till you tell me who you are."

Voldemort resisted cursing the girl. An insane girl will not be helpful on getting answers from. "My name is Voldemort. Now tell me your name."

The girl didn't answer his question. At the back of her head, the name ringed but she ignored it. Instead, she snorted. "I don't believe you. Tell me the truth or you will be hurt."

The not-so-well-hidden threat made him ticked a bit but at the same time, interested. "And why do you not believe me?"

She looked at him like it was obvious. "Because it's impossible for you to have a name like that. Trust me, I can tell and right now, I can tell either it's your nickname which is highly unlikely or you are lying to me. Personally, I think you're lying. So i'll ask again; what's your name?"

Voldemort had the urged to laugh at the girl's logic but otherwise, concurred. "My name is Tom Riddle." It was clear that he dislike the name if the frown was anything to go by but the girl didn't bother noticing.

"There. Was that so hard? My name is Mikan Sakura. Now, quick question, what year is this?"


At that moment, Mikan wanted to banged her abused head to the wall again. 1979! She was that far back? She expected 2001 or the very least, 1995 but 1979! That's almost three decades from her current time. Or was it past time? Oh, never mind! At least she wasn't in a dinosaur time. That would have been a worst-er choice. But then, it got her thinking. If this was 1979, though so long ago in the past, she doesn't remember from her history class that people wear robes. Was he lying?

"Are you lying to me?"

"Why do you assume everything is a lie?"

"Because I don't remember people from this time wear robes."

That officially made Tom suspicious. She probably hadn't noticed but she jut basically told him she was from some other time. Most likely from the future. Though that would explain how the girl passed through the ward since time travel magic is able to pass through basically anything. Though, her coming here at the place was the real mystery. An odd one too. Had the girl stumbled upon a Time Turner? That made sense but The Ministry keeps a tight hold to these kind of things. He can't imagine a Time Turner just laying somewhere for people to find. A Time Turner is quite rare and the chances of people leaving it is very low. So then, how did she got here?

"Did you stumble through a sand glass before you came here?"

"No. Should I?"

Okay, now it's just getting creepy, even for him. "If you had not taken a Time Turner, then how do you explain being able to get through my wards?"

Mikan looked as if she hadn't heard his question. Her eyes were grinning and her face broke into a smile. "Wards? Does that mean you're an Alice too?"

Too? "Alice? I am not familiar with the term unless you are talking about the story."

Mikan was taken aback. This guy doesn't know anything about Alice yet still talks about wards? She remembered her History teacher told her Alice Academy was founded on 1950 by some dead guy named Karuizawa. Around this time, Alices are gathered with a force so hard, nobody could escape so how was it this guy doesn't know about Alice? Unless...

"Don't tell me you're a wizard. Please don't tell me you're a wizard." She slammed her hands to her face. Just her luck, meeting a wizard and a powerful one too, she can feel it. Oh great. What had she done to deserve this? Was fate playing a game? She pulled her hands from a face for a second to glare at the ceiling, imagining God was looking. Suddenly, everything seemed clear.




Tom Riddle.


Harry Potter.

Oh great! Do not tell me I just got sent to the FREAKING DARK WIZARD'S AGES!

While Mikan suffered an internal battle in her head, Tom was watching all this in fascination. Apparently, reality had dawned onto the girl. So the girl does know he was a wizard and judging by her stricken face, who he was as well. Good, so he doesn't have to waste time killing or telling her the truth. "So you know about me but you are not a witch. What are you? A Veela? An Elf?"

Mikan was momentarily took out from her thought as stare at Tom like he was crazy for suggesting such stuff. "No, I am not a Veela or an Elf. I am an Alice."

Again, the term. "What is an Alice?"

Mikan sighed and decided to dropped down her guards by plopping down on the bed. She may be a powerful Alice but fighting the Dark Lord will not be an easy task. If she were going to battle like she thought she was going to then might as well be fully rested. "Well, to make it simple, my kind is not so different from yours. You can do magic and my kind can do magic. But there's a difference. While you guys can make a lot kinds of magic, our magic are more like superpowers. You can do a lot of stuff while we can do one. That 'one' is Alice."

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