Bleach: the alternate tale

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Ch.1 The meeting of the Strawberry and the Bee

The Seireitei. The epicenter of the court of pure souls where the Shinigami live, individuals who protect and guide the innocent souls of the dearly departed to Soul Society, while at the same time destroying their sworn enemies who threaten the balance of the afterlife: The monsters known as Hollows. It is here that almost fifty years ago that several Taichō's and Fukutaichō's mysteriously vanished, labeled as monsters, K.I.A or traitors by the members of the central 46, one of the main ruling bodies of Soul Society, the details of the incident forever locked away under red tape. Though the focus on story our takes place one morning, several decades after that forbidden incident in the second division barracks, particularly the Taichō's office.

"Goddamn it! Where is this man!?" the angry second division captain hissed, as she pounded her clenched fist into the desk causing some of the finished paper work to fly up in the air, while the desk itself rattled and creaked in its attempts to not break and fall down in a broken heap on the floor.

The petite dark blue haired captain of squad two got up from her desk to pick up the completed reports, and after returning them to their previous spot on her desk, she started to pace back and forth, her twin bands of hair that had constantly tailed her for the past fifty years, moving with each motion of her lithe form. She stopped after the third repetition of her small line walk, her foot tapping in annoyance as she glared holes through her office door.

The woman was currently not a happy camper and wasn't known for her patience when it came to dealing with others. In fact, just recently at the Captain's meeting, she was assigned a so called 'prodigy' to help train him, the same 'prodigy' who was currently pissing her off by making her wait on him, cutting into precious time that could be better spent training for the eventual encounter against 'Her'.

The woman's face, which was perpetuated with vexation, gave way to a scoff at remembering the events that had transpired leading to now 'Wonderful…'


In a building at the center of Seireitei, a quick meeting was called to order; to address a request from one of the Taichō's. The doors opened and a scarred, aged man with a cane, and white Haori with the kanji for one, walked in between two lines of various looking individuals whom all sported a similar white Haori before standing at the end of the hall and turning to face the individuals with a hard look.

This man was the Sotaichō of the Gotei 13 Shinigami Corps and leader of the first division, Yamamoto Shigekuni-Genryusai. The aged man banged his staff against the floor to gain their attention and call the reason for the assembled committee of captains. "Greetings Taichōs, today I have a very important announcement to make regarding one of our Shinigami." the old man declared, causing some of the Taichō's to tilt their head slightly, but otherwise remain unreadable in their respective place in the line.

"Oh, and what's that Yama-jiji?" the very flamboyant voice of eighth division captain, Shunsui Kyoraku inquired, tipping his samurai hat up past his eyes to reveal his rugged face, while the pink cloak on his shoulders swaying slightly from his sudden movement.

"It is about one of our newest Shinigami. Kurosaki Ichigo of the Tenth division. I believe you know of him, as well as Unohana-Taichō, as does Ukitake-Taichō, who sadly couldn't make it due to his illness." said the aged man as he glanced towards Unohana, while his staff pointed to the empty spot across from Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

"Yes, Yamamoto-Sotaichō. I am familiar with the man through his mother, Masaki-sama." The smiling dark haired woman, with a coiled ponytail going down over her full chest with a Haori with the symbol for four, spoke up in her calm gentle voice with just a hint of curiosity, "Though, what does this meeting have to do with him, pray tell?"

The old man turned his head slightly, "You see, Unohana-Taichō, the boy has recently and unexplainably jumped staggeringly in power, in terms of both his spiritual pressure and strength, almost overnight. The request, coming from Hitsugaya-Taichō himself, wishes to help the boy mask and control his powers, somewhat."

"Why the hell would you want the boy's powers restrained, old man? I thought you wanted people to always go all out. You know 'be all they can be and that bullshit', and now you're hindering them?" the spiky haired captain, wearing the eye patch with the ripped Haori of eleven, asked in his usual fashion. "Hell, transfer him over to my squad, we could use people like him." He smiled wickedly already, stepping back to picture the blood bath they'd create if he was an unbound individual like himself.

