Chapter Five: Preparing!
I have decided to finish this story quickly so... Well.
Hollyleaf: NOOOOOOOO...
Silverstream: Why are you here anyway?
Yellowfang: Silverstream, we're going back to StarClan.
Firestar: Er... My question is, are you guys supposed to be here?
Graystripe: Silverstream!
Silverstream: Graystripe!
Dawnshine's sister:... SHUT UP! Erm, Rowenclaw, I Choose You!
Rowenclaw: If Dawnshine's sister owns Warriors, It would be the end of the world.
Dawnshine sis: Shut up! And, I want to finish this story quick so... There wouldn't be activities at the end anymore.
Firestar: Are they really my Clanmates?
Dawnshine sis: Rowenclaw and Silverstream are not. Anyway,
All: *Le gasp*
Dawnshinesis: Anyway, have fun!
By the way,I'm Dawnshine's sis(if you remember),now known as Skysong.
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Firestar was in his den, preparing all his food and stuff. He muttered something about "Graystripe stealing his food" as he took a look at a mouse.
It was half-chewed. Suddenly, Graystripe ran into the den and started throwing a lot of twoleg stuff, like balloons and plushies.
"Hey, look at this!" Graystripe meowed as his tail pointed at a big stack of rectangular stuff.
"It... looks like me," Firestar concluded.
"You can read two-leg languages. Tell me."
"Whatever. It is a story of us in this twoleg book thingy, and the title is 'Into The Wild'. It's about my first coming into the Clan."
"WHAT!?" Graystripe screeched so loud that suddenly, a bunch of banana peels and rotten fruits were thrown at him.
"I can translate it. You wanna read?" Firestar snorted.
"Yes! Bring it along to the Dishleydand," Graystipe replied cheerfully as he danced out of the den.
"It's Disneyland!" Firestar corrected/screamed at him.

*Line* Oh, How inconvenient!


Mistystar was throwing whatever fish she can find into what Reedwhisker told her was a twoleg stuff called "bag".
She took a look at a Mistystar Plushie Skysong, her boss, gave her. It's... squishy.
She went to check a random kit's bag and found redundent rubbish like fish bones. She stared at the kit as the kit gave a 'failed puppy eyes' and Mistystar sighed,
wondering what would the kit do to the fish bones.

*Line* Sorry, the main one will be based on ThunderClan, so the other Clan's POV would be short.


Blackstar was glaring at all his worker cats as they moved practically half the stuff in the Clan into a LARGE BAG.
He was lying lazily on a rock as he saw a kit putting random twoleg cookies inside.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? THEY SHOULD NOT BE INSIDE! THEY SHOULD BE IN-" he shoved the cookies into his mouth and patted his stomach,
The kit rolled his eyes and started throwing food into Blackstar's mouth like ninja darts, exepct it is way more hilarious.
Blackstar choked and dived into a river.(A/N where did the river come from?)
He did not know how do swim.
Rowenclaw had to poke him with a stick. (MOI STICK! Jayfeather yelled)
Then he dangled Blackstar with the stick and threw the poor leader on the grass.
And Blackstar knocked his head on the rock he had been sitting on, and-
Skysong, his boss, had to pull him to the backstage.
*Line* Two more Clans to go!


Onestar yawned and gobbled down all the prey he had.

*Line* Sorry WindClan's is the shortest!


Leafstar started derpin' around in Facebook.
Leafstar went NO.
Billystorm started looking into Leafstar's Facebook status.
"Awesome," he whispered.
"Yeah..." "What is it?"
The whole SkyClan blew up because Leafstar got angry that Billystorm did not know what is Facebook.
Just Joking.
line~~ Spottedleaf: Oh, and we don't own Facebook.
Skysong: Yeah.
Hollyleaf: Bye!