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The boys stared at the place where the old man - the old wizard - had been.

No one said anything for a full minute, before Ponyboy broke the silence.

"I'm going for a walk."

No one said anything as the boy walked out the door.

Ponyboy walked down the sidewalk, kicking at a clump of dirt.

'However, in just the past week your inner power has reached surprising levels. I won't lie; without proper training worse things could happen than flying eggs.'

He had powers? He was a wizard? Great. Like being a Greaser wasn't bad enough, or having two of his best friends die in just the past week.

Did he really believe that old man, Dumbledore? He could just be some crazy old man. But then again, he did turn the coffee table into a pig. How do you explain that?

He didn't know what to think.

But at the moment it didn't matter what he thought about the whole wizard thing because he realized that a bright red mustang was following him and the only thought on his mind was 'run.'

Dang it.

He still hadn't completely recovered from being sick or the week of living off bologna. He knew he wouldn't be able to fight back, or hardly even able to run from them, especially with them in a car.

But he ran anyway. The mustang sped up and he increased his pace as best he could.

His attempts didn't work though; the Socs were out of the car and on him in a second.

They threw him to the ground, hard, and he cried out when his head hit the ground. He saw stars momentarily before a fist was sunk into his stomach and his breath left him.

"You're the Greaser that helped kill Bob, aren't you?" a Soc standing off to the side demanded.

Pony didn't know if they expected him to answer; he wouldn't have been able to. Blackness ate at the edges of his vision and his mind was getting sort of fuzzy. Why wasn't the game coming to save him?

He'd only been gone 10 minutes. Of course they wouldn't think anything was wrong.

The Soc on his chest punched him again before pulling a blade out of his pocket.

Fear filled Ponyboys insides.

"Maybe we should do the same to you as you did to him?" the Soc on his chest muttured.

Ponyboy squeezed his eyes shut as the Soc raised the blade, still panting for breath.

"Darry," he muttered hoarsely.

He was going to die.

He was going to die.

He was...

No. He couldn't die.

He WOULDN'T die.

He heard a yelp of surprise and opened his eyes just in time to see the Soc go flying off his chest and slam into the fence beside them.

The three Socs stared at him, and the one that had went flying stood up, looming over him menacingly.

"What did you do you little brat?" he demanded.

He raised the knife again, nearing Ponyboy, when suddenly the sky went dark.

It had been a sunny afternoon, the sun was just going down, but now dark clouds came out of nowhere and filled the sky.

The Socs looked at Pony, fear in their eyes, before running, hopping in the car, and driving away.

Pony stood up shakily, still dizzy. A strange, foreboding feeling filled the pit of his stomach.

He had to get out of there.

He half ran, half stumbled down the road towards his house, but tripped and fell. He looked up just in time to see three dark shapes swoop down seemingly from the sky.

He had never seen anything quite so terrifying.

Tall... Creatures in long black cloaks floated down. They looked like something out of one of the horror movies Two-Bit had dragged him to before, only scarier.

And it only made it worse when he realized they were headed straight for him.

Run, his mind screamed at him.




He stood up and ran as fast as his dizzy, wobbly legs could carry him. He stumbled but kept going. He had never been so scared In his whole life.

Rain began pouring down in buckets, soaking him to the bone.

Suddenly, he was filled with a strange, unbearable sadness. Memories flashed through his mind. A police officer coming to his door, telling him and his brothers that their parents had been killed in a car accident; his parents funeral; a social services person telling them that they would be keeping constant watch over the boys, that one wrong move could mean their separation; when he got jumped by those Socs walking home from the movies; the Socs drowning him; waking up to Johnny telling him he'd murdered a boy; the fire at the church; Johnny dying in that lonely hospital bed; Dally being shot down at the lot; the trial; the funeral.

One of the creatures swooped down in front of him and grabbed him by the shoulders, lifting him up. The black hood shifted slightly, revealing what looked like a deep, dark hole. It made a weird sucking sound, and the weirdest feeling swept over Ponyboy. It felt like the life was being literally sucked out of him; he couldn't think of any other way to put it.

The world blurred in front of his eyes and the blackness returned to the edges of his vision. The world, which had already been spinning, rocked dangerously back and forth.

Vaguely off in the distance, he heard someone shout something. There was a bright light, and the creature dropped him to the ground. He felt someone roll him over and pick him up, saying something before the world went completely black.

Harry sat in the kitchen of number 12 Grimmauld place eating dinner. Hermione, the Weasley's, and various Order members were there as well.

"Dumbledore just sent an owl along," Mrs. Weasley said, coming into the room. "He said he'll be here shortly, and that he's bringing someone else along as well."

"A new order member?" Sirius asked.

"He didn't say," Mrs. Weasley replied.

Harry had just opened his mouth to speak when there was a knock on the door. Mrs. Weasley got up to open it, disappearing into the front room.

