My entry for "Of Love and Fanfiction".


Rainwater and lilies that was the aroma coming from her freshly washed violet hair. She ran her fingers through it, to get out all the tangles and knots. Running a comb through the long tresses that covered her head she really realized how long they were. Sierra then gathered all of her hair with one hand and searched for a hair tie. It was yellow, his favorite color. She then pulled all of her hair into a bun that sat on top of her head.

Sierra slinked over to the mirror. She was still in her towel from the shower. Her skin was slightly damp, she liked air drying , and she was in her apartment alone. So, she let the towel drop to the floor. She looked at her physique in the mirror. A little tall, wide hips, nicely sized breasts, what wasn't to like? She sighed.

He just didn't like her. Or, it wasn't her. He liked her as a person. He just didn't like the things that made her a her. He wanted a him, or rather a him. She wasn't angry when he told her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew the truth. He loved her, but he was not happy. All she wanted was for him to be happy.

In the nude, she walked back into her bedroom. Sierra opened her dresser's top drawer and pulled out a pair of white cotton panties. The fabric became translucent as it touched her still moist skin. A bra didn't touch her breasts. It wasn't like she was really going out today. There was no apparent need for a bra.

Impressions of her moderately large feet were left in the carpet as she walked to the closet. Light crept in from the blinds and painted the room in faint tones of buttercream and yellow. That light fell over her clothes. It seemed to make one dress seem extremely radiant. Her brown eyes drifted towards it.

A simple white and yellow dress was the center of attention. She reached her hand out and traced the dainty floral pattern that was laced across it. This dress had been in her closet for years, and it had never been worn. There was something about this garment that made her feel at ease. Like the world was made of sunshine and bubbles, and that day never ended and that night never came. It made her feel like she was inside of a Jackson 5 record. This dress made her want to dance.

With a smile that seemed to emit light, she pulled the dress off of the hanger. Without hesitating, she pulled the dress over her head and it fit her like a glove. A sundress, it was the perfect compliment to the sun that was shining proudly in the sky and her now sunny mood.

Lighter on her feet, Sierra skipped out of her bedroom and out of her small cottage apartment. She was greeted by the warm pavement on her porch. The feeling was nothing short of superb.

Sierra saw her small white mailbox that was adjoined to her home. Always enjoying the prospect of receiving mail, she opened the box. If her heart could soar any higher, it did. She had lots of mail today. In fact, she noticed one of them was an invitation as she thumbed through.

The slightly over grown green grass seemed to call her name. So she ran over to it in her bare feet like a toddler. Sierra fell back, enjoying the slightly rough feeling of the plant on her skin. Being the childish person she was. Sierra opened the invitation first.

Sunrays beamed over the young woman as she opened the invitation and something unexpected fell out, a letter. It was folded into fours, she quickly unfolded. As soon as she did she recognized the handwriting.

It was Cody's.

Dear Sierra,

I know it may be a little weird contacting you after a year of us being apart. But, I just wanted you to know that I will always love you. You are still in my heart, not as my lover but as my friend. A dear friend, possibly even my best one. I hope you still feel the same way about me. I hope you can come to Noah's and my ceremony. I would really want my best friend there. I'd make me really happy.

Love Always,


Tears slightly stung the back of her eyes. Her heart was full to the brim with bliss. She blinked to squeeze those hesitant tears out. Sierra placed the letter to the side, and she then noticed something. The tan line from her wedding ring was still on her finger.

She let out a short sigh. "Anything to make you happy, Cody."


An: D'aww. Wasn't that cute. I just see Si-si as a nice ex.

Best Wishes,