Harry potter and the order of Anubis


What if the power the dark lord knows not wisent love but a 5000 years old god? How would harry life change as a godling. No parings Voldemort bashing

Harry potter belongs to J.K. Rowling

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Changes in the story up to the end of fourth year.


Lily potter was running for her life through a graveyard. You may ask why the reason why that was ... the dark lord Voldemort. She knew that James was dead and she left her wand behind. A cry reminded her that she still had Harry pressed to her chest; there was only one option left.

She runs to the heart of the graveyard, not many wizards knew about the gods or the house of life only in legends and myths. But they were real and Lily was a descendent of pharaoh's but she could not use the magic of her people. Her family had one gift though; they were connected to a cretin god that loves graveyards. As she stood there building up the needed energy to summon her only chance to save her son was when she died. The moment lily died she knew several things, the first that she had died, that Harry would be raised by her magic hating sister and that if her plan worked Harry would be saved and Voldemort would die tonight in this graveyard, then all faded.

Voldemort felt happy, well the closest a snake faced crazy dark lord could be. He had just killed the mudblood and her husband now it was time to kill the brat and no one can ever stand in his way again

He can hear the child crying in the distance of where he fired his curse and makes his way towards it. When he arrived he was shocked to see the brat in the arms of a teenage boy the mudblood lay on a tab of stone placed in a peaceful position. There was a cot being made out of fabric as the boy tried to stop the brat from crying.

The boy did not even have the nerve to address him the most powerful being in England (Not anymore snake face). He was just about to demand the boy to induce himself when the boy spoke "Would you happen to know how to stop this young one from crying?" "Allow me to kill it and it will never make a sound again"

"No I don't think that is a suggestion?" Voldemort raised his wand ready to just kill the boy and then the brat when he met the boy's eyes, fear stops him, pure fear. All he can see in the boys eyes was power and age far beyond his own, even that old fool Dumbledore. "Who are you boy? And what are you doing here?"

"Boy? Who are you to call me boy mortal?" A normal person would make the logical move to know that when he said mortal he might not be one himself, but no the "all powerful lord, "what's his name". (Sorry I have been informed to stop calling snake face. Sorry Voldemort anymore crazy and "wrong names").

"How dare you call me a mortal I am the immortal lord Voldemort!" He expected many things from the boy such as for him to beg for his life, or to run many things like that what he did not expect was for him to laugh like it was some kind of joke.

The "Boy" is looking at the human with the shattered soul who just proclaimed himself an immortal. The fool, he thought, when a mortal breaks their own soul it means that their soul will cease to be within the next 120 years. "Forgive me for it seems I have forgotten to introduce myself. I am Anubis, lord of the ways of death, and god of funerals". He see's fear for just a few seconds, then disbelief "I believe that Anubis has a dog for a head in the legends" He sees rage in the boys eyes then the boys form shifts into that of Anubis of Legend and roars at him "I AM NOT A DOG" the mortal fall's back in fear and then the baby started to cry again greet.

So Anubis was once again trying to send the boy back to sleep so he missed the look that was on snake face's face (sorry Voldemort I keep forgetting, I mean what kind of nut job wants to look like a snake, I mean come on! Oh and sorry about the confusion with face's face jest go with it).

Voldemort was beside himself with many emotions running through him, the two main ones were fear and envy. Fear because; well let me see the god of death was right in front of him and seemed to be pretty mad with him and growling. You may ask why he believes him so quickly, well the reason for that is that he can sense the amount of power coming off of him, it was at godly level.

The envy was because of the power this boy, no god, well beyond his own immigration and that is saying a hell of a lot. Then a dark and "brilliant idea" came to the dark lord (Sense the lack of good idea) he would kill this god and become one himself. It was perfect (As I said before snake face is stupid, I mean he thinks that he can kill a god). So he charges up his magic and fires the killing curse at the god and baby to "kill them". Then something happened that Voldemort did not expect, they both lived the baby and god. Now the killing cruse kills everything yes as long as it is human, werewolf mermaids, Centaur's, young vampires and most animals.

Oh for all you vampire's haters and lovers, the only reason that I put that the killing curse kills young vampires is that although they are dead they are also partly alive. In fact the only thing the killing curse did was give the baby a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt and made the god even more angry at him, it was then that he realized that he was weaker then he should be, his sprit was broken again when he didn't plan, later yes not now. It was then that Voldemort had the greatest idea he ever had. He reached his hand into his robes for his port key to get the hell out of there (hey no-one said he was very brave, and his is not stupid enough to try and fight a god, if the most powerful dark spell did not work) when he felt something warping around his arms pulling them back and warping around him.

Anubis was not having a good day so far better than the two other people in the graveyard but not by much. He was summoned by a member of the Evans family only to find her dead with a crying baby in her arms, picking the baby up and having a cradle made up of mummy wrappings (I know yuck, but it was all he had) he started a ritual to help the woman's sprit to move on to the hall of judgement in peace.

Then he looked to see a man with a snake face and a shattered soul he even used the d-word, then tried out this killing blast at him and the baby and now a piece of the idiots is within the boy. Oh he will suffer greatly for this. First things first, taking care of the kid the curse didn't kill. The baby because of himself but reflecting the energy back broke down the man's soul even more, which will cling to the boy like insects to a rotting body.

The soul would be difficult to remove from the outside without causing damage to the host soul, so the only way to get rid of this soul piece is to destroy it slowly over a long period of time as in 10 to 16 years. This means he will have to take the boy as his host. Seeing that this fraction of spirit within the kid will be busy with his soul the boy would need protection, so he summoned a golden collar around the kid's neck with Anubis written in Egyptian hieroglyphics. This collar has a couple of powers to it, the first is that it will protect the boy from the house of life and any demons that he might bump into, the second is that it will grow as the child does so not to choke him, the next is that people will not notice it or can remove it without the boys or Anubis permission. The last power allows Anubis to summon him, or the other way around. He places the baby back to his mother and turns his attention back to the mortal trash that was being mummy fried alive he allows his rage to take over.

"Voldemort you have killed a descendent of my sacred priesthood and have tried to kill another, you have shattered your own soul ,for this you will suffer a fate even worse then death, even more then having Ammut devour your soul forever. I shall grant your wish to live forever, but you will remain trapped for ever within this prison, watching your plains fail and collapse around you. As you fail the pain and fear of all those you killed or tortured will consume you. Now begone from my sight". As he says this he is pulled into a coffin then into the earth. He spins around to look at the baby when he hears people shouting for lily, he gives the boy one last look before vanishing from the graveyard and from the boy who he will not see for thirteen years.

Other changes in the story

He does not have the phoenix wand in steed it is a 10 inch long yew wood with a jackal tail string

His patronus is a jackal not a stag

His connection to Voldemort is weaker than normal.

He took ancient runes inside of divination