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You woke up in the late hours of the next morning, thanks to the loud garbage truck stopping in front of your apartment complex. Collecting the contents from the bins, it started moving down the littered street. Wiping the sleep from your eyes, you pulled your naked body out from under the sheets. Not having a working AC in your apartment, no thanks to your bummy landlord, you had to sleep naked to keep cool on summer nights in the city.

Pulling on a large white beater that stopped mid-thigh, it almost looked like a dress on you. A person could see the outlines of your shapely body hugging the thin material-from your hard nipples of your B-cup chest, down to the swell of your juicy behind. Brushing your teeth and giving your face a few splashes of water to wake you up, you walked backed into your bedroom to hear you cell phone going off.

"Hey, Anko." You knowingly greeted your friend.

"How'd you know it was me?" Anko chirped over the line, "My number is blocked."

"Well, you see, my nipples mysteriously get hard whenever you try to come in contact with me. It's my Anko senses starting to tingle." You said with a sarcastic laugh.

She laughed, "Nah, bitch, that just proves that you want me in between your thighs. Just give into your desires." she sighed.

"What, hoe?" Now, it was your turn to laugh, "Yes, you are so right, Anko. I am getting moist just thinking about you taking me." You replied blandly.

"I already know," she gave a confident laugh, "So anywho, back to the reason I was calling. Are you coming into work tonight?"

"Errr, no. I could of swore you were there when I quit last night." You sat down at your small kitchen table and took a swig from your orange juice carton.

You can almost feel Anko rolling her eyes at you. "Girl, please. We all know were being a little drama queen last night. Like Asuma said, you are always 'quiting' on him."

You frowned at your best friend not believing you. "Fuck! I am serious this time, Anko. I am tired of working there. Dealing with assholes and pervs all night isn't worth the change Asuma pays me. And you know it."

"True," Anko laughed, she knew the waitresses get paid pennies compared to her dancing position. "All I know is Asuma is going to be shitting bricks when you don't come in tonight. Oh my god, I can't wait to see his face."

You snorted out a laugh and heard a small knock at you door. Not bothering to put your friend on hold, you continued the conversation. "I know right! You better tell me how he reacts when he figures it out. I know he's going to be blowing up my phone tonight~."

Opening the door, you came face to fac-errr, well chest, with a tall male figure. A light cinnamon scent invaded your nostrals. His brown hair was spiked and dark, serious eyes bore down on you. The man had a wheal-like scar on his face. It ran across the bridge of his nose and down across the left side of his face. One could tell he was very easy on the eyes at one time. It was your landlord, Raido Namiashi.

He didn't say nothing because he could tell you were busy talking on the phone at the moment. Raidou held up a pink piece of paper in front of your face and wiggled it, all while smiling. You frowned at him, completely ignoring the words that drifted into your ear from Anko.

You knew what it was, before you could even open your mouth to argue, he held up his index finger over his lips to silence you. Raidou waved goodbye to you before silently walking away to the elevator to take him to his floor.

Slamming the door, you let out a frustrated growl. He gave you a freaking eviction notice-AGAIN! That asshole!

"Yo, is everything okay?" Anko finally questioned as she noticed your lack of words over the line.

"Yeah..." You said quietly as you shook your head, "Hey, Anko. I am going to call you later. I have something to take care of."

Noting the dullness in your voice, she could tell something was bothering you. "Fine. I'll call you before I head off to work. You better pick up too."

"I will. Bye," You didn't wait for a response before clicking the end button of your phone, "Could this day get any worse? Fuck my life. Now I gotta go up here and kiss some more ass to another asshole."

Not bothering to change out of you dress, hoping it willl help out in your pleading to Raidou to give you the slide again and let you stay in the your hands through your super dense, wavy red hair, as you put on some scandals on. Grabbing your keys off the counter, locking the door, you left up to one of the top floors.

Knocking on the door, it open only mere seconds after. You were greeted by Raidou again.

