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Three days later, Ahsoka walked into Adeline's hospital room to find the Nubian Angel pulling on her ballet flats. Obi-Wan was trying (and failing miserably) to brush Sadira's hair. The teenager was squirming and complaining, and Obi-Wan looked utterly downhearted. Ahsoka almost laughed, and would have on any other day, but today she didn't have the heart to. She took the brush from the Jedi Master and did the job without much complaining on Sadira's part. Obi-Wan looked very impressed, and again the girl almost laughed. Not today, though.

Ahsoka helped Sadira carry her small bag, that held spare parts and paint for Boogie. Adeline had compromised with the girl, and was going to let her paint the droid with flames. Boogie had looked a lot happier with that, and so Sadira was just waiting to do so. Adeline was absentmindedly stroking her bump as they headed towards where the family's temporary Rebel Alliance quarters would be. After finding the place and leaving their stuff in it, they headed off to find the dining hall.

"Just do it, Ahsoka! You're a Jedi Knight, and this is no problem." The Togruta told herself, steeling her nerves for a long and gruesome talk. Eventually, she said, "Um, guys? I'm going to be... gone... for a while."

Adeline turned to look at the young Jedi Knight. "What?" She asked.

Ahsoka sighed. "I'm not going to be here anymore. I'm giving up, taking the offer that I was given two years ago, the day after Order 66. I'm going to be frozen in carbonite. Soon, too, perhaps today or tomorrow."

A deadly silence descended upon the small group. Everyone stopped walking. Adeline teared up, burying her face in Obi-Wan's tunic and mumbling something about allergies.

Sadira was the first one to speak. "What?" She asked in a whisper, as if she was afraid that talking out loud would make her cry.

Ahsoka nodded sadly. "There's nothing more I can do. I'm going to take a break in carbonite for a while, and ride out the storm."

Adeline could understand Ahsoka's fears. She had seen Darth Vader for the first time since he had turned, and she was afraid that she would become the very thing she had always sworn to despise. She was terribly afraid of not being able to face her own fears, and Adeline understood. She put an arm around Ahsoka just as a young pilot came around the corner with a message.

"Miss Tano? Senator Mothma says that the chamber will be ready a little bit sooner than the usual twelve hours, she can take you soon."

Adeline stepped back as Ahsoka nodded. "Thanks, Jensen. See you sometime later, okay?"

The young pilot nodded as Ahsoka slapped him on the back, then headed off down the corridor.

Adeline teared up again, muttering something about pregnancy hormones. "Well, do you have some time?"

Ahsoka paused for a moment before replying, her voice choked up. "Yeah, I got some time." She said softly.

Adeline wrapped her arms around the girl. "Well, if you have time, then let's not waste it. I know plenty of places to have fun on this rock."

Sadira giggled. Obi-Wan protested. "Adeline, you don't want to overexert yourself-"

Adeline cut him off. "Look, Obi-Wan, I love you, but not enough to put myself on bed arrest for eight months. We're going to have a good time, even if it kills us!"

"That's what I'm afraid of," Obi-Wan muttered.

Adeline smacked him. "C'mon, let's go have fun!"

And they did. They climbed trees, skydived, and hiked through the forest. They had lunch with the Ewoks. They raced speeder bikes. Sadira and Ahsoka chased Rebel Pilots through the corridors, laughing. They even paid a party of Ewoks to invade Mon Mothma's quarters. It was the most fun any of them had ever had, but, like fun always is, it was over much too soon. Ahsoka took her lightsaber and clipped it onto her task belt. She fastened her Padawan braid around her ankle. She stuck a picture inside her shirt. "What's that?" Sadira asked, curious.

"Something to remember," The Jedi Knight replied. The small family (for that is what they were) marched off down the corridor towards the carbon freezing chamber, as if marching to their death.