"No, Zaraki-Taichō, I said 'mask' as in hide, not restrained as in your case." He clarified to the man before looking further down the line "And no, Kurotsuchi-Taichō, you may not perform any experiments on him, and that is a direct order from me." He proclaimed effectively shutting up the deranged man before he could speak, who discreetly glared at the aged man knowing that any research was efficiently canceled.

Well, until he could think up something else to do to go around it, that is.

"The boy's spiritual pressure is simply too strong for his own good and those around him, but not strong enough to warrant the expenses of producing another reiatsu-absorbing eye-patch." He explained, causing some of the Taichō's to either get confused, as to why this boy was having such a random jump in power as most Shinigami in the academy max out rather quickly about three or four years into the service, or wide eyed over the fact that one of their own was a danger to even his own allies, albeit unconsciously.

The young white haired boy in the two lines of people, with the kanji of ten on his back, stepped forward, "That is why I am requesting that he learn how to mask and control it during a tour of service in the Second division," he said in a bored tone, wishing to get this meeting over and done with, so he could finish the paperwork that his Fukutaichō -once again- didn't finish due to her renown drinking habits.

The proclamation instantly grabbed the attention of Soifon. A 'tour of duty' was usually a couple of years, which meant one of two things. Either: A. this Ichigo Kurosaki person had a lot of spiritual pressure and needed remarkable training to suppress it OR B. he was an inept loser like Fukutaichō Omaeda, and was getting passed on to her to make up for any losses in her ranks, under the clever façade frequently called 'talent and promise'.

"Hitsugaya-Taichō, why would you nominate me and my squad? If he went through the academy he should know the basics, surely, your squad couldn't be so ill-suited to deal with the task?" she asked in her stoic tone, though inwardly she was silently cursing the fact that she could be inheriting another potential problem.

One she really didn't need.

"Your squad is the best suited to stealth and covert operations, there's no denying that fact. If anyone could teach him to properly master control over his power it's you and your squad," the captain of ten answered turning his cold gaze to her, "not to mention, I feel a changing in the guard is in order for my division."

"'A changing of the guard', could you please explain and clarify for the rest of us, Hitsugaya-Taichō?" the seventh division's Komamura-Taichō requested in his deep gravelly voice, genuinely intrigued in what the young Taichō might say.

The youth sighed and closed his eyes. "I feel that my squad should try and learn as many different types and forms of combat. It has recently come to my attention, thanks to Aizen-Taichō's observations and insights, that some individuals within my squad have become overly reliant on a particular style of fighting, which could be fatal in crucial battles against Hollows, because their favored attack aren't effective. That is why I wish to try this experiment on one of our more promising and truly capable individual. Depending on the results, I may just go ahead and send more of my forces to other divisions so we can reduce overall casualties by being better prepared for anything that comes our way," he explained methodically.

Yamamoto began to think over what the boy was saying before he nodded in agreement "You have a valid point. To be complacent could mean death, and we have a very minimal margin of error in that regard. Before I make my final decision on the matter, do you have any counter arguments or wish to contest this, Soifon-Taichō? If so, speak now, the floor is yours." he turned opening his eyes to stare back at the now frowning woman, awaiting any response she might have to say.

Soifon honestly didn't know what to say. On the one hand, this Kurosaki fellow would literally be the epitome of what the stealth force wasn't, considering he couldn't even control his own power. Yet, at the same time she had nothing to counter with, seeing as Hitsugaya was asking; reasonably, to help out his soldiers for the betterment of Soul Society. If she went against this for unfounded or personal reasons: such as distaste for the individual. It would easily tarnish her reputation as being both fair and loyal to Soul Society, and could potentially force others to question her judgment of whether or not she was truly capable of being a Taichō, an action she could not have.

So with a heavy heart, she closed her eyes and accepted her defeat on the matter "No, Sotaichō." She muttered just loud enough for him to hear "I have none."

Yamamoto nodded and banged his staff against the wooden floor again, closing the arrangement. "Very well. Hitsugaya-Taichō your request has been granted, as for you Soifon-Taichō, Kurosaki-san will be reporting in two days time. Meeting adjourned you may return to your duties."

(Flash back end)

Soifon trudged back to her desk again and sat down, rasping her fingers against the mahogany wood, in a rapid tempo, irritated at waiting for her 'charge' to arrive for this ordeal.

