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The Queen and her Guardians

I was caught up in my thoughts as I laid down on the cold, hard concrete floor. I succumbed to the world around me as the events of earlier invaded my mind. My defences already shattered by the sheer unreality of it all I exhaled and closed my eyes as the constant stream of images and voices guided me away from this apparent reality.

"Roza" I lifted my head suddenly; recognising the voice almost in an instant. Dimitri. Grinning from ear-to-ear I nodded in his direction as he jogged his way over the tracks. We were on the training course. We were both now more fuelled than ever to become completely dedicated to our charges. My charge was Queen Vasilisa Sabina Rhea Dragomir, and Dimitri's was Lord Christian Ozera; who of course was still madly in love with Vasilisa. They somehow both still managed to become joined at the hip whenever they were given a spare moment and what with all the new politics and the shaken up Moroi community to be taken into consideration it was not as frequent as it used to be- although nor is it as rare as it may seem.

Myself and Dimitri had to keep our training up to a new standard from that point onwards. We had to follow our charges wherever they go and considering Lissa had many new duties it often involved a lot of gallivanting- and of course she had to take her dear Christian with her; which- if the moment arose for a long weekend, it meant that both me and Dimitri did have a night or two together when the Guardian shifts changed for our charges. Although it was mainly me that got the free time as many guardians had fawned over the new Queen and offered their services- she had on occasion twisted this to include Christian in some of their offers. I didn't mind the time alone- it gave me more independence. Something I had never really owned as a child. It felt both exhilarating yet daunting and I usually went to visit Dimitri and Christian or took it as an incentive for more training. Although I also think indulging on too many sweet luxuries that the palace suites provided had contributed on making the training more of a necessity. Damned chocolate-glazed doughnuts and sickly-sweet ├ęclairs. Now was definitely one of those occasions. Regardless of the fact that I was only reinstated as a Guardian a little over three months ago. Yet somehow, inevitably those days had ended up blurring into weeks, then into months and then I found myself here. Staring right ahead of me into his captivating eyes.

"Hey Comrade" I smiled at him delightfully, my lips turned up in a pure smile full of love and affection. My heart ached in my chest everytime I saw him and this was no different as I took in his wondrous features. How could I be so lucky? How after everything did we manage to reunite even stronger than before? I was so caught in my daze that I failed to notice Dimitri stare at me; a frown was cast over his features. Making them even more beautifully toxic in their appeal to me.

I came back to reality quite suddenly when I realised his hand was on my bare shoulder. Sparks of electricity seemed to flare between us and for a brief moment all I could see were his dark, captivating eyes. They reminded me of honey and chocolate mixed together in an ecstasy of colours. Everytime I looked in his eyes a part of me yearned for him so deeply in my soul that I forgot everything else. It was a deadly combination really. My charge and my lover. Lissa and Dimitri. I had to protect my charge at all costs yet as I looked at the love of my life- at my soul mate doubt creeped slowly in my mind as I wondered how much of that vow I took is now true. Do they still come first? Do they still always come first? Will I still without thought jump in-front of her? Or will I hesitate?

I smiled at Dimitri and kissed him on the cheek. I felt myself instantly relax when I became acutely aware that his arms were around me- and that I was then pulled into a loving embrace. With his scent all around me it took a lot of effort to not immerse myself in the sensations and close my eyes. As I sighed in content I would have never guessed what would have happened next.

Dimitri's radio beeped into alarm and before I knew it the cold surrounded me as I was released from the embrace.

"Guardian Belikov and Hathaway here," he reported into the communication device. I stared at him, unsure of what exactly was happening. His guardian mask was set firmly in place as I waited for news.

"Strigoi attacks inbound. Perimeter has been breached. Reinforcements needed at the eastern perimeter. The Palace has also been infiltrated from the northern side near the main entrance and housing suites. The Grand Hall seems to be unaffected. Emergency assistance needed to protect the Queen and her associates."

My eyes widened in alarm. "Shit."

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