A young Togruta stood at the edge of a carbon-freezing pit, her head held high. Two Nubian Angels and a Human Jedi Master stood behind her. The elder of the two Angels held out a letter, written on a piece of handmade paper. The Togruta tucked it into her shirt and thanked the Angel, handing her a letter of her own. The younger Angel began to cry, and a boy standing nearby put his arm around her. The Togruta turned to watch, and the teenage Angel gestured wildly at the boy with a look of excitement on her face. The Togruta girl gave her friend a thumbs-up, turning to a weary-looking middle aged woman standing at the control board. She nodded and stepped out onto the platform. As the platform lowered into the floor, she turned towards the small family and saluted proudly. The elder Angel buried her head in the Jedi Master's robe, while the younger cried on the boy who was holding her.

As steam hissed into the pit, the young Togruta did something unseen by the others. She pulled the picture out of her shirt and smiled at it. The picture was of Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka. The young Togruta smiled at her younger self (for she was Ahsoka Tano) and whispered, "May the Force be with you, Master. I know you'll find your way home someday." Then the carbonite encased the Togruta, and she spoke no more. She would find her way, for she was a Jedi Knight. Ahsoka Tano would return to the universe that she called home, to save what was rightfully free. She would return.


Adeline Nirvana sat on top of the small family's little cottage, looking into the Tatooine sunset. It was beautiful, and she looked down on Obi-Wan and Sadira, who were playing ball. They were throwing a water balloon back and forth, and Adeline thought that, privately, neither of them would have minded if they failed to catch it. It was 95 standard degrees, a perfect winter evening, and both of them were very, very hot. Adeline had called them wimps, but Obi-Wan had protested that she wasn't throwing. She had leaped off the roof, but Obi-Wan had told her that she "Mustn't overexert herself.", and Adeline had given him a large raspberry and leaped nimbly back on the roof. She laughed quietly to herself, as she had a large stash of water balloons in a box, hidden from sight, on the roof. The Angel was planning to throw them at her sister and husband, and couldn't wait. They were all hot and tired, and this was the best cure she could give them, as lakes were nonexistent on Tatooine.

Just then, the water balloon dropped out of the air right between Obi-Wan and Sadira. They both looked crushed, and Adeline decided that this was her moment. She called, "Incoming!" And threw the first balloon.

It smacked Obi-Wan, leaving him soaked. Sadira burst out laughing, but fell silent as Obi-Wan glared at her. "Adeline," The Jedi Master said softly, as if he was struggling to keep his temper under control, "I am going to kill you."

She laughed and leaped off the roof again, landing lightly on her toes. "We all know you wouldn't do that, Obi," She said softly, kissing him passionately.

Sadira giggled and climbed the side of the small house, reaching the box of water balloons. "You guys are SO DEAD!" She called. "Hey, Boogie! Help me out over here, won't you?"

The tiny mouse droid squeaked and rolled over to where Sadira was pointing. He had been expertly painted with flames by the girl (who had found her strength, and was starting art school in the fall), and was obviously MUCH happier than if he had been painted pink, like the teenager had originally intended. He waited there, for Sadira to throw the balloons down. She had attached a net to the little droid, and he caught every single one she threw.

Sadira dropped to the sand, laughing. "Hey, guys! Catch!"

And that's exactly what they did. Sadira looked awed. "Holy Force!" She breathed. "That's incredible!"

Adeline laughed. "You can't beat a Jedi Knight at a water balloon fight!" She teased.

Sadira grinned. "Want to bet?" She asked.

Obi-Wan surprised them by answering. "Fifty credits."

Sadira smiled. "Deal, Master Kenobi." She dropped fifty credits into Boogie's net, Obi-Wan doing the same. Adeline handed her ten water balloons, and they began to fight.

When the balloons were gone, Sadira dropped to the ground, laughing and dripping wet. "You...were...right..." She choked. "Double...or...nothing?"

Adeline laughed. "You're on!" She picked up another balloon. This was how they should always be, a family. She threw the balloon, drenching her giggling little sister.

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