There was silence for a moment before they heard Mrs. Weasley gasp and say, "Bring him in, bring him in!"

She returned into the room, followed by Dumbledore, who was carrying an unconscious boy.

Tonks, Ginny and Hermione all gasped at the sight of the boy, while the boys just gaped.

The boy was on the small side, but looked to be around 13 or 14. He was soaking wet and extremely pale. His face and arms, as far as they could see, were covered with bruises. His brown hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat and water. His breaths came out in gasps.

"Take him to the other room and lay him on the couch," Mrs. Weasley said, pulling the first aid kit out of the cabinet.*

Dumbledore took the boy into the other room and Mrs. Weasley followed. The others in the kitchen waited impatiently until Dumbledore returned.

"What in the world happened?" Sirius demanded when the old wizard sat down at the table. The younger ones leaned forward curiously, glad they weren't being kicked out from the impromptu "meeting."

"Up until recently, this boy's magical abilities have remained dormant. But in the past week, his power has reached surprising levels. I believe this to be caused by some recent events," Dumbledore told them.

"Recent events?" Lupin repeated.

Dumbledore smiled. "That is unimportant. Besides, I don't know if I should reveal private matters."

"So are you sending him to Hogwarts?" Mr. Weasley asked.

"Yes. He needs to be trained."

"What happened to him?" Tonks asked.

"I'm not sure how he acquired his wounds, but I do know he had a nasty run-in with some dementors."

Hermione gave a little gasp. "Really? Why would they attack him?"

"I think a better question is, why did they go to America and attack him?" Dumbledore said.

"He's American?" Ron repeated.

"Isn't that what he just said?" Ginny said, rolling her eyes before turning back to Dumbledore to listen.

"That is a little strange, though. I can understand them attacking Harry, but some 14-year-old boy who's powers have just developed?" Lupin said.

"That's what I'm curious about," Dumbledore told them. "He would have some sad memories, making the dementors attack him, but I don't know why they would be in his area. He lives in a very small town in America."

"What's his name?" Tonks asked.

Dumbledore smiled slightly before saying, "Ponyboy."

Ron choked on his drink, and the twins laughed.

"Ponyboy? You must be-"

"Pulling our leg-"

"Aren't you?"

Dumbledore shook his head.

From the other room came a startled cry, followed by Mrs. Weasley saying something softly in a comforting voice. A voice replied back just as softly, before Mrs. Weasley walked into the room, leading the boy, Ponyboy.

Ponyboy didn't look to bad now that Mrs. Weasley had taken care of him. He was still a bit pale though, and looked tired. There was a bandage wrapped around his forehead under his hair, and another on his upper arm. He walked a bit unsteadily. Harry noticed he was also very skinny.

"Well Ponyboy, you can sit there and I'll get you something to eat," Mrs. Weasley said. Ponyboy sat in the chair she gestured to, keeping his head down shyly.

They sat in silence a bit, before the twins broke it.

"So, your name-"

"Is it really Ponyboy?"

"Boys!" Mrs. Weasley said sharply from at the stove.

Ponyboy looked at them. "Yeah. Ponyboy Michael Curtis." He was definitely American. His accent was also kind of southern too. There was a hint of pride at the edge of his voice.

"Well I like it!" Tonks announced and Ponyboy smiled at her. "My name's Tonks."

"That's a cool name," Ponyboy said.

He suddenly blinked. "Do my brothers know that I'm here?" he asked Dumbledore. "They're probably really worried, especially after..." he trailed off and fidgeted uncomfortably.

Harry frowned. Wouldn't his parents be worried too? He must've just forgot to mention them as well.

Dumbledore smiled. "I'll go and inform them tomorrow."

"Mum, where's he gonna sleep?" Ron asked suddenly.

"Well, this house is very large... Are there any more open guest rooms?" Molly asked Sirius.

He laughed. "Actually, there's still four open rooms."

"Okay, Ponyboy can sleep in one of those rooms tonight," Mrs. Weasley said.

"Are you sure it's okay for me to stay here?" Ponyboy asked.

"Of course!" Molly said, setting a big bowl of soup in front of Ponyboy. "You're so skinny," she said.

"Thanks," Ponyboy said. He took a few sips of the broth before his face went slightly green and pushed the bowl away a bit.

Molly obviously noticed this as well. "You poor thing," she said sympathetically. "Why don't you go ahead and go to sleep." She looked at Ron, who was stuffing his face with chicken.

"Ronald! You and Harry go show Ponyboy to one of the guest rooms. And for heavens sake quit eating like a pig!"

"Fine," Ron said, standing up. Harry followed in suit.

Ponyboy stood up and followed them down the hall and up the stairs. He was nearly a head shorter than Harry, who was around average height, maybe a bit taller.

Harry could tell the younger boy was exhausted just by the way he walked. Sure enough, as soon as they showed him to a room, he was in the bed and sound asleep.

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