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Oh, yeah...I also would like to say I find it FLATTERING how people are stealing my writing style by putting y/n (your name aka the reader) into their stories. *roll eyes* (Minus, a friend of mine who did it-it was okay for her, lol) But to the others…damn, for real. At least give a chick some credit when its due. -_- Yeah…okay, YOU know who YOU are. LOL! But, anywho….I am going to start writing to this thing. I just want to let you know…the story may be different because:

1.) I don't remember all the details from my previous story, and I refuse to try to reread that hot ass mess. Fail! LOL!

2.) I didn't like the way I was portraying y/n in it. =/ So there you go.

And our story begins….again. -_-

I don't own naruto and I am saying Sorry for Spelling and Grammar mistakes ahead of time. LOL!

It was turning into the wee hours of what is going to be a late Friday night. Going on eleven o'clock, which was considered too damn early to be turning in anywhere in the busy metropolitan city of Los Angeles. For the people that lived in this place, the night has just started for everyone-especially for the freaks and crazies. You bobbed your head to the beat of loud music playing beneath you. Neon lights kissed your face; a sea of tipsy-hell probably thizzed out, too, people dancing and mingling on the floor below. You stared at them through the one sided mirror of the urban nightclub. Taking in as much fresh air as you could before heading out into hazy atmosphere to service those people.

You groaned, a five break minute break was not enough for your weary feet that have been stuck in heels for over the past few hours. Thank, God, your shift was about to end in an hour. For some reason you were on the edge of annoyance, and had a sudden urge to go back to your hole in the wall apartment and fall asleep.

"Hey," a relaxed baritone voice called out to you. You didn't turn around because you recognized who the person was already. It was your boss, of course. "Your break is over, you should be heading back down now."

Your nodded at his statement, your back still facing him. You guessed he was probably making his way back to his office after making a couple rounds in the club. The man's warm brown eyes focused on you, taking you all in slowly. Shifting your wide hips to one side as rested your weight on one foot. A soft sigh coming from your lips as you leaned your head also, your hands intertwined behind your back. He could tell that you were tired. Which made asking you the favor he wanted out of you even harder.

Silently, the tall, muscular man with a goatee put his hands in the pockets of his slacks and made his way towards you. You tensed up a bit as felt your personal space invaded warmth of his hard body pressed against your behind. A little too close for a standard boss, employee relationship, wouldn't you think?

"…what is it? I know you want to ask me something?" You said in a tone much softer than you usually hold.

"You tired, Y/n?"

Your eye twitched at the man evading your question. He was always playing games and teasing his underlings. Though you knew his words for meant for comfort, you really wanted to know what the man wanted, so you could turn him down in a instant and go on about your night.

Turning around, you stared up at the man, "If you want to ask me something then just say it, Asuma," You flatly stated.

He laughed lightly and you couldn't help but notice his rugged, strong features. Asuma was one of those guys that would be referred to as a man's man. He was certainly a handsome man; a handsome married man, at that. Did I forget to mention new father also. Can we say, yay?

"My, my, Y/n. You are having one of your moods, again. Well I guess I better make this quick. I am having some people coming by the club for a meeting of sorts. And I wanted to know if you can work overtime a bit."

"What? Asuma…" you frowned at the man.

Asuma felt you getting ready to bombard him with questions, so he quickly continued, "It is only for a couple hours. I just need you to entertain my company for a few, while I get some things together. You are one of the best hostesses I got here. Can you please help me out here?" he reached out gripped your waist lightly, thumb caressing your exposed skin.

You bit your bottom lip for a moment at his touch, "You know I been catching the bus that last couple of weeks since my car broke down, Asuma. My route stops running at two and want me to work a couple extra hours?" Your tone filled with doubt.

"I will double your pay for the night," he said, with resolve.

You rolled your eyes and laughed, "Oh, great, I am still broke, then." You looked at him and he returned a pleading look towards you. You sighed, giving in. "Fine, I'll ask somebody to give me a ride home later."

"That's my girl," he grinned and swatted your butt with hand, much to your disapproval. "I will have you go to the V.I.P area now and wait. I will have somebody send my company over to you."

"Yeah, yeah." You watched him walked away to his office.

