A/N: Yes, I know I've done something like this before, but not for this show! I should be working on my other stories, but this wouldn't leave me alone! So I posted it in between working on my other fics.

Never written for Eureka, so let me know if it's too OOC or anything.

I thought there was something missing from this episode at the beginning so... here's what I created. I guess you could say there are hints of Carter/Stark but only if you squint...

Spoilers for 2x11 Maneater

"Thank you Sheriff for your very…" Doctor Young struggled to find the right words, "stimulating performance."

"Thank you, thank you very much!" Jack Carter bowed graciously, a huge smile on his face as he left the make-shift stage that was housing Eureka's annual mandatory sexual harassment lecture within which both he and Jo had found themselves landing starring roles.

"Well, Carter," Nathan Stark spoke from the crowd, his voice reaching the younger man, "I think you found your calling."

"I don't know... I kind of enjoy cleaning up after your messes."

Stark pulled a face at Carter who rolled his eyes in response, following Jo back to their seats.

"Sexual harassment can happen to anyone," Doctor Young went on to explain as Jo and Carter both took their seats away from the rest of the crowd. Jo continued to laugh at him, until a glare sent her way shut her up.

"Even males?" one of the doctors's raised as a question, to which Stark rolled his eyes in response. It was stupid lecture, a waste of time for him to be here. Who would sexually harass him? Who would he sexually harass? Apart from Allie, and she didn't count.

It was the same year after year, only it seemed that Jack Carter, of all people had found a way to make it a little more entertaining for him. But despite this, he still had to get back to Kevin and this was taking precious time away from that. The whole thing with Kevin and the artefact was time sesitive.

"Yes, males can be the victims of sexual harassment… even you doctor Stark," Doctor Young added, looking directly at him.

"More like he'd be harassing someone," Carter joked, muttering under his breath, but still loud enough for the scientist to hear. Stark turned towards the sheriff, smirking at the other man.

"Sheriff, you can harass me anytime!"

Allison hit her ex-husband, barley able to keep the smirk of her face. "Nathan, don't give him any ideas!"

"Alright, back to the lecture people!" the good doctor commanded, to which she received a few groans in response. Carter caught Jo's eye and rolled them, before indicating to Stark. She smiled at him in response, as she turned her attention to Larry who was sitting besides her, whispering to himself about… something.

Allison leant in and whispered to Stark, who laughed. Who knew that a lecture could turn out this way? For lack a better word, fun. Insulting Jack Carter was a past time of Stark's, and this lecture was only just warming up… there was plenty more time.

Let the insults begin.