Everyone held their breath as Murdock's eyes began to flutter. They moved in close around his bed. He had been in stable condition for the past several hours but hadn't regained consciousness yet. He was still deathly pale from blood loss and he would carry a scar with him forever. The others hadn't left his side.

Amy stroked Murdock's hair, silently encouraging him to wake up. "Come on, Captain. Come on back," Hannibal gently ordered.

Finally, they saw his eyes. Amy half laughed, half sobbed in relief. Face and BA couldn't hide huge grins and Hannibal visibly, if subtly, relaxed. "Good man."

"Hey, Murdock. Welcome back," said Face, moving in to Murdock's line of vision. "You're not going to be able to talk yet, so don't even try."

"Hi, sweetheart," Amy whispered in his ear.

Murdock turned his head as best he could. He caught her eye and looked questioningly at her.

Amy understood, "don't worry. I'm fine."

Murdock accepted that and softly smiled at her. There was so much more that she wanted to say but she couldn't in front of the others. Even if she could, she knew that Murdock didn't need to hear it. He wouldn't understand why she would blame herself and it wouldn't be a question of forgiving her. He wouldn't even think of blaming her. That's just the way he was. That's just the way she loved him.

Sensing the moment between the two of them, Hannibal decided it was time the guys made a graceful exit. "Face, BA why don't we go check in with Dr. Richter. I think Amy and Murdock can take care of themselves."

He gave Amy a meaningful look and he could see the happiness in her eyes. Not one to give away too much, he added, "for a few minutes anyway."

Amy rolled her eyes.

"Play hard to get Murdock," Face winked as he left the room.

"Don't be acting crazy now, you got it? You supposed to be getting better," bellowed BA, following Face.

Amy waited for Hannibal's parting words with an amused smile on her face. But, Hannibal only shrugged, "you don't need my advice." He smiled at the pair and left with the others.

Amy smirked proudly to herself. Murdock patted her arm to get her attention, which she was happy to give. She kissed him softly, feeling completely at peace for the first time in a long time.

Author's Note: Sorry the ending is so short, but I didn't want to overdo it. I hope you guys enjoyed it.