"Now calm yourself Lin-chan. He still has about one minute and eleven seconds left to get here before he's officially late." a slender figure informed, from the nearby doorway of the room that connected into hers, causing the captain's eyes to shift dangerously at the figure.

Before an identification order or attack command could be vocalized by her mouth, she recognized who her unannounced guest was and relaxed herself again. Instead of immediately speaking, she turned her gaze back to her door, filled with barely renewed patience in the endeavor of waiting for her latest wash-out to arrive.

Standing in the doorway was a person just a little bit taller than the captain, at about 5'1, who was dressed in a typical all black garb of what one would call a ninja, the standard for members of the punishment force: Onimitsukido. The person had blackish violet hair that extended down around the side of her face before ending at her jaw line, with skin slightly paler than the beautiful tan skin of the recently appointed captain of squad two, with a bust size just a bit bigger than the other woman's. Her dark lavender eyes switching from her Taichō's form to the strange kitty clock on the wall that had its curved tail wagging back and forth endlessly counting the seconds away with each swipe.

"Need, I remind you third seat Kujo that we are currently at work and as such we can't allow our personal relationship to cloud our judgment at this time." Soifon replied methodically, though in a noticeably warmer tone than most would receive or ever hear. Her face a mixture of silent anger and immediate boredom, from having to wait until the person arrived.

The third seat shrugged like she didn't care, though Soifon knew otherwise. "I was merely offering you advice, as you seemed to be distressed Soifon-Taichō. Is it not my place to aid those who are having trouble, and are currently not interfering with my missions, or abilities in performing my missions?"

Soifon couldn't help, but smirk at the statement made by her friend; after all, it didn't go against what she believed in sacrificing those who were too weak to continue the mission. "Always twisting things around and finding loop holes," the woman cocked her head to the officer, "eh Subaru…?" she said willing to talk to her third seat to at least pass the time since all the paperwork was done.

"It is my job as a spy as you already know," she replied in a pseudo-humble manner, "Anyway, it was also through the various blackmail and information I had uncovered: against you and your clan, that has allowed both you and I to enjoy the close relationship we have both come to treasure over these many years." Subaru stated plainly while pulling down her face mask to reveal a small smile. She turned to look at the clock on the nearby wall again slowly counting off the remaining time in her head.

Soifon huffed lightly "Subaru, remind me why you're my third seat and not my Fukutaichō again…" she asked as she was reminded by the way Subaru appeared just now in her office, about the time she and 'her' encountered the woman inside the Seireitei at a Taichō's and Fukutaichō's meeting. A meeting that the current third seat was definitely not invited too, but snuck into anyway.

Subaru calmly raised three fingers "Reason one, we all know that Fukutaichō Omaeda is only where he is because of his family, and they will cut their funding should something happen. Two, I have not been chosen because I am of more use to you in the field and spy network rather than behind a desk. And three, your new fourth seat won't be around long enough to replace me and force me to ascend and fix whatever blunders Omaeda-baka has made." She easily explained, lowering each finger as she riddled off her reason sinking Shaolin's 'New Lieutenant' dream.

"What about your husband? Surely, he could have been picked to replace the fat oaf." Soifon asked sardonically, causing Subaru to laugh at the jab at Omaeda while blushing at her best friend throwing around her husband's name so casually at the work place.

Sometimes people could be so hypocritical…

"Unfortunately for you, Tosen-Taichō reserves the rights to use third seat Taiga as he sees fit. Even then his samurai pride would be too much in the way to perform the duties of the stealth force, not to mention his preference to use swordsmanship over Hakudo or Hoho skills."

Soifon let out an annoyed sigh before placing her hand on her forehead "It's always the competent ones that have some kind honor to hold them back."

"Yes, well, Tosen-Taichō has seen fit to give him leave to help assist us in this experiment. His reason being he didn't want it to fail because of how you typically are to those in your squad…" Subaru stated unusually bubbly as she fished into her pocket for something.

Soifon rolled her eyes at the comment, muttering something about 'doing things her way', and then noticed a purple Ougi fan in Subaru's hand, her most treasured gift received from Shinjiro on her birthday so very long ago.

