(Hikaru&Kaoru PV)

Haruhi was intertaining her geusts when she heard tamaki's request for more tea "ugh! comeing!" The twins were walking by and saw as Haruhi was getting up a book feel out of her lap. Now being the curious mischiefous type they were just HAD to pick it up and ran off to a corner of the room. "what is it sapposed to be hikaru?" asked kaoru as he exsamined the yellow cover of the book. "I don't know kaoru, it's not thin enough to be a notebook." replyed hikaru as he casualy flipped open the book and say the two words at the top of the page 'Dear Diary'.

'It's...' they turned and looked at Haruhi who returned to her geusts '..Haruhi's diary!' Turning back to the diary hikaru and kaoru smirked "Do you think we should-" began Hikaru "-read it?...yes!" finished kaoru. So they sat in the unseen corner and started reading.

Dear Diary

I know that I'm smart and not that many things confus me, but this is one of the few things that confuss me. I've been feeling giddy around someone in the host club I feel like I always want to be around him. When he smiles i just can't help myself from smileing with him. I feel nervouse and awkward because for the fiirst time I blushed for a boy! Gosh this is confusing me no the worlds end...maybe...I should talk to my dad about this.

Hikaru and kaoru were shocked Haruhi the blunt obliviouse girl might be inlove...*gulp* with one of the host club members. "Hikaru! we need to find out ho it is" wined kaoru in a worried tone. "I-I know lets see when she wrote next, ok?" replyed Hikaru with the same worry in his voice. They turned at the same time to see all the hosts still ditracted so Kaoru turned the page and they kept on reading.

Dear Diary

I talked to my dad and am utterly shocked...I'm in love. Dad seemed over joyed about his "lil girl" finding somebody to love. oooh gotta find somebody to love...lol i just thought of that song. Anyway dad then started ranting about loseing me, but then thought that it'd be ok since it was 'Him' and not tamaki-sempia.

"Phew!" the twins both let out a sigh of relief "I couldn't imagine Haruhi with tono" said kaoru with a shudder. "Yeah thats just wronge!" replyed Hikaru with a scowl onhis face. " but she still hasn't put the name of the guy she's in love with Hikaru!" "Yeah I know Kaoru the anticipation is killing me!" Hikaru and kaoru nodded at eachother both wearing serious looks on there faces. Turning the next page like it was the Holy Bible the two read on.

Dear Diary

I went to the club room today and it was an ordinary day as ordinary as these guys can get -.- . I was entertaining my geusts and couldn't help myself from looking at him. He's always so cheerful and bright it makes me happy in return to see his bright smileing face :) . I was looking and he caught me stareing and gazed at me with his big eyes. I'll admit it I love stareing into his eyes there just so big and brown, but his eyes are beautiful because there different. There deep brown with a shine of really light brown in them. Honey-sempia why do you affect me so much?

Hikaru and kaoru nearly fainted 'HONEY-SEMPIA! Haruhi was in love with HONEY-SEMPIA!' Hikaru and kaoru peered over at Haruhi. She was just saying her goodbyes to her geusts and was getting her stuff together. "Hikaru kaoru time for todays meeting" said kyoya in a momotone voice as useual. Hikaru stuffed the book in his jacket and walked over to there meeting table with Kaoru.

(Haruhi PV)

They all sat down Tamaki next to kyoya who sat next to Mori who sat next to Honey who sat next to Haruhi and next to Haruhi were Hikaru and Kaoru. "so today-blah blah blah" went on tamaki as Haruhi was looking out the window daydreaming. "Ne ne Haru-chan!" Honey called cutely out to her. Haruhi turned towards him with a small pink blush on her cheekcs 'Honey's voice is so sweet.' "Yes Honey-sempia?" she couldn't keep her smile off her face when looking at him.

"Do you think me and you could hang out after this meetings done?" Honey's face showed a pleading look. '*Gulp* Haruhi! say yes! don't get tounge tied now' "Sure..I'd love to!" Haruhi's reply came out kind of squecky and high pitched because of the happyness and nervousness inside of her. Honey caught the slight squeck in her voice and smiled a big smile. Haruhi's hand twitched trying to restrain her hand from going to touch his cheeck. 'Why must you affect me so much?' the next thing Honey said sent her face ablaze "You sound so cute Haru-chan when you squeck!"

'Oh my gosh! he thinks I'm cute!...oh no! i can feel the heat on my face I hope no one says anything!' "Haruhi?" asked the shadow king 'crap!' "Yeah" she replyed trying to put on her blunt voice, but failing as it came out defencievly. "Your blushing...thats unusual for you." 'Danm you kyouya!' Haruhi was about to say her defence when she felt a pair of hands rest on her right leg. She turned to see Honey's face exstremly close to her's there eyes level with each others. "Did I say something wronge to make Haru-chan mad?"

'No no1 don't think that Honey-sempia!' "N-no of course not sempia!" she said in a rush trying to comfort him. Honey was looking at her for a few more seconds when he pulled back and sat in his seat. Clutching his usa-chan he looked down at it with relief in his eyes "Thats good." Haruhi felt the urge to kiss his cheeck and reasure him that he could never make her upset. 'Why is it that I just want to touch him...*sigh* dad was write when he said that I'd yern for his touch.'

