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(Aro POV) 13. Collecting What is Rightfully Mine

I wandered the halls of the Volturi castle silently brooding. Guard members bowed as I walked past them, and I flicked a quick wave towards them to rise. I turned the corner and pushed open the largely ornate doors that led to the Feeding-slash-Judgement room, a room where we decide how to proceed with broken laws and also the only room large enough to provide a spacious feeding area.

Stomping childishly over to my throne in between Marcus's and Caius's, I ungracefully plopped down and crossed my legs. Jane glanced with faux concern in her eyes. "Something wrong, master?"

"Nothing, really," I hedged.

"Come now, Aro. We know you better than that; tell us what's wrong," Reneta, my shield, demanded.

I sighed heavily before admitting my thoughts in a rush. "The Whitelocks. I want them to be on the guard."

"Not this again!" Marcus rasped as he ghosted in through the side door. "I thought we were past this, Aro."

"Even if we just had Ebony," I murmured to him wistfully. "The powers, the strength, her natural stealth, and the fact she is an immortal . . . ." I trailed off, my intentions clear.

"Aro, when I witnessed the bond between the two sisters, it was unlike anything I've ever seen before. Strong as a mate's bond, but more defined. It was extraordinary," he whispered. "Perhaps you could approach it from a different perspective, Aro. Would you want to work with the people who killed your mother right in front of you?" Marcus's milky red eyes glared at me to make sure I was listening.

"Let us just visit to see how they are doing in Georgia," I coaxed. "Just to get reacquainted."

"Why are you so fascinated with them, Aro? They're just pathetic humans," Jane sneered.

I turned my icy gaze on her, letting her shift uncomfortably at the clear warning in my eyes, Watch yourself. "My dear, Ebony and her sister are not regular humans; their mother Jade had an eccentric power of granting vampires human qualities or vice versa. Ebony and Onyx each had their own powers, strength, speed, and beauty. A vampire without having to drink blood," I explained.

"So, are we going to 'convince' the sisters to join the Volturi?" Demetri asked from across the room at his post. "I rather fancied the Onyx girl."

"And I took a small interest in Ebony," Felix admitted.

"Well, Marcus, it seems that most of the main guard want the Whitelock sisters to join us. All we need now is for Caius to approve the trip as well, and you'll be outvoted," I taunted.

Marcus rolled his eyes before turning to another Volturi member standing beside him. "Would you mind fetching Caius from his study? We need his vote."

"No need, Marcus. Now, what is this voting about?" Caius inquired, entering through the golden doors.

"Aro badly needs the Whitelock sisters, Ebony and Onyx. So far it's tied between Aro and I on whether to go to Georgia or not," Marcus explained.

Caius tilted his head to the side in thought before nodding to himself. I impatiently tapped my fingers on the armrest, aggravated by his slow response. However, it could have only been twenty more seconds before he replied in a cautious voice, "Marcus, I understand the view you're coming from, but think of it like this. The Volturi could offer protection to them in return for their services; that way, we both win. So, I completely agree with Aro to persuade them to join us." He smiled a frosty smile before continuing in a hushed voice. "I'm hoping for a chance to study them, myself."

"So it's unanimous; we will visit the Whitelock sisters in Georgia and ask them to enter the Volturi guard. If they refuse, we simply take them by force," I said in a darkly giddy voice.

"Aro, the Whitelocks are not in Georgia," Cassandra, the only vampire I'm aware of that has physic abilities, purred. "It appears that Ebony has joined the Cullen Clan in Forks, Washington. Onyx's future is completely black, which means she is most likely dead."

"Damn," Demetri murmured under his breath.

"Pity. She was such a remarkable child. Well, I guess the course has changed, my dear. In one week we will visit Forks, Washington and will apprehend Ebony Whitelock," I finalized.

Soon, she will be mine, I thought. Very soon.