"I see you still carry that small trinket with you, even though you should be carrying your Zanpaktou…" she quipped

"I beg your pardon, but I believe someone in this room still hasn't taken down that cat clock off the wall." Subaru joked before she suddenly grew quiet as the room grew much colder and Soifon started to slowly release KI while she narrowed her eyes to the ticking device on the wall, as if trying to destroy it by releasing enough of her spiritual pressure on the time telling device.

A couple of moments passed in tense silence between the two women, before Subaru, realizing her mistake, walked over and grabbed Shaolin's hand and whispered a quiet apology for what she said.

It seemed that the betrayal of Yoruichi Shihoin was still fresh in the heart of her friend. Not that she and her husband hadn't also felt the cold sting of betrayal themselves, but it was more concentrated on Shaolin as she had known her much, much, longer, and they had gotten to know Shaolin much more than the former commander of the stealth force.

It was perhaps only thanks to the combined efforts of both Subaru and her husband and her drive for revenge that Soifon's mentality hadn't broken from the intense emotional strain, causing her to undergo a psycho killing spree upon all those within her sights, or worse directing it at herself and attempt suicide to ease the pain deep within her broken heart.

"…I'm really, really, sorry Shaolin that was inconsiderate and exceedingly rude of me." Subaru pleaded speaking much more informally while still holding her friend's hand for dear life to let her know she wasn't alone. She also steeled herself ready to accept any punishment from her captain.

Soifon took a quick breath and closed her eyes, while clenching her other hand into a tight fist "I know you are," she opened her eyes again with steady determination in them "…I swore that I would catch her one day, and I will. She will pay dearly for what she's done to me," She turned a warm loving gaze to her surrogate sister, before finishing "…to us."

"And rest assured Soifon-dono, Shinjiro and I will be there to assist you when that day comes." said Subaru giving Shaolin a warm smile before reluctantly letting go. Backing away slowly to take the seat in the corner to await the new arrival with her that would be here in five…


Soifon's smile left her face and was replaced with her usual cold indifference.


Subaru, as she sat in the corner content, pulled her face mask back up to hide her identity as Soifon's hand pulled out her Zanpaktou, Suzumebachi.


Soifon expertly twirled the blade in her hand, gauging the weight and calculating the necessary strength for her task, as her grey colored eyes focused on a single spot on the door, taking careful aim at the wooden slab.


Soifon cocked her arm back before launching the blade like a javelin towards the door.


A tall, orange-haired Shinigami with a large Zanpaktou on his back blazed through the door and closed it just as a blade zipped right past his head and imbedded itself in the wood, just a few centimeters to the right of his skull. The boy predictably jumped back a step and started to sweat bullets at nearly having his life taken from him within a matter of seconds of entering the fearsome person's office who was accurately dubbed the 'Ice Queen of the Seireitei'.

The man nervously looked over his shoulder, back at the other two occupants in the room, slowly turning more and more with each second, as he watched them. His apprehension quickly faded, though when his mind caught up to him, as he continued gazing at the two Shinigami.

He concluded that the one behind the desk was both the head honcho in charge and, despite her seemingly mad appearance, was a rather beautiful looking woman, especially with the two bands running down from her hair, while the other one sitting in the corner was probably one of her lackeys, giving a report of some kind prior to his arrival and decided to sit in and see the new recruit, him.

Ichigo bowed quickly in hopes to not offend them, if the blade sticking out of the door was to be perceived as an indication of their current patience level, "Ichigo Kurosaki, reporting in. I was sent by Toshiro-" he flinched as he saw the gaze of the two occupants harden at him letting him know he slipped up, "I mean Hitsugaya-Taichō to work under you all in the second division."

"Well, seeing as how you can arrive on time for an important meeting, such as this, you've just proven you're not entirely incompetent," said Soifon in her usual frigid and abrasive tone, her expression changing into a look of boredom. "Although, that doesn't mean you've shown your worth. Remember, I do not wish to do this and I find the fact you can't even control your own powers appalling, to say the least. So rest assured, you will be working hard or you will not survive, understood?" releasing some of her spiritual pressure on the boy to emphasis her point, who as she expected for his condition didn't crumple under the force, but remained standing, a firm, solid look fixated on her.

