Title: You Need Patience With This Patient

Author: PlatinumRoseLady

Disclaimer: I don't own Sam or Dean. Santa lost my letter AGAIN.

Drabble Challenge Word: "grate"

Word Count: 100 words. *Give the Word Count Feature a lollipop*

Players: Go to Enkidu07's page, and you'll find all the usual suspects. Resistance is futile – you will be drabbleized. We're like the Borg, only cuter.

Spoiler Alert: None. Just some Sick!Dean and Caring!Sam for Enkidu07's birthday.

Dean was sick.

Dean knew he was sick.

Sam knew Dean was sick.

Sam, however, kept quiet since he valued his head and didn't want it bitten off.

But when Dean woke up with a voice that sounded like someone had shoved a cheese grater down his throat, Sam had had enough. He took the keys to the Impala, and through a combination of Puppy Eyes and outright manhandling, got Dean to stay in bed and plied his brother with soup and meds.

"Bossy bitch," muttered Dean as he curled up under the covers.

Sam just grinned.

"You're welcome, jerk."

Oh, Enkidu07… Dean wanted to give you his present personally, but Sam and I both don't want the website shut down – so we'll all just wish you Happy Birthday!