Cinderheart's SMS

Cinderheart charged her pawphone and realised she had four from Lionblaze,

one from Firestar, one from Sorreltail and one from Leafpool.

She opened the one from Lionblaze and it said: Hi dear. Can we go hunting after my dawn patrol?

She replied: Sure thing. If you are not too tired or need to go apperentice training.

She opened Firestar's message and sighed: Do you know where is Sandstorm?

Use your nose!

P.S She is in ThunderClan as far as I know.

She clicked send.

She banged her head on a tree as she read Sorreltail's message: How are you and Lionblaze? I would like to be a grandmother soon!

You will have to wait for that!

Love ya.


She grumbled and sent it.

Leafpool's message: Are we still friends?

Reply: If you don't do your gas again in my face when I eat.

Cinderheart smiled having a phone is convenient but you receive many junks too. She left her pawphone to charge as she went to get some fresh-kills.

This is my first chapter. Correct me if there is anything :D