Subaru decided to speak from her chair in the corner of the room in the hopes of removing some of the tension and administer a small test on the would-be squad two Shinigami. "Perhaps you could tell us a bit about yourself, and the skills that you may possess, Kurosaki-san." Silently making a note of every answer he gave, including both body regulation and time to answer, and made a special mental mention at the look his eyes held briefly when he was staring at the navy haired Taichō she called sister.

Ichigo broke his eyes away from the captain and turned to face the other resident in the room "Of course…umm…" his voice trailed off after realizing he didn't know this person's name and only knew Soifon's name because she was a Taichō.

"Third seat of the Second division under Soifon-Taichō's personal command, Subaru Kujo." the woman stated, giving a bow forward out of respect as she sat in the chair.

"Well, I was a sixth seat before the awakening of my sword's Shikai, which then led to me being transferred into your division; because of my enormous spiritual power. I went to the academy so I received proper training in most aspects of being a Shinigami. I'm very good when it comes to fighting with my Zanpaktou and Zanjutsu related skills. My skills in flash step were above average and I'm decent in some of the basic moves of hand to hand combat. I can perform a few kido spells up to number 33 without too much difficulty and can do a very basic healing, but I can't seem to do bind spells all that well," he reported to the pair, having already recited his speech several times on the way here.

He then pulled his blade from off his back careful to not knock something over. The cloth around the blade fell to reveal a giant sized clever blade, "and this is my partner Zangetsu. Right now, I'm not entirely sure what his powers are and because of my spiritual power it seems to stay in this form, but I hope to grow to understand him in the future as I work under you!" he finished with a semi-forced smile, hoping to leave a good impression on the women and prove they could count on him through thick and thin.

Sadly, it was very difficult to impress them. While Soifon was briefly in awe at the sheer size of the blade, she had already figured she would have her work seriously cut out for her, since size meant a rough estimate of spiritual strength. She had also learned that this man really didn't bother to try and understand the fundamental behind their division, so with a disappointed sigh and quick motion with her hand to Subaru, she watched as Subaru got up before tapping the man on the head with her paper fan and muttered, "You didn't do your homework. How disappointing."

Naturally Ichigo was taken aback from their disappointment, I mean who wouldn't after being so casually dismissed like that? "What was that for? And what do you mean 'I didn't do my homework'?" he asked clearly wondering where he screwed up in his introduction, yet no matter what his brain tried to do to find any errors he couldn't see anything wrong.

Subaru sighed wondering how he still hadn't caught on, "It was your introduction and the telling of your skills, Kurosaki-san."

The boy frowned and was about to protest, since they asked him for skill and introduction speech, but Soifon spoke up, before he could get a single word in. "What Kujo means is that WE", moving her fingers between Subaru and herself, "the members of the stealth and punishment force specialize in speed, intelligence, stealth, and secrecy. From your casual and unconcerned listing of your skills, I can now officially conclude about twenty-six members of squad two who could defeat you with that information alone." She explained causing the boy to lower his head in disturbed wonder after hearing that little fact from the woman in charge.

She took a brief inhalation of air before continuing, "We guard our secrets closely, as they could literally mean the difference between life and death, a success or a failure, and spouting out what you can and cannot do will not get you far." Soifon then turned away from the man rudely, and opened her mouth "Third Seat Kujo, please show him the proper way to have responded to your question." she requested, adding further insult to injury.

Subaru nodded her understanding her task. She then pushed herself off her chair and walked beside the ex-tenth division members and cleared her throat to begin her introduction "Greetings ma'am, I am the sixth seat of tenth division, Kurosaki Ichigo. I believe you already know why I was sent to you Soifon-Taichō. As for some of my skills, I possess good understanding over all four aspects required of Shinigami. I am particularly efficient with Zanjutsu and know how to heal the wounded so long as their injuries aren't major. By the way this is my Zanpaktou: Zangetsu." she finished her summary and then turned fully to Ichigo "Now can you tell me the difference between what you did and what I did?"

Ichigo nodded in understanding. He clearly saw the difference between the two introductions. He had gone into a decent amount of detail, while she had given a vague understanding at best that still answered the question. He made a mental note to be much more careful with his words because he honestly didn't think something as trivial as an introduction would have mattered after the initial meeting, but apparently under the right persons influence it could have destroyed him on the battlefield.