"Ahh, Y/N. I was expecting you." He gave off a small, appreciative grin as his eyes moved down your body, taking in your barely hidden curves.

"I am sure you were. Can we please talk, ?"

You secretly knew Raidou loved when you showed him such respect by calling him that. He wordlessly moved out of your way and held his hand out to usher you in. You accepted his invite and walked into his place and he closed the door behind you, locking it.

Not bothering to sit down on the couch you stood with your hands crossed under your chest. Raidou helped himself to a seat on the couch before you. "So what's this about, Y/N?"

You frowned a bit at the man playing dumb. He knew what he was doing, you knew what he was doing. He wanted to see you squeal a bit. Asshole.

"Well, I wanted to talk to you about this," you hold up the pink slip. "Maybe we can work something out?"

"You were late on this month's payment again. In the past I even let you slide without even paying. What do you want me to say? That's its okay to be lenient on you, but not on my other tenants?"

"No...no..." You stare at your feet, trying to think of an good excuse. "I am just having a bit of an money issue right now."

Raidou rests his elbow on the back of his couch and leans his head into the palm of his hand. He sighs. "We've been through this all before Y/N. You're young and a good kid. Those reasons alone, I allowed you to slide a few times in the past with paying rent later. But now...its kind of getting old and-"

You cut him off, "I know, Mr. Namiashi. Those times I was dealing with my douchebag boss and him being a cheap ass. But now it's totally different. I...don't have a job no more and I am really in a tough spot. I'll have no where to go if you kick me out." You pleaded to the man.

The scarred man grinned at your attempts, "No job now? That sounds like quite the predicament you're in." He stood up and walk over towards you and put his hands on your hips. His hands forcing your body to sway a bit with his, "We can work something out."

You rested your forhead against his chest to hide your annoyed expression. Work something out...that's what you like doing.

"I could never turn my back on my favorite tenant." He lifted your chin up and his lips connected with yours, softly.

In the past, when the two of you normally had these conversations, things didn't end up going this way. The routine would consist of you apologizing and saying how much you were in need of Raidou and he was all you had. Which was a lie and a bit of some truth hidden within it. Then, after that, you would spend another half a hour pumping the man's ego up, to where it seemed like he was the greatest thing to walk this Earth. Sure, you could of always just gave up and let the man kick you out...Anko would of always been more than happy to let you live with her. But would the constant sexual harassment and possible molestation every night from her worth it? You'd pass. Anko was one of your best friends and all. But that is exactly what you want it stay as...friends.

But back to the point that was being made, and that there was a change in the systematic. Since your last meeting with Raidou, the man grew more stringent in letting you talk him into letting you slide. The numerous pleads and endless compliments had come to a halt. Raidou wanted more. And you were sort of pushed into a corner and ended up giving the man that. The man swayed you into giving him a strip tease, which wasn't too bad. But the part when he forced you into his lap and demanded a lap dance, as his hard on pressed into your bottom was a bit much. Raidou didn't let you stop 'til his pants were stained with his essence. You swore to yourself that you would never lower yourself for another man's pervertedness.

Yet...here you were again. Right back in the same situation.


The now shirtness man had moved the both of you to his couch. Raidou forced you to straddle him again. His hands carressing your body.

"Your body is so beautiful...you are beautiful." He whispered as he nipped at your neck and collar bone.

You didn't respond. Only closing your eyes and petending you were somewhere else at the time. Some where with a certain silly blond boy, you used to spend countless days with. The one who always managed to keep a smile on your face, even when you were mad or frustrated with things in life at the time.


Your body shivered at the thought of him. The action causing Raidou to act more aggressive towards your body; believing he was the cause of your body's quiver.

What made me think of him now? You had no Earthly idea. You haven't seen Naruto since your sophmore year of high school and he was leaving off to college and...

"Let's take this off shall we?" Raidou murmured broke your train of thought as he pulled one strap of your white beater off your shoulder.

