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Summary: Remember Digimon World Dawn, well I bet you didn't know how his digimon felt about it, this is their story.

ChaosGrimmon's attack had injured all of them greatly, they could barely move, Koh could barely breathe. Sunny's body was badly beaten, his flames once filled with power were now weak and almost out. Hikari's beautiful silver-white wings broken, her body on the cold computer broad like ground. Nova's armor cracked and it seemed that his legs were broken. Koh felt like it was on fire, one more attack and they would all be deleted, save for Koh who would be dead.

He thought back to how he was the Ace of the Normal Ranking Tamers in Sunshine City. His confidence and stubbornness in accepting defeat became his most endearing and vexing quality. How when he first became a Tamer him overjoyed with the thought of teaming up with a digimon partner and saving people and digimon. Koh cursed himself for being so arrogant with his abilities, he looked over at his team, each fallen and broken because of his incompetence. He wondered to himself if they hate them for this, they all were going to die and it was his entire fault.

He heard his relief team calling at them from his digivice, he wondered if they stayed inside it, would they be spared from ExoGrimmon. His thoughts turned to Sayo, she put all her faith in him to save Team Night Claw and Dark Moon City, just as all the Tamers in Sunshine city had faith in him. He failed them, he failed them all, he didn't deserve their faith, he didn't deserve their respect, and he didn't deserve anything. His Gold Tamer ranking was a lie, his courage and strength was a lie.

As ChaosGrimmon prepared to finish them all off for good, Koh thought back to how it came to this bitter end, the wave of pure destruction washing over them all, Koh always though Death's embrace was cold and dark, slowly taking its victim into eternal peace. He was wrong, it wasn't cold it was hot, filled with power, making his body go numb. He saw his life flash before his eyes, back to a more peaceful time, a time when all he had to worry about was losing a friendly match being Tamer groups.

"Koh, your late! What were you doing!" Plusa asked irate that I was late to the stadium. His blonde hair in a bowel cut not hiding the annoyance in his blue eyes. Koh could have sworn he had more freckles and usual, but decided not to point it out, due to being on thin ice with him.

"I'm sorry, it's not my fault Gatomon wants me to look great in my Light Fang Uniform!" Koh defended himself, Gatomon his navi digimon, or house keeper if you would prefer, wanted him to look nice.

"Excuses! Don't you know today is the match between Light Fang and our Rival Night Claw! This is super important and your saying you were late because you wanted to be fashionably late!"

"Oh calm down, it isn't over yet!" Pulsa would always get excited when it came to stuff like this.

The two passed the Tamer counter, Koh waving to the Digimon working there, only Leomon waved back. They came and looked up at the stadium screen and saw Topei and his Monodramon battling a Kokuwamon, Monodramon looked like a dragon while Kokuwamon looked like…well what happened when a battery and a stag beetle had a baby.

"Come on Topei, beat that Night Claw Newton! Get him Monodramon!" Pulsa cheered looking at screen.

"That Kokuwamon is tough…" Koh said watching Monodramon striking it ruthlessly.

Kokuwamon shocked Monodramon, knocking him out. The announcer called it, another victory for Night Claw.

"…that's the 2nd loss for Light Fang…" Pulsa said crestfallen.

"That will be their last victory! I won't let Light Fang be defeated like this!" Koh said walking into the Light Fang waiting room along with Pulsa.

Chief Glare looked at Koh with his brown eyes, his dirty blonde hair held up by his Light Fang Armband.

"You made it just in time! We are on a losing streak against Night Claw."

After he said this everyone in the room started to argue and blame each other for the losing streak.

Cheetah harshly told Topei he should have won, in which Kenpa told him to calm down since he lost as well. Pulsa said something but was cut down by Komachi, both had lost just like the others to Night Claw.

Ophanimon commented on how well they all performed and said they could be bronze rank with their skills.

Koh said nothing and walked up to the warp pad to the stadium. Coronamon (Sunny), Angewomon (Hikari) and Nova (RiseGreymon) ready to become the group's Champions.

Newton and Kokuwamon stood in the stadium battle field, waiting for him to come over, he said something about being the champ and what not, but Koh paid him no mind. Soon the battle began and RiseGreymon finished it with one shot from his Tri-Cannon. Newton shocked by this, ran off swearing it wouldn't happen next time.

Next came Ponch, no not Punch, Ponch his Gabumon, a wolf looking digimon and Mametyramon a …well…a head with a helmet on with claws and tail like a t-rex, yeah…some digimon look weird.

Nova took Gabumon with one hit of his Tri Cannon and Hikari shot Mametyramon in the face with her Celestial Arrow, knocking it out in one hit. Coronamon pouted, he didn't get to fight for the 2nd time!

Punch-I mean Ponch lost with as much grace and dignity as Newton, as in now at all, now Koh would have told you all of what he said, but he wasn't listening, Coronamon however was.


Finally the last match of B group was happening, one more victory and Light Fang would be group B champions.

Gutts came out declaring he was the shining star of Night Claw and would defeat Koh's team.

"Wait…I thought Sayo was the star?" Coronamon asked him, Nova and Hikari agreeing.

"SHUT UP!" He ordered them.

Golemon, a golem basically was a part of his team, the tank Koh guessed,Volcanomon, think Gangsta rap fused with a Volcano and Mushroomon, a mushroom with limbs…cool, yeah that's it…cool.

Hikari shot her arrow at Volcanomon, knocking it out while RiseGreymon blasted Mushroom with his Tri-Cannon, the mushroom lived digivolved to Lucemon and took over the world! Wait, that would be interesting, he fainted just like all the others, Coronamon happily blasted Golemon with his holy shot. Golemon used a move called heavy tackle, basically he tackled Sunny, Hikari and Nova all at once, impressive huh? They three of them ganged up on the poor guy and the match was over. Koh,Sunny,Nova and Hikari won and were the Group B champions!

Little did they know that the true test of power, wits, glory, pride and pretty much everything the tournament stood for would be their battle with Sayo, the group A champion.

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