'Don't worry about it King. Even if they knew about all your other powers you'll grow to possess they can't compete against your ace in the hole. ME!' The hollow Zangetsu snorted arrogantly in Ichigo's mind, otherwise unimpressed at the whole meeting so far, not that he would have been anyway, unless it turned into a fight. Then he'd be both interested and impressed.

'True, but I did reveal a lot of limitations and weaknesses; I could have kept under wraps. I'll have to watch my mouth from now on.'

'HA! Whatever you say, remember if you need something destroyed I'm your go to Hollow!' The hollow laughed manically before growing slightly more serious, but he kept sporting his infernal grin, 'By the by king, what do you think of that sexy lady behind the desk? No, scratch that. What would you like to DO with that sexy lady behind the desk?' giving an invisible nudge to his king.

Ichigo stiffened up at both the nudging and at the doppelganger's tone when he said the words. A wave of uneasiness flooded his body, as he felt like it was something a rapist or stalker would say.

Reclaiming a handle on his nerves he responded back, 'I don't know what you're talking about, Zangetsu', he mumbled out his denial back at his hollow, who laughed manically in return.

'Don't try and bullshit me King! I clearly saw that your eyes were definitely on the 'prize'. Hell! Maybe if you're lucky and you play your cards just right, you could get a three-some with Kujo too!' He said smugly, enjoying his King squirm inwardly under the implications.

Whoever said talking with yourself was a bad thing clearly knew nothing of comedy.

'No way! I'm not into guys!' He fervently denied, attempting on closing any claims to the rooms second occupant, though inadvertently forgetting to mention the first.

'Oh this is just too rich!' The hollow cocked his head back, covering his forehead with his hand, all the while laughing even harder than before, 'I couldn't help but notice you didn't deny the three-some idea, and FYI that Kujo person is actually a girl. I can smell her from here.'

'Just Shut UP! And leave me alone!' he roared all the while blushing furiously.

Too bad the women saw his blush and were beginning to raise eyebrows. "Is something wrong Kurosaki?" Soifon asked slightly wary of the boy, since he spontaneously started to blush and avoid looking at them, more specifically at her.

While this wasn't too uncommon since no one wanted to tell her that a mission she assigned them ended in failure or she just finished threatening someone with bodily harm, if they didn't give into her demands, nobody blushed while averting their gaze. 'I hope I didn't inherit a crazy person or one of those pleasure-from-pain individuals…'

"Nothing, Taichō!" he quickly said, perhaps a bit more forcefully than actually needed. Still he hoped it got the point across to the two, which indeed it did if the ease in their posture was anything on what they thought.

Deciding to simply let whatever was on his mind go, Soifon began to inform him of the rules and regulations of the stealth force as well as her considerable expectations of him. Once she finished, she proceeded in ordering Subaru to take him to the nearest available room for him to stay in until an assessment of his new found power could be conducted, at a later date of course.

Soifon watched both of them get up and stand on the other side of her desk and bow prior to leaving. Once the door closed, she turned her attention back to the connecting room that served as her living quarters to get a shower and rest when she happed to see a piece of paper lying in the chair that Subaru was sitting in.

She picked it up and skimmed over it lightly, having reached the conclusion that its contents must not have been terribly urgent, since Subaru failed to mention it, before the nuisance arrived and prior to leaving the room after receiving her orders.

As a tired yawn escaped her, she rubbed her eyes while callously throwing the report back down unto the chair, feeling far too exhausted to deal with this extra work today. She started walking towards the shoji door, slowly removing one of the straps of her shoulder so she could take a shower and melt away her weariness.

Meanwhile, Ichigo and Subaru proceeded through the Second division barracks in a mock tour like fashion; stopping momentarily at particularly important places for a brief description of its function or importance to the squad, as well as allowing the boy to express any questions or concerns that he might be having.

Ichigo for his part was thankful that 'outside of the office hours' as Subaru put it she was actually a semi-relaxed and sort of nice person; unlike the ice cold vibes he was constantly receiving from his new Taichō. Though, when business was at hand she seemed to revert to a cold and logical person that would stab someone in the back at a moment's notice.