"Ok meeting ajerned!" proclaimed Tamaki as he rushed over to Haruhi with his puppy dog face on. "Does my daughter want to be with her Daddy today?" he asked happily. Haruhi was about to reply when Honey stood up out of his chair and took her and in his. Doing so made Haruhi blush Honey lead her away from Tamaki and headed for the door. He stopped befor opening the door and faced Tamaki and the others. "I'm hanging out with Haru-chan today! just me and Haru-chan so no one better follow us because I want to spend time with Haru-chan on my own!" Honey finished his sentence and stuck his tounge out at the other hosts and pulled Haruhi out the door her face red as a tomato with a faint smile on her face.

(Honey PV)

'Stupid Tamaki...trying to take my alone time with Haruhi!' Honey looked back at Haruhi noticeing she was still a bit red in the face. 'I wonder if i caused Haruhi to blush?...I need to make my move I may never get another chance at alone time with her!' Honey was inerupted from his thoughts by Haruhi calling out to him. "Ano Honey-sempia..?" Honey slowed his pace to a walk takeing note that while they walked side by side that Haruhi didn't try and get him to let go of her hand. Knowing this it made him smile as he answered her "Yes Haru-chan?"

"Where are we going?" Honey had been planning this for a while now and simply replyed "Why dont we go to my house to hang out, ne?" He looking at her him and Haruhi were the same hieght now. 'I may even grow taller then her..w-wait did she just blush?' Honey noticed after his decleration that Haruhi's face light up with a blush and she was looking down to the floor. Her hair only slightly covering her eyes so he could see the emotion in them. The emotion she tried to hide was nervousness, happyness, and anxiousness.

'Hmmm I do have an effect on her...good' "O-ok Honey-sempia I hope I'm not intrudeing or anything." 'My gosh your so cute Haruhi! I want to reach out and stroke her cheekc and kiss her senceless...no no stay focused!'"Of course not Haru-chan! I'm the one who invited you after all, didn't I?" He asked putting on a cute face to hide his true feelings "Yeah" she then smiled that smile she used on her geusts, but it showed her happyness in it.

"Ok lets go then!" Honey said as he lead her out to his car and they sat next to eachother and Honey started up a conversation. "Don't mind my family Haru-chan" he say her looking at him confused as she tilted her head to the side and let out a cute "Huh?" 'your just so adorable just like a bunny rabbit...hehehe...' "um I-I mean my brothers attitude and my mothers curiousity...and please don't be offended if my father says anything to you..k?" Honey tilted his head to the side and gave her a half lidded look.

Haruhi smiled 'Why is she smileing?' "Don't worry sempia I'm sure i can get along with everyone just fine!" 'Haruhi you always make me feel at peace and put my worrying away.' Honey noticed that the car stopped as he opened the door and took Haruhi's hand in his own and pulled her out the car and threw the door of his house. He turned to look at her and saw her gasp "Woah y-your house is HUGE! Honey-sempia!" Honey put a finger to his chin "I sappose...ah! Haru-chan you wanna eat cake with me?"

"hmmm sure why not, a little bit can't hurt me!" So Honey lead Haruhi to the dinning room and they each sat down with a slice of strawberry cake. Honey was looking at Haruhi from the corner of his eye and saw some pink frosting on the side of her bottum lip. Honey turned towards her and leaned his face close to hers. 'Come on! you can do it!..' Honey noticed that Haruhi noticed his and looked at him from the corner of her eye confusion evedient in her eyes. Honey then kisses the side of her mouth and licked off the frosting.

(Haruhi PV)

'Oh my gosh! he kissed me!' Haruhi was shocked and turned towards Honey which made there lips connect fully. Haruhi's eyes widened as she felt his soft lips on her's. Haruhi gasped as she felt Honey's tounge ask for entrance and Haruhi wanting nothing more opened her mouth and willingly let Honey exsplore her mouth. She felt his tounge tast every part of her mouth as his tounge touched her's inviting it to tast him.

'He tastes so sweet...I truely do love this boy' Haruhi felt Honey's hand cerressing her cheek and leaned into his palm. The kiss would of lasted longer, but they were interupted as the they heard a squeal. Haruhi pulled away from Honey's lips quickly and saw a beautiful blonde woman with a huge smile on her face. 'That must be Honey-sempia's mother and..' Haruhi looked over at the large muscular fierce looking man just looking at them sternly 'That must be Honey-sempia's father.'

Haruhi blushed as she realized that his parents had walking in on her and Honey makeing out. She say Honey turn towards his family his seren face turned to one of embarassment and horror. Honey's mother ran over to her son and enveloped him in a tight hug "Ohhhh I was waiting for the day for my little bunny to get a girlfriend!" she sqealed happily. Haruhi blushed 'I really hope that day comes to' Haruhi saw Honey blushing to 'If he didn't have feelings for me then why would he kiss me...?...Oh I wanna ask him if he feels the way I feel, but I'll just have to wait..danm.'

Honey got out of his mother's grip and stuttered "w-well u-m" his father then walked up to me and peered down at me I gulped.