After a few more moments passed, the other strap slid down and now the man had your upper body half exposed for his viewing pleasure. "Your breast are so cute." The top of your shirt now rested around your hips. One of his hands reached up and gripped your breast, massaging it. He pinched and twisted your hard nipple and watched you let out a small gasp. The man figured your breast were very sensitive part of your body. "Y/N, you sound so fucking amazing. I wonder do they taste as good as they look."

The man pulled you closer to him as his mouth bore down on one of your nipples. The feel of his warm tongue circling around on your erected bosom started to make your body betray you somewhat. The moans slowly started slipping from your own mouth as the man suckled on you, and his pressure increasing as you grew louder. Your body began to rock against his hard one. Your fingers gripped his hair from the pleasure you were recieving. It has been too damn long since you let a man please you this way.

You could feel the small entrance between your thighs begin to moisten. Your body was betraying your will. You never meant to get carried away by the man's touches, but it happen. Raidou started pressing his clothed hardened cock up against you. Red flags started going off in your head. This had to stop, now. Sleeping with the man to keep a roof over your head was not something you felt stooping so low for. Not now, not ever. "Please...I...can't."

Raidou's actions halted for a moment. Your hands begin to push against the man's chest. Immediately, hands grasped firmly around your wrist. Raidou's acute eyes locked onto yours. He saw uncertainty and unwillinigess in your eyes. He could tell that you didn't want to go that far with him. He was already abusing his power as it is by messing around with you.

"Don't worry...I won't force you to sleep with me. I wouldn't want to do that to anybody." He let out a groan. Though he really wanted to be inside you.

"I'm sorry..." You looked away as you quietly apologized. "What about...?" You referred to his organ pulsing against your core.

"It's okay, really." He slapped your thigh lightly. "Get up, Y/N...I want you to lean your chest up against the couch."

Wordlessly, you got off the man's lap. He stood up from his seating. You sat on your knees and laid your chest up against the back area of the couch. "Like this?" You could practically feel the man's eyes staring at your wet, exposed kitty.

"Yes, just like that." Raidou came up and stood behind you. You patiently awaited for his next move. Which just so happen to be the sound of fly zipping down on his slacks. He noticed your body tensed up by the sound. "Bring your legs together for me, please."

Again, you followed the man's command without any objections. You rested your head in your folded arms that were on the couch and began to breathe slowly. "Ahh!"

Your head shot up quickly, the reaction was caused by the feeling of a blunt pressure that pressed up against the lips of your wet entrance. You tried to move away from him. "Raidou! You said we weren't-"

"Shhh." The man pressed his chest against your stiffened back and his hands gripped either side of the couch, trapping you. "I told you we weren't. Relax." He whispered softly in your ear. One of his hands left the couch. He gripped his shaft and aimed his head slighty lower from your core. He pressed his pelvic forward and his cock slid in between your thighs.

Raidou pulled back and pressed his pelvic forward against you. He moaned at the fricton of your thick thighs tightly around his cock. You could feel his organ rubbed up against the folds of your core. The man gripped your hips and begin to thrust against you at a moderate pace. With the help of your juices, it slickened him and aided in pounding against your body. The increase in speed excited you more as his cock was rubbing up against your clit with vigor.

"Raidou..." you moaned out and the man bit into the area between your neck and shoulder. Your eyes looked down at the sight of Raidou's glistening head appearing and reappearing between your thighs with each stroke he gave.

"I am gonna cum." He whispered and he sped up even more. Moaning even louder, as you purposely gripped around him even tighter. Even though you were so close to cumming, too. You knew the older man wouldn't last much longer.

"Please, cum now, Mr. Namiashi."

"Shit," He gave one final thrust, and in that instant you felt hot ribbons of liquid crash against you thigh. Raidou's cum had landed on you and coated the area in front of you. His upper body fell upon you, pushing you into the couch. "I needed that so bad. Thank you."

His warm breath kissed your neck in harsh exhales. You made a small attempt to comfort the man by leaning your head against his and bring your hand up caress his hair.

"Your welcome."

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