When he asked why Soifon was such a cold person, she merely responded 'that it took all kinds of people to make up Soul Society, and that he shouldn't judge a book by its cover'. Ichigo had to concede her point seeing as how Zangetsu was either a cool, calm, and collected old man or deranged pure white version of himself.

Subaru herself was slightly disappointed that the boy seemed to be distracted by something. During her time in the stealth force she had grown exceedingly better at being able to understand the inner workings of people, but she chose not to voice her opinion on the boy's troubles, since it clearly wasn't her place and it could have been from his recent moving mere hours ago.

They continued moving through the halls until they stopped at a door. Subaru then addressed Ichigo in a semi-cold tone "This will be your temporary room. I say temporary because it may change do to either Soifon-Taichō's decision to move you or you wash-out because you aren't fit to be here, in either case meet at the training field in the center pavilion at exactly six am tomorrow morning for drills and introduction with the rest of the squad."

Ichigo nodded in understanding, his mind out trying to find another way to make up for his disastrous meeting with the Taichō earlier. Subaru was going to leave it at that, but she decided to give him a suggestion, mistaking his contemplating face "I also recommend that you get up an hour earlier so you can get something to eat as well as arrive early; considering your near miss at today's meeting," she explained, an evil grin gracing her face at remembering the reaction to the boy's…greeting.

Ichigo's face went pale for a moment then turned into a scowl. "Sooooo do I have to wear that ninja uniform that you have on, or do I go like this?" he grunted out returning the stab back at her, feeling less than amused at her jab a moment ago.

Subaru quietly pulled out her fan from earlier, flipped it open, and began to fan herself lightly, "Firstly, Ichigo-san this 'ninja outfit' you speak of," gesturing to her own uniform with her free hand, "is worn by the special forces part of squad two. Secondly: No. Seeing as you are only a part of squad two and not the special force section you may attend in your traditional Shinigami raiment." she said looking him in the eye which silently said 'and don't you forget it either.'

"Now," she pulled back straightening up again "Do you have any further questions or should I leave to let you retire for the evening?"

Ichigo paused for a moment, "Well, do you think you could tell me a bit about yourself and Soifon-Taichō?" he asked, seeing her cock an eyebrow at him he decided to elaborate further, "As far as I know, you two are my superiors and I really want for us to get along; at the very least not cause unnecessary trouble for you guys."

The woman tilted her head away from Ichigo and gazed at his room's door, silently mulling over what she should say if anything. After all, secrecy was a big thing in the Second division, and she as well as Shaolin had more than their fair share of secrets. Taking an unseen glance back at the man, she concluded he didn't seem to have any ulterior motives, in fact he reminded her of Shinjiro, as he too was as open as a book.

"Perhaps, it depends on what you wish to know from me. I know many people's closely guarded secrets it is my job as a spy, so I know the power of blackmail and I refuse to fall victim to it by spilling my own to an outsider of my heart." She said cautiously logic fueling her words. "However; I will give you the benefit of the doubt, if you can survive, complete and not quit tomorrow's training. I promise you that I will answer a question or two; though, I retain the right to refuse any I wish, without any explanation needed to be given, understood?" She finished, her hand stopping the cooling breeze of her fan to be extended forward to Ichigo.

"Agreed." The still frowning Shinigami affirmed, as he firmly grabbing the extended hand of the third seat to seal the promised commitment between them.

Subaru nodded and said her goodbyes before flash stepping away, leaving the man to himself. Ichigo entered the room and was quite shocked to see what was in the room.

Almost nothing.

Ichigo eyes focused on the only three important things in the room which was a small bed in the corner of the room with a small window above it; a very small dressed with only four compartments and door that lead to a small toilet and shower. With a sigh, Ichigo placed Zangetsu against the dresser and decided to turn in early for tomorrow's training session. He gave a quick prayer for the safety of his mother who still lived in Rukongai, before letting his mind fall into the ocean of dreams.

(Omake 1: Irony/One man army)

Off stage (I perfer to think of each chapter as a movie scene, so off stage mean people who otherwise couldn't met on stage can joke around and stuff)

Subaru: Hey hollow Zangetsu are you there?

HZ (annoyed): Yeah what is it?

Subaru: You know how you mentioned a possible three-some with Ichigo, myself and Shaolin correct?

HZ (grinning): Yeah what about it?

