Title: Sweet

Author: PlatinumRoseLady

Disclaimer: I like I'm smart enough to have created these characters. Muggle, please…

Drabble Challenge Word: "grate"

Word Count: 100 words. *Glomps the Word Count Feature*

Players: Go to Enkidu07's page, and you'll find all the usual suspects. Resistance is futile – you will be drabbleized. We're like the Borg, only cuter.

Spoiler Alert: None. Wee!Chester fic. Dean is three years old. For Tuppence – Happy Belated Birthday.

John holds Dean's hand, grins as he watched his boy's eyes grow wide as the ice is grated and piled into the plastic cup.

"What flavor do you want, Kiddo?" he asks, and Dean ponders his choices. He points.

"Wed," he says, and John nods to the server.

Moments later, they are both enjoying their ices. Dean beams up at John, a ring of dark red around his lips.

John picks him up and hugs his son close. Dean giggles joyfully, gives his father a sticky, strawberry-scented kiss on the cheek.

"Wuv 'oo, Daddy."

"Love you just as much, Dean."

Happy Birthday, Tuppence, from the Winchesters and me.