Sorry I'm late with this. There were not many questions which have been asked as this story was written, but I think there were two questions which went unanswered as I published.

First was the question of Albus's Appearance. It has been brought to my attention that Rowling describes Albus as looking exactly like Harry. I hadn't found that passage when I gave Albus red hair, but I think my idea fits the rest of the series. There are certain traits which seem to be magically passed on through the Potter and Weasley families. I thought that all of these would be combined in James, Albus and Lily. These were the green eyes and unruly hair of the Potters and the Weasley red hair. Thus Albus (and James and Lily) would have firry red hair which was untidy and green eyes. This Christmas tree look effected the personality of Albus during the first part of this story, therefore I will be keeping the look moving forward.

Second was the location of the Salem Witches Institute. Again, I will admit that I didn't remember the mention of this Institute (mentioned during the Quidditch World Cup), but upon further research, I discovered that there is nothing in the cannon that says that this is a school of magic. It could just as easily be a social club, such as the Daughters of the American Revolution. If I was rewriting this story, I would probably change Naumkeag's name to the Salem Witches Institute, since I was just looking for a reference to Salem when naming the school, but I am not rewriting so I'll keep Naumkeag and refer to the Institute as a social organization.

I hope this cleared up all questions you have! If not, hopefully the sequel will...

See you soon,