Ean: My entry for Forgive- Forget- Princess's contest.
Alexenne: It is medival time. Sort of like Romeo and Juliet, the play about Roxanne, Christian, and the guy with a big nose and Ean's own genius.
Nexa: You call that genius?
Alexenne: It's used loosely
Ean: Whatever. I don't own the Shugo Chara characters anyway. It was just an idea because I went to a medival themed ball for the SCA.

Rima's POV

The populace wandered around. Many people stirred and made polite conversation. I could not count the number of citizens that bowed or curtsied their respect for me. My response was a nod or a slight smile, never living up to their expectations. I was not made to be royalty, and no amount of tutoring could change that.

"Your Majesty," A lady in a green dress curtsied in my direction. "how are you enjoying your evening?"

I'm not. "It is a fine event, milady. Are you the organizer?" I hate being so polite.

"That I am, Your Majesty. I know you will show accurate appreciation." By this, she means 'I hope you give me a reward.' Everyone is always trying to flatter you and get on your good side. No one cares about you.

"Hear ye, hear ye! Court will assemble shortly." The herald called. Many hushed whispers were murmured as everyone took their seats. I watched it all from my perch in the front. As crowned Princess, I occupied a throne at the head of the hall.

Many ceremonial awards were given, and I should have been paying attention but I just couldn't. Everything was starting to look the same. I wanted excitement.

"On behalf of the Princess, the court calls forward all who deem themselves worthy of being a jester!" I sat up straight and looked towards my mother. The queen winked at me.

A colorful man skipped up the center aisle. He wore the livery of His Grace Kukai's barony. The red and green hat jingled as its bells swept the floor at his bow. His grin was crooked and his nose long; a stereotypical jester.

"Your Highness', Your Majesties, Your Excellencies, Milords, Miladies, what do you call a hot potato?" He did the customary greetings and the crowd went silent. "Spudly!" The crowd laughed at the joke, but I didn't. How was that funny? Twisting the word hot to mean attractive and potato to mean spud was child's play. I almost laughed at the stupidity of it. Where was the real entertainment?

The acts kept getting worse and worse. People were pulling scarves from hidden pockets and indirectly kissing up to my parents.

The final act came. He strode up the aisle calmly instead of prancing gaily. His livery was a muted black and white, a rogue. His tresses showed indigo from where they peeked out of his hat. My view was obstructed, for most of his mane was tucked under the hat. One moment his hair was blue, the next it was purple. His eyes were also obscured behind a simple white mask, changing from golden to oak.

His bows were brief and he never spoke. Out from his coat, he pulled three balls: red, white, and black. They were thrown into the air and he juggled them expertly. They seemed to multiply and then decrease. The act was mesmerizing.

At the end, the mysterious boy tossed the red ball to me. As it flew through the air, it blossomed into a perfect rose. I caught it and took in its aroma.

The blonde boy next to me stood up in outrage. "How dare you, a peasant, flirt with the Princess? I, Prince Tadase, will defend this girl's innocence!" My brother drew his sword and stepped face to face with the boy.

The boy smirked. "It must be winter, the knights are getting shorter." I giggled. No one had ever dared to stand up to my arrogant brother, and it was true, this boy towered over the Prince.

"Why you!" The sword arced towards its victim and I held in my breath.


Instead of finishing his strike, Tadase had been struck instead. Semi-solid water was dripping from his tunic and blade. Only the black ball was left in the boy's hand.

"What is this?" 'Prince Charming' was brushing at his tunic.

"That is called snow." I called to him in a low voice.

"I know what it is, Lady Rima. I was referring to the reason behind his attack." The prince's eyes never left this mysterious boy. We both watched as the last ball rolled from his fingers and hit the floor. Shadows oozed from the impact point and engulfed the jester. When they dispersed, he was gone.

Nagihiko's POV

God, that was close. Why did I feel compelled to antagonize the prince?

