Bluestar was still laughing and replaying Firestar's Video for the eleventh time.

Leafpool had sent her the video and some other ThunderClan cats.

Bluestar then continued to send the video to all thunderClan cats in StarClan and most of them sent the video

to other cats so now the whole lake knew about it.

The video was about Spottedleaf embarrassing Firestar and she was quite guilty about it.

Ha! Bluestar thought to herself. Tonight is the Gathering, let's see what Firestar will do.

Bored, Bluestar decided to spam some cat's mail and her eyes landed on Whitestorm napping.

Her pawphone suddenly beeped while spamming Whitestorm halfway.

She quickly sent the spam mail and read the message from Tigerstar.

Tigerstar had BCC-ed the mail to all clans.


Bluestar grinned and grabbed the chance to humliate Tigerstar.

You are a failure, even kits knew how to spell waaay earlier than you!

Bluestar paused and added:

Since you are such an epic failure, go to the gathering later and in front of all cats, bow down

to me and call me 'Your majesty'.

Bluestar then sent the mail.

Tigerstar flooded Bluestar's mailbox with loads of message about him being leader,failing because

of a mistake and all that.

Bluestar ignored them and checked her mailbox.

Only one from Firestar.

Bluestar!Please save me at the Gathering later!Plz!I'll do ANYTHING!

Bluestar laughed and paid a visit to Firestar who was quietly sobbing in his den.

"Hey kit!"Bluestar mewed jokingly.

Firestar looked up, his face redder than ever and wailed,

"Please help me!" and bawled like a little girl.

Sandstorm entered his den and tried to comfort him.

Firestar stopped for a while and glared at her.

"Didn't I tell you to knock before entering?"

"Soreee." Sandstorm rolled her eyes at him and shrugged.

"Also, you helped Spottedleaf in embarrassing me for life!I can't believe both of you will betray

me like that!Even Leafpool too!I have a good mind to banish her!" Firestar cried.

"Fine! I will help you! but stop crying-Great StarClan!"Bluestar snapped as Firestar hugged her tightly.

Bluestar sat down and mailed messages to Tallstar,Leopardstar and Nightstar.( is soooo old!)

She requested the leaders to embarrass the current leaders of each clan for the sake of Firestar.

She received the replies almost immediatly.

Tallstar: ok...Firestar is a good leader... but why sacrifice Onestar?

Leopardstar:No way!Mistystar for Firestar? Never in a million moons!

Nightstar:Blackstar is very easily embarrassed. I won't agree on normal circumstances, but

since I'm so bored nowadays, let's just equal them out.

Bluestar went back to StarClan to pursuade Tallstar and LeopardStar.

Tallstar was easily convinced but Leopardstar was so stubborn Bluestar had to make an agreement with her.

So onestar dropped into a rabbit hole filled with dung;Blackstar was scared out of his pelt when the four

leaders dressed as a giant toad and scared him;Mistystar promtly blacked out when she was trapped by rocks and dung was

thrown at her.

And everything was videoed and sent to everybody.

Nightstar was still laughing at Onestar and even Leopardstar was chuckling about Blackstar.

So at the gathering, every leader was redder than usual and all cats were talking about

the videos.

BLuestar smiled to herself and made a note to remind her that Firestar owed her a favour.

She sent one last message to Spottedleaf and went to download a game in her pawphone to play.

Hope you like it!It has nothing much to do with her mail but what else is there to write? so i need reviews and ideas!And this is the most I had done!Yay!Cheers
I'm doing ShadowClan next and is definately doing Blackstar so I need another cat amd ideas!