(Ebony POV) Preface- They Came

They surrounded us. Six dark cloaks with gleaming red eyes and fierce snarls on their lips slowly advanced forward. Mother shoved Onyx and me behind her, and we both felt half of her vampire strength and powers flow into us. When a dark cloak let down his hood to reveal a pale white face framed by long, black hair, she spoke.

"They had nothing to do with this, and I accept full responsibility for the mess I've made. Please, spare them," she begged.

"Aro, you know the rules. No matter how much you favor a certain 'gift', she must die," a near twin of the man who is supposed to be Aro whispered roughly.

"Quite right, Marcus," he replied with a voice full of pity. "Come forth, Ebony." He was speaking directly to me.

I cautiously crept up to him, and he smiled down at me and took my hand. His eyes became unfocused and vague, and when he was through he said with wonder," It appears Jade is right, dear brothers. Let her death be quick, Felix and Demetri."

That's when they sprang toward her, and when she just said, "I love you, Onyx and Ebony. Never forget that", I knew she was content with dying. I closed my eyes, but I had already seen her blank expression in the fire. The sweet scent of a vampire burning filled the air, and it was over.

"I'm terribly sorry for the loss, but she knew the rules and broke them anyway," Caius said with a cold voice. "We hope you understand." They retreated into the smokey mist, and when we couldn't hear their footsteps anymore, Onyx and I streaked over to the remains that were our mother. I love you echoed over and over in my head, and I knew she was gone forever.

We were alone.