Harry potter and the order of Anubis


What if the power the dark lord knows not wasn't love but a 5000 years old god? How would Harry's life change as a godling. No pairings Voldemort bashing

Harry potter belongs to J.K. Rowling

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"Anubis to Harry"

Chapter 2

Harry James Potter was not having a good school year sure it started out good with seeing the Quidditch world cup then it all went downhill they was a death eater attack ( Yes you heard right, death eater's what type of name is that) then the dark mark being fired up into the sky. Then he came back to Hogwarts and got forced into the triwizard tournament having the school turned against him, even his friends.

Yes but they all came back running after the first task fighting dragons saying how they were sorry that they did not believe him. Next came fighting off an army of merpeople to save one of his back stabbing friends who then claimed that they helped out when in fact was fast asleep. Then had to go through a maze filled up with tonnes of monsters within it and the cup is really a port key, now they are in a graveyard at the mercy of lord Voldemort. Oh yes he doesn't have any now Cedric is dead and he is tied up to a grave when some crazy spell is going on that has given Voldemort a new body that isn't that of a deformed baby which was gross.

When Voldemort gained his new body Harry expected it to look like some kind of all-powerful wizard not a half human half snake thing. Thing was that he thought he would be in pain from his scar but nothing, which was confusing. So loads of pain when he is not even in a body or in someone else's, but when in his own none, okay wizard. Also his amulet was beginning to get hotter and hotter like it's on fire during this Voldemort is going through a long speech to his death eater minions (really they called death eaters what the hell).

Harry then notched that Voldemort was going over what happed that night 13 years ago "you see mister potter the reason why my killing curse failed is because of love from your mother protected you from the killing curse. This ancient magic is what stopped me from killing you but now that i have your blood the spells will no longer affect me" as he said this he lifted up a long bone like finger to Harry's forehead, as the amulet stated to grow even hotter the only thing going through Harry's mind was for Voldemort to get the hell away from him. The amulet, as if sensing it, made some kind of wall of pure magic and blasted back Voldemort into a headstone with such a strong force that the headstone shattered like glass. The death eaters were shouting and running to their master trying to help him as Voldemort started to cough up blood. Harry was too busy looking at the amulet around his neck in wonder to pay attention to what they were doing, he had no idea it had this much power, he knew it had magic about it but not this much it blasted the most power dark wizard in the last 300 years like a blade of grass in a hurricane.

Then he saw a boy who was dressed in muggle clothes tending to Cedric's body and placing it on to a giant chunk of black stone he had a broad look on his face like seeing a dead person was nothing new to him. So far Harry was the only one to see him the death eaters were trying to heal they master who looked like he was knocked out. Harry was about to shout to the boy to run when he saw the boys shadow was in the form of a massive "Do not think dog!" When Harry looked round and saw no one even near him to have said it he then looked at the boy who was glaring at him. Harry was in shock when he saw the boy gave him a smirk then looked over at the death eater his smirk turned into look of disgust and loathing.

"How did you do that Potter?" spoke a now awake dark lord before casting a healing spell on himself, then looked at harry again and then forces on and then seems to look at his neck, casts a spell over his eyes and looked shocked at what he saw "Where did you get that amulet potter? Did Dumbledore give that to his little golden boy to keep him safe?" He then got a look of greed in his eyes "if it was that powerful for you then in my hands it will be even more powerful … Accio amulet!" nothing happed for about two minutes until the unknown boy broke into laughter then all the death eaters turned round and looked at him. Harry was scared for this boy, he just saw Cedric die he would not see this muggle boy die as well. He is just about to go into a blind charge to give the boy come chance to run "Please stop from trying to get yourself killed Mr Evans "

Voldemort was a master of many magic's that normal wizard's would never know or could imagine (wizards have a poor imagination). And like all men with power he wanted more power so when he sees that the amulet that blasted him back and refused to move from potter's neck and then some muggle boy is laughing at him and his inner cycle. Perhaps he could use this boy to get that amulet yes potter loves to be a hero this could work "Potter hand over the amulet or the muggle boy will die" he then watches his death eaters from a cycle around the boy. Potter reached up for his amulet with a look of hated in his eyes when the boy said in calm voice "Please stop what you are doing Mr Evans and keep it on and as for you lord what's your name shut up before I rip your soul into smaller pieces then it is already" with that he walked towards the middle of the graveyard where a bench was being made out of some fabric before the boy sits on it.

"How dare a mudblood fifth like you dare speak to our lord like that?" said some random death eater "He has conquered death itself to have returned back to us" they kept on saying things like this over and over again giving the dark lord an even bigger ego then before, missing the looks of anger on the boy's face it looked like he was about go on a killing spree. Harry was watching the boy like a Angel he was sure that the boys voice was speaking into his mind but how he has never heard of spell to let someone do that. Finally the boy started to talk "Mr Evans please have a seat we have much to talk about and as for you inbred dogs, get out of my sight".

"How dare you we are purebloods the master race we are like kings that should have all the power in the world hahahaha" Said one really stupid Nazi sorry death eater, come on apart from magic the only thing different between them is power I mean the Nazis conquered several countries and did a hell of a lot of damage when the death eaters can't even take over a school. The death eaters start to jump at the chance to say how superior purebloods are and how weak everyone else is when the most annoying death eater started to insult the boy until "Shut the hell up you stupid idiot mortal, I have come across a lot of crazy mad, and annoying things in my 5000 years of life but you wizards are by far the most annoying you even beat Horus, Bast and Thoth combined so you will shut your mouth now or I will show you why even you never piss off a god!"

No one not even the really really stupid death eater said anything (mostly from the fact trying to understand what he said) then all of a sudden Voldemort collapse to the ground and started to vomited blood like there was no tomorrow which for him there isn't. The boy had a wrecked look on his face "What have you done to our lord?" shouted the death eaters "oh I'm just taking back Mr Evans blood I can't just like something that dangerous floating around defiantly within that damn serpent for being released but enough of that its time for you to join your others shards in your little coffin I hear it has nice window space" fabrics started to bind Voldemort mummifying him his death eaters either ran or stayed to try and kill him, which wasn't working, the boy just clapped his hands and half the death eaters blew up into bits of sand. "Anubis what are you doing?" said strong male voice it was spoken like you would to a miss behaving child the affect was immediate the boy stop what he was doing and turned around "Lord Osiris What are you doing here?" said Anubis, he had the look of a deer court in headlights looking at a ghost. Well it looked like one but it wasn't white but had full green coloured skin and seen to have an aura of pure power around him "I believe I asked my question first Anubis and why" he turns to look at harry "have you got a host and when did you get one?".