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The stench of alcohol, marijuana, sex, and adolescence filled the air. If anyone took a whiff, they would say it smelled like teen spirit. Deep and heavy bass, repetitive synth riffs, rap, and rock and roll made the walls of the basement rumble. Teens were packed from wall to wall, you were lucky to pass through the crowd without being molested. Yes, this was a house party. Well, not just any house party. Not like the cheesy ones you see in parties. No, this one was legit. This was party thrown by Geoff; Geoff Petronijevic the Party God.

Parties like this one only happen once or twice every year. Why? Because, that's how long it takes for everyone to recover from a blowout like this. Everyone came to parties like this. Jocks, criminals, preps, if you can think of it, that person was there. In fact, two girls who shared a mutual loathing of each other from different social circles were there. Gwen the creative, quiet, and gothic loner, and Heather the ruthless, stunning, and bossy Queen Bitch of the school are the particular girls that are being spoken of.

The party of the year was Gwen's first real high school party. Sure, Gwen had been invited to small birthday get-togethers, but nothing of this magnitude. Nothing as insane, madding, and awesome as this party. Why had she decided to come to this bad boy?

Well, Geoff, the host, had been the only other senior in her home economics class. So, they had no choice but to create some type of bond with the other upperclassmen. In fact, the two teens found out that they had a lot in common: the same initials, their moms had the same name, and that they both had a secret addiction to the smell of tennis ball cans. So, Geoff invited her to his party, and well Gwen came.

She certainly felt out of place with the hundreds of people grinding against her. She spent the first hour just searching for someone she knew while she drank punch that she was positive was spiked. Gwen was hoping that she would see Trent McCord, the acoustic guitar playing cutie from her Spanish class. Luckily, she found him. But, not in the state that she wanted.

Her heart sank when she saw him sloppily kissing the cheer captain and the most naturally bust girl she had ever seen, Lindsay. They were all over each other. On some raggedy old couch with ripped upholstering, that she be her with him. But hey, she can't get too mad. It's not like they were dating or anything. Gwen took another sip of the punch in her hand. On to the next one.

The Goth searched the party for a familiar face again. She found a face, and it was Bridgette. The green-eyed surf chick looked a little more relaxed than usual, Gwen figured that she had to of had a hit. She was dating the Party God, which made her the Party Goddess by association. Upholding her title, Bridgette brought Gwen back to a nook of the party that was less populated. Far less populated.

Six random teens were sitting around in a circle. To make this already clichéd situation even more predictable, there was an empty bottle of vodka in the middle. Gwen scanned the group of people that were gathered around. She recognized DJ, Courtney, Duncan, Geoff, and Heather. Bridgette sat down and patted a spot for Gwen. The pale girl flared her nostrils like the dragon who's spirit was building inside of her. Heather, just saying that name made her want to vomit.

"Oh hey, Gwen we were just starting a game of Spin the Bottle!" Geoff crooned emphasizing the letter e. He had to be in the clouds, Gwen mused noting the party boy's eyes were redder than one of Harold's nosebleeds. But, he was being nice. How could she be mean? So, Gwen flashed him a quick smile back.

"Are you in?" Asked what seemed like hundreds of people, but was only Geoff. She nodded. The cowboy let out a cheer. The classic and cliché adolescent game was in play.

Bridgette was given the honor of going first, she spun and it landed on DJ. He was her and her boyfriend's best friend and Geoff didn't seem like the jealous type so it was no big deal. The Jamaican boy received a quick peck on the cheek from the blonde and sighs of approval from the girls and faux sighs from the guys. The next one to go was Duncan.

He spun, it landed on Courtney. For a brief moment, a cloud of awkwardness hung over the group. This cloud loomed because, Duncan and Courtney are ex-lovers, and Duncan is Gwen's ex-lover. Hesitant at first (which was very out of character for either of them), Duncan raised his hand to a dark cheek. His eyelashes seemed to flutter as the closed, as did hers. Their lips brushed. She pulled back for a second, and then she did something unexpected.

The class president fiercely pushed the punk's mouth to hers. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, and they were joined in a spit-swapping kiss that seemed to go on for hours. But, it only went on for a matter of seconds. The two quickly pulled apart. Some sort of spark went off between the two. His ice blue eyes meet her stern brown ones.

Duncan grabbed her arm and pulled them off into the closest closet. "Use protection!" DJ yelled at the two. A duo of middle fingers was humorously shown to him. They all laughed. But it was strange to hear a joke that was so sexual to come out of his mouth. Maybe he was a funny drunk…

Down to six, it was Gwen's turn to spin the bottle. Heather sent the goth an icy glare. "Don't pass your herpes Gwennie." She jeered. Gwen rolled my eyes and sent her an equally nasty look before spinning the bottle. For some reason it would not stop spinning. She became more and more anxious as it went round and round, and when it finally stopped. It landed on, oh no.

Heather, Gwen had to kiss Heather. My heart stopped, she looked over to the Party God and Goddess. "We're cool with a little girl-on-girl." Geoff calmly said as Bridgette nodded in agreement. A sigh left her blue lips.

Gwen averted my eyes to the harpy that she had to smooch. She looked at Gwen like the scum of the earth. Heat began to penetrate her skull, this girl had to be staring fire dipped daggers at the goth. Her heart began to beat faster and faster. She had to kiss her.

The blue haired girl looked into Heather's almond eyes with a look of vengeance and mischief.

Gwen lunged forward, hands laced in the cheerleader's silky black hair. Heather's eyes popped open in shock. She couldn't believe that she actually had the audacity to kiss her. Ideas suddenly began to dart around in the Asian cheerleader's head. Gwen was doing this on purpose she was screwing with her head. So Heather decided to fight fire with fire.

Heather slipped the tip of her tongue in between the gothic blue lips and closed her eyes. Gwen's eyes popped open. She realized that Heather was going to screw with her head back. So, Gwen decided to go all in. The gothic artist's tongue met the cheerleader's. The two began to try to outdo each other.

The cheerleader pushed her chest into the goth's smaller one. Gwen decided to let out a moan. Heather fell back, and placed a hand on the leather mini-skirt that belonged to her kissing partner. Running out of ideas, the less popular girl hiked up her skirt for all to see her purple panties. Oh, now it was war.

Heather was now determined to win this battle, she slapped Gwen's butt. This made several guys that had surrounded the two girls howl with lust. The two girls' eyes bugged open. They had an audience.

In fact, several guys had their phones out recording what went down. The two girls pulled apart quicker than the speed of light. Gwen pulled down her skirt and Heather sat up. But, they kept their eye contact.

"We're even." The two teens silently mouthed to each other over the cheers of testosterone engulfing them.

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