Subaru (embarrassed): Well you see technically it does happen

HZ (excited): This I gotta hear!

Subaru: Well you see the English VA (voice actor) for my husband Shinjiro Taiga is actually Johnny Young Bosch, who also plays the role of Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach, so technically he does get to sleep with me at some point or another…

HZ: HAHAHAHA! That's a riot; I didn't know he had it in him!

Subaru: Now that I think about it. Doesn't he also do you too?

HZ (Serious): You're right…DAMN! That's a two to three girl to guy ratio that doesn't work. FUCK!

Subaru (blush): I may have a solution. Perhaps if we invited Yoruichi-dono things will even out…

HZ (Grinning wider): That's a damn great solution Kujo! King can get the chance to 'unwind' the stiff one while the devil gets to enjoy a goddess. HA! This is great!

Subaru: I'm glad to see you approve. Though it all is a bit ironic in the end…

(Omake: Irony/One man army end)

(Omake 2: Why?)

Soifon: Blackout, tell me why exactly did you decide to write a story about Ichigo and myself?

Ichigo: Yeah I kind of have to agree with her on this one.

Blackout2010: Well, pardon me for saying but I ship you too, plus I found a picture while surfing the web that gave a bit of inspiration, it's currently on my profile now. Anyway to be honest I believe you're (gestures to Soifon) lesbian or at the least, according to Suzumebachi, bisexual. In either case I wish you luck with Yoruichi in the manga, however you see her.

Soifon (blush): T-thank you…

Blackout2010: As for you Ichigo, well sometimes it's nice to see what other girls you get along with aside from Orihime and Rukia, nothing against them personally.

Ichigo (frowns): Still, that doesn't really explain why you ship us.

Blackout2010: Well, for one thing you're really one of the only believable options out there, well at least in Shaolin's case in reference to fan fiction and guy couples.

Soifon: How so?

Blackout2010 (frowns): Well… (Scratches head) Byakuya Kuchiki and Shuhei Hisagi have been soul reapers alongside you in canon history for quite a while, why is it only now that you would suddenly take an interest in them? Ichigo (gestures toward him) is someone you've never met before excluding a two second conversation against Aizen hence I find it more believable with you taking an interest in him a person you can grow to know rather than a man from Soul Society whom you've been working alongside for nearly a century. Hell, if Ggio Vega wasn't an arrancar I could see you with him too; at least he's somewhat level headed in personality to an extent.

Ichigo: Hmm. You do have a point

Soifon: That is true but still…

Blackout2010 (shrugs): That's just my belief and opinion on the matter and everyone's entitled to their belief in Fan fiction and is allowed to express it as such and must be accepted.


Blackout2010: Anyway no need to dwell on it, just accept and roll with it. (Smiles) at the very least you Soifon (points at her) are not in a harem with Kon and you Ichigo (points at him) aren't being forced to work alongside Don Kannoji

They both shudder at the thought of either being a woman in harem with Kon or around the dreads hair styled ghost hunting maniac

Ichigo/Soifon (sweat drop): You're right it could be worse…

They turn to leave

Blackout2010: Oh! Hey Ichigo.

Ichigo (turning around): Yeah?


(Omake: Why? End)

Ending Author's note

Shinjiro Taiga and Subaru Kujo are not owned by me either nor Tite Kubo. They come from a game called Sakura Wars: So long my love. I only own their Zanpaktou, as that was my idea that I wrote a long time ago, which hopefully no one's used yet.

Blackout2010: So ends chapter one. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did feel free to leave a review.

Ichigo: Aren't you gonna tell them?

Blackout2010: Oh right! Thanks. I've got this weird habit of writing on ahead and only posting chapter after a certain point in time. It's my thing sorry. So any story wise suggestion i'll see if I can work in, but it probably won't happen, though feel free to ask me questions.

Ichigo: And.

Blackout2010: Oh yeah, Hey from one person to another how does the whole beta-things work? I don't have one and I've heard it's a good thing to have, I just don't want to be a burden by not sending in my Chaps. and leaving the person hanging.

Ichigo: You mean you would like to have a beta right.

Blackout2010: I was getting there. Tch. Now you ruined it. Stupid strawberry.


Ichigo: See you in chapter two.