"Well, well, now. Look who is pushin' up on the boss man," a female voice filled with playfulness called out.

You laughed and turned at newcomer to the lounge area. "Bitch, please. You know I don't want Asuma. He's married."

The female laughed again and walked up towards you in a skimpy outfit and put her arm around your neck and grinned. "I know that, but that certainly doesn't stop him from tryin' to fuck you."

"Anko, shut up and go back to that pole you're so comfortable swinging around on," you replied in a playful tone.

Anko was a proud lesbian, fellow co-worker at the club and grown to be one of your closest friends. She wasn't a waitress like you, but more on the high end of the paid employees. A stripper, of course and damn good one at that. And you just so happen to know that your friend has had a thing for you every since you started working here over a year ago. If only you can count the times she tried to woo you into her bed sheets.

"I know, I am good at workin' the pole, nothing new you're telling me, sweetheart." She paused for a moment, "You know, Y/n, I would be more than happy to put on a private show for you…If you like," she made a gesture, as her hand hanging around neck snaked down and grabbed your boob. "Ow, that hurt."

You smirked from the soft elbow you sent to her gut, "Serves you right, you little pervert. Now how many times do I have to tell you that I don't swing that way, before it sinks into that thick skull of yours.

"Ha! That's what all the bitches say before I end up having them sit on my face, screaming my name out loud," she gave you a shit-eating grin.

You shook your head, "You are truly, one of a kind, Anko…Oh!" Something clicked in your head, "Hey, I was wondering what time you get off tonight?"

"At three, why you ask?"

"Well, I was wondering could you give me a ride home because Asuma wants me to work overtime tonight," You sighed.

Anko gave you a cute lopsided grin, "Of course, I can't say no to my best friend and future wife," she batted her eyelashes at you, while you rolled your eyes in return and smiled.

"Uh-huh, whatever you say, Anko."

"You going up to the V.I.P section right now?"

You nodded your head, "Yup. I have to serve Asuma's company. You working up there, right?"

"You know it. I am about to work that pole like a mothafuckin' champ tonight. Those Uchihas know how to make it rain in here, I swear! Imma 'bout to get paid, bitch." She starts doing the running man in her clear five inch heels.

"How are you doing that?" You said, in a impressive tone, while looking at your friend dance. You laughed, because you could barely walk in these three inch heels, that are apart of the dress code. Yet, Anko is moving around on them like they were a pair of Air Jordans, "By the way, who are the Uchihas?"

"Its called talent, my dear. Now, less talk-y, more walk-y. I will explain it later," She smiled. If I don't forget. She started pushing you from behind towards the V.I.P area.

"Hey, hey, don't push me so hard. You are about to make me break something, woman."

Drink it up, drink-drink it up

When sober girls around me, they be actin' like they drunk

They be actin' like they drunk, actin-actin' like they drunk

When sober girls around me they be actin' like they drunk

At the entrance to the club three men walked in through the doors and made their way to a hostess with brick colored hair at the booth stand. She smiled in immediate recognition of the men. "Welcome, you three are right on time. I'll escort you to V.I.P right away. Follow me."

"Thank you, Tayuya," said one of the tall men with long black hair pulled back into a low ponytail. He had stress lines going down his eyes, but didn't take away from his attractive features in the least bit.

The three men were seated in on long curved black leather couch, "You're welcome, Mr. Uchiha."

"Please, call me, Itachi…you make me feel old," the man said, in a dull sigh.

"That's because you are old," another man said in a bored tone. Right off the bat anyone could tell the two men were related by the handsome faces, ebony hair and sharp onyx eyes. This one had a short hair cut though.

"Care to repeat that, Sasuke?" Itachi challenged his little brother in a whisper.

"Gentlemen, please…not now, we're here on business. What would Asuma say if he came and saw you two bickering away like some children."

The two brother's brows twitched in irritation at the comment made by their advisor, Kakashi. They knew he was right and decided to not further embarrass themselves in front of Tayuya.

"Yes, you are right," Itachi murmured.

"Whatever," Sasuke grumbled and looked out towards the dance floor.

"Asuma will be with you shortly, until then I will bring your hostess to the table for this evening," Tayuya said, looking around for you. "Once…I find her."

Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard

When we drink, we do it right, gettin slizzard

Sippin sizzurp in my ride, in my ride, like Three 6

Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6 Like a G6, Like a G6

Now, now, now, now, now, now, I'm feelin so fly like a G6 Like a G6, Like a G6

Now, now, now, now, now, now, I'm feelin' so fly like a G6

"I hate this fucking song," Sasuke groaned.

"Really? I find it kind of catchy," Kakashi threw in his two little cents. Sasuke stared at the silver head man.

"Oh, come on!"


"Please, don't make me beg."

"My feet hurt, Anko. Go away."

"So! Just one dance, you love to dance," she bumped hips with you and smiled. "It will make you feel better."

"I know, but my feet are really killin' me, girl. I am not used to heels like you," you pouted to your friend.

"How does a twenty-one year old woman not know how to walk in heels. You are a waste of life," she said playfully.

You gave her your famous side-eye look, from being owned, before going back to looking at nothing in particular, "Fuck you, I hate you," you said before laughing.

"I been trying to for the past year, but you give me no play," she said in an almost serious tone.

Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah

Feel dat trend now, yeah-yeah

Sean-A-Paul, so mi go so then

"Oh, you have to dance to this, you love Reggae," Anko grinned and pulled you towards her and wrapped an arm around your waist and swaying to the beat.

"No, Anko, we are on duty right now, you gon' get me fired," you protested, much to the fact your feet started to move and your hips started to sway to the song, "Damnit."

Anko laughed, "Just give it up and dance. Show me if you can put all that ass to work or you just have it for show."

Well I don't really care what people say

I don't really watch what dem waan do

Still I got to stick to my girls like glue

And I man nah play number two

All I know the time it is getting dread

Need alot of trees up in my head

Got alot of damsel in my bed to run dat re-eeeddd!

You just rolled your eyes at your friend and placed your hand behind her neck and brought your body up to hers placing your thigh in between hers and started whine against her to the mid-tempo song and she proceeded to work against you. Intense eyes focused on one another, never breaking contact, you two moved sensually against each other. Both of you were lost in the music. If one were to look at you two they would say there was more going on between you two, then just dancing.

Kakashi's eyes were scanning the area, taking his surroundings in when he saw something that caught his eye. He grinned and nudged Itachi and motioned him in a direction.

Itachi looked over to the at the two women danc-well, uh, yeah, dancing in the corner of the room. They looked pretty into from what he saw. He would be lying if he didn't say the sight in front of him didn't turn him on just a little.

"There she is…dancing…on the job…with Anko," Tayuya said, voice turning grimmer as she continued her sentence. Those two are always goofing off.

"Hey, now this is entertaining," Sasuke said as he smirked over at you and Anko dancing.

Anko was doing pretty good in hanging on with you, so you decided to changing it up. Breaking away from her while dancing only to turn around and press against her. You leaned forward, shifting your weight to your right placing your hands on your knee. You begun to pop your butt to the beat of the drums against her lower area, before you full blown started to grind against her, hard. Instinctively, Anko placed a hand on your hip to try to keep up with you. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, enjoying the pressure of your soft bottom against her barely clothed lower region.

"Well, this is certainly in lovely sight to see. They seem really in tune with each other," Kakashi said, smiling.

"Tell me, is the red head dancing on Anko a lesbian?" Sasuke asked flippantly, looking at Tayuya for answers.

The question caught Tayuya off guard for a second, she recovered quickly, "Well, no, they're just friends. Supposedly," she arched a brow. "I am bringing her over. Excuse me."

Someone cleared their throat at you, quite loudly. You immediately snapped out of your grooving mode and standing up straight before smiling. "Oh, hey, Tayuya."

"Having fun, you two?" Tayuya gave Anko a knowing look.

"Hah…you can say that," a very fluster Anko responded. You laughed.

"Well, sorry to interrupt this little dance, but the Uchihas are here, Y/n. I suggest you go handle them. And you, Anko, get up on stage," without waiting a for response, she left.

"I guess all this ass isn't just for show then, huh? Got your ass sweating n' shit," You teased before grabbing your order pad and leaving.

Anko growled, "You think you funny, huh?"

You started making your way to the couch, where the three mysterious men lay await for you.

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