Oh yeah, I wanted to impress the princess.

Under cover of shadow, I raced down the deserted corridor, desperate to find her.

"Fool, don't tell me you messed up." I turned towards her voice and was face to face with my haughty sister. I cast my eyes downward and didn't say a thing. "Ah well. Maybe it was for the best."

My eyes darted towards hers. "How could you say such a thing! That beauty! Any mere thought of her was meant to be!" Didn't my female counterpart understand? This woman was the reason for my existence. How I longed to see that face smile at me. Her laughter at her brother's expense warmed my heart. Even her name tugged my heartstrings; Lady Rima.

"Change, Fool." My twin handed over garb much finer than what I was currently wearing. In the shadow of the alcove, I removed my hat and jester wear, trading it out for simple black breaches and a black shirt. It was modest finery, worn by humble knights.

"Now what?" I asked the mastermind.

"Now," she replied, "we dance."

We discreetly made our way to the ballroom. My sister was silent and tried acting normal in her peasant dress while I held my hands like a gun and hummed Mission Impossible. That earned me a slap on the head.

Guards were patrolling the corridors. One saw us. "Halt, citizens!"

We pretended like we didn't hear them and rushed to the room.

It was an explosion to the senses. Many colored dresses swirled around and music mixed with talk was heard. The only color I cared about was gold, the only voice was her's.

As the guards followed, I spotted her. Lady Rima was standing at the outskirts in her golden dress and mask. Everything about her was golden. I headed her way.

Rima's POV

Many boys surrounded me in the ballroom. All were too shy to ask for a dance. The ones that did ask were too arrogant. How was a lady to choose?

From the crowd came a new boy, all dressed in black with a white mask. The mask was familiar, but it was common enough. Without speaking, he bowed and held out his hand. I placed my smaller one in his and he led me onto the floor.

The music to Belkey started and we started the simple walking dance.

"A disgrace, this dance. No steps or turns." The boy commented. I was surprised to hear his voice.

"It is simple for non-dancers like myself. I happen to like this dance, milord." How dare he insult me? But it wasn't meant to be insulting. I'm getting way too accustomed to this princess thing.

"I prefer the Korabuscha myself, Lady Rima." He knew my name?

"What is your name?"

He hesitated. "Sir Nagihiko, milady. It is a pleasure meeting you." I looked at his profile. He was so strong, so handsome. How could such a man have escaped my notice before?

The dance ended and I saw no more of my second mystery man of the night.

Rima's POV: Nighttime

The window beckoned me, the dark night stifling. Exhaustion weighed my body down but nevertheless, I couldn't sleep. My dreams were improper, unladylike. I kept seeing a boy in a mask, his hand reaching out and luring me to follow. His clothes were dark and a colorless mist shrouded him. The beauty of his features was unholy. I knew to follow him was to follow Satan himself. But still, I was tempted. This temptation was so deep, it made my bones yearn. I knew he offered adventure and risk. The excitement was what I had always dreamed of. The sensation was a forbidden love. This dark boy embodied my forbidden love.

My eyes fell upon a form under the tree. What was it? "Shit, it's a pervert!"

Nagihiko's POV

There she stood at her window. The moon cast shadows in her forest of hair. I wanted to navigate that forest with my fingers, find all it's hills and valleys, all the secrets it may hide. Her face was pale in this light, naked in front of my eyes. Oh, I had yearned for that face. I am now risking everything just to get an unobstructed glimpse of it. The chemise she wore was long and loose, tailored for modesty. But from my view, it was anything but. The loose, white cloth was thin and clung to her delicate curves. She wore nothing underneath. The neckline let her bare shoulders peek through and left her slender neck exposed. The smooth skin bathed in the white glow ignited a feeling in me that was like none experienced before. She made me feel like a vampire, except blood was not what I was lusting for.

I had told her my name was Sir Nagihiko, a knight. How would she react if I told her I was an orphan named Negi, so titled because of my onion like hair? She would reject me. I was nothing but scum to her.

"Shit, it's a pervert!"

A shriek emitted from the figure I gazed upon. Had I been spotted?

"I mean, excuse me, but are you aware that this is private land? I must ask you to leave at once." Yes, I knew that voice like honey. She was talking to me.

"I am sorrowful that I had to trespass, but I needed to see your beautiful face."

"I am nothing special. If you will not leave, at least state your name." Had I piqued her curiosity?

"Nothing special? You are the most special thing out there. Actually, I agree with you. You are nothing special. Compared to you, special is nothing. You outshine everything in your vicinity. Your glow doesn't dim others, it makes other's brighter. But none could ever be as bright as you. As for me, I am just a humble lord who was awed by your presence. My name is not important."

"Do you even know who I am? Are you just another boy who doesn't look past a pretty face?"

"I know your name, Lady Rima, but not who you are. Are you Venus, are you Artemis, or are you an unearthly mixture of the two? You must be a goddess, for your beauty surpasses that of any mere mortal. You are not just a pretty face, for your whole body is beautiful. Your whole being is beautiful. The words from your mouth, the thoughts from your mind, all this makes the world a more wondrous place."

"You are not a lord." She looked at me with those wise eyes. "A lord would make his visit a massive parade. You wish for it to be secret and secluded. A lord would boast and brag. You compliment and listen. Do you want to hear my thoughts, mysterious boy?"

My heart pounded. "Yes, of course. Nothing would please me more."

"My thoughts are not eloquent. My thoughts are not polite. I think you are a horny boy with a desire for adventure. But there is something within you that appeals to me. I have seen you before, haven't I, Sir Nagihiko?"

"My Athena, you have found me out. I go by the name Nagihiko and I have a rash desire for adventure. But my interest in you is not mere hormonal lust, though that plays a part. It is curiosity towards your personality. It is intrigue towards your opinion. Speak to me and tell me your woes."

"I don't want to be princess." She admitted. "I want adventure and love. Politeness and politics are not my thing. I would make a horrible ruler."

"Lady Rima, you are excellent at everything you do. If it does not please you, than you do not need to do it. Elope with me and we will have many adventures."

"How could I have adventures as the wife of a lord?"

"You got me, I am not a lord. I am not even a knight. I am a lowly orphan who fell in love with you on sight. I am free to do whatever and you will be too. Leave the kingdom to your brother and leave with me."

"There is one problem boy, I do not love you. I refuse to marry someone whom I do not love."

"I will make you love me. Over our adventures, you will eventually find our feeling to be mutual. Marriage can come later, but escape comes now. Are you ready Princess?"

"Why should I trust you?"

"Because trust is the only thing you have left to give. Would you like to spend the rest of your life locked in this castle, a prisoner of yourself?"

"We leave tonight." And that we did. Stealing from the grounds, we escaped to the docks. My little boat waited and we set sail for the next port over.

Nadeshiko's POV

I was sad to see my brother go, but happy that he got his wish.

Standing before the Prince, I curtseyed. "Your Majesty, I feel full of sorrow for your loss."

The blonde waved his hand dismissively. "That's what they all say."

"Would you like to tell me your woes, my Prince?"

"Why should I tell my problems to a lowly peasant, and a female one at that. Your only use is to work in the kitchen and raise more peasants."


I raised my hand from his red cheek. "How dare you speak like that? Stop wallowing in self-pity and start leading your soon-to-be kingdom."

The arrogant boy rubbed his cheek. "Yes, ma'am." He turned to his guard. "I think I would like to keep her around." He turned back to me. "What is your name?"

I curtseyed again. "Nadeshiko. If you house me, I would love to advise you."

The prince looked thoughtful. "I was thinking more like future queen."

"I would be honored, Prince Tadase, to be queen. But for me to be your wife, you need to work for that."

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