Sunshine Plaza was the place Komachi, Pulsa and Koh would meet up at on Monday evenings; to chat, trade mission stories and do other things together. The three could be spotted at a table at Pizzeria near Shine Market. Sharing an extra large pizza with mix of toppings.

"I'll never understand how you can stand all those olives with your pepperoni, Pulsa." Komachi said as she picked off the olives he didn't want off her slice of pizza.

"Hey, at least I'm not the one eating them with pineapple and sausage!" Pulsa said trying to defend himself by throwing Koh's tastes under the bus.

Koh swallowed the pizza he was chewing and held the rest of it away from them, holding his body in a defensive position. "I feel judged here. Why can't you accept the glorious taste in my choice for pizza toppings?"

Komachi rolled her eyes, "It's too busy! Who eats olives and pineapple with meat toppings?"

"Well Koh for one, obviously." Pulsa answered her with a sly smirk.

She huffed and gave him a look, "Don't get cheeky with me, Mister Oliveroni!"

"Pulsa Oliveroni? Must have been heck to learn how to spell, man." Koh said giving Pulsa a mock comforting pat on the shoulder.

Pulsa shook his head and looked at the both of them indignantly. " I do not have to take this from a girl who eats spicy beef curry with wasabi hot wings! No human should be able to eat that much hot stuff!"

It was Komachi's turn to look indignant, "Hey! What's that supposed to mean? Huh, smart guy?"

Koh waved a napkin as a makeshift white flag of surrender between the two of them. "Let's just all call ourselves foodies and stop this here. We should be celebrating on the wonderful fact that we don't have system duty for the rest of the month!"

Pulsa and Komachi both nodded in agreement. "Yeah, poor Kenpa, Cheetah and Tonpei got stuck with our share of it as part of their punishment from the Chief." Pulsa said as he took a big gulp of his soda he had.

Komachi stirred the ice tea she had been nursing since they gotten their pizza. "According to Litton, those three got off easy thanks to Ophanimon. She told me that he once punished Gaoh and Lyla with system checks, filing, basic training drill assisting AND janitor duty."

Both Koh and Pulsa winced and hissed at what Komachi told them, " Glad that wasn't me.", the two said in unison.

"Speaking of those two, I bet they're both disappointed over that whole Tournament getting canceled due to the attack." Pulsa said in between bites of his pizza.

"I think the spectators were the most disappointed, myself included." Koh answered as he shook his head.

"Quite so. I was looking forward to seeing how the Dynamic Dragon Goah and Gale of Justice Lyla would have fared against Sukikiyo and Kakumi." Komachi added as he sipped her tea.

"You mean Dark Beast Kakumi and Thundering Knight Sukkiyo." Pulsa corrected, raising an eyebrow at Komachi.

Komachi gave him a dull look and tried her best to make her voice as plain and even toned as possible. "Oh yes, how could I forget their not cheesy at all aliases. Please forgive me." She even threw in a mock pout and a fake snivel at Pulsa.

"Don't quit your day job, Komachi." Pulsa said with a straight face. "You're as convincing as that bearmon who totally didn't steal honey from a tanemon." She frowned in response, "You're comparing me to a bearmon that was dumb enough to lie with honey covered claws and snout? Rude."

"Tanemon? Who was the client for that mission, Pulsa? Light Fang handles requests from Holy, Dragon, Aqua and Bird Types. Unless you've defected and went to the dark side." Koh asked before giving Pulsa a mock accusatory stare.

Pulsa looked at Koh shocked, he blinked, took a big long sip of his soda and then stared Koh directly in his face. "It was a gummymon! He was friends with one the tanemon who got robbed and posted a request for the Union to deal with it!"

Koh waved his hand defensively in front of him, "Relax, relax. I was joking!"

Komachi laughed, "After his battle in the Normal Tournament, you think they'd let him join?"

Pulsa growled, " You two are a couple of Sukamon! Grief."

Koh then put his finger to his lips, "Speaking of gummymon, I also had a mission from one that had me running around Thriller Ruins." Both his friends looked at him as he recalled how the mission went.

"It's been an hour, these Kokuwamon are torture to fight and I got pagumon scum all over my coat!" Hikari whined as the group continued their search for a missing Tapirmon.

"Well these Kokouwamon don't get called tank-type digimon for nothing. Physical attacks are almost useless against them." Nova commented as he looked to Hikari, then Sunny.

"Even I can't one shot them with the legendary armor!" Sunny was particularly upset over this, since it marked the end of his very short power trip.

"Is that Tonpei?" Koh pointed to the next area ahead and as one would have it, Tonpei and his partner monodramon were pinned between two kokuwamon and one naughty little pagumon.

"Hehehe. Usually it's the human that has lots of valubale stuff and bits! Get every last thing from these two outsiders boys!" The little brat of a pagumon told his two minions.

"Affirmative." The two Kokuwamon responded to him as they both attacked monodramon with their Lightning Arrow attack, paralyzing him.

"Monodramon, no!" Tonpei yelled out as he tried to figure out a way to win this battle that wasn't looking to be in his favor at all.

"Just give up your stuff and we might just let you off with a few bruises-AH!" The pagumon was struck from behind with a Holy Shoot attack, instantly deleting him. Both Kowuwamon didn't miss out on the surprise attack though, as both were hit with Small Breath attacks from behind as well.

"T-this is my f-fight! St-stay out of it!" Monodramon said struggling to move as he watched Koh's team come to his and Tonpei's aid.

"Watch the pride, it could easily be the death of you." Nova warned him as he pointed to the Kokuwamon toward the left of him. "You handle that one, we'll beat up the other one. That's all the ground we'll give you on this, so take it or leave the battlefield." Waiting no more time with words, Nova lead the charge against their designated kokuwamon, who got battered with holy energy and fire. Team Koh managed to quickly put an end to one of the kokuwamon, but Tonpei and monodramon wasn't nearly having as much of an easy time as they did.

"Ah!" Monodramon cried out as he was hit with another Tiny Shocker attack. "Small Tornado!" The kokuwamon was sent spinning around in the air, but wasn't quite done yet. If mondramon could score a fatal hit, with another attack like that, the battle would be his, but would his body cooperate with him?

"Small Torand-AH!" His body was too stiff to preform the attack again, giving an opening for the kokuwamon to hit with with another Lightning Arrow attack.

"AH!" And another.

"AHHH!" And another.

"Monodramon!" Everyone but Nova called out his name as it looked like he was about to pass out.

"Small-", He struggled to move his claws as the kokuwamon was charging another attack, "-TORNADO!" He created twin twisters to twist and turn that kokuwamon into data. AS everyone was about to rush to his side, Nova held out a claw to stop all of them from moving, save Tonpei, who was too relieved that Monodramon wasn't deleted to notice Nova's hand gesture.

Nova walked over to him as he was being healed by Tonpei, "You fought to survive and won, my Dramon brother." He placed his claw on Monodramon's head. "I say you've earned the name of Iron, as your iron will and determination was the thing that saw you through to your victory today." Monodramon looked at Nova in surprise, but then slowly nodded and went up to him.

"I, Monodramon of the Dramon-Type , hereby accept the name you've given me, my brother. Henceforth, from now onward, I shall be known as Iron. As my name implies, I'll stand in battle with an Iron-resolve and will, till the end of days." Both did a claw version of a fist-bump and then returned to their partners without another word.

With that, Tonpei and Iron left to return back to Sunshine City, meanwhile Team Koh still had to find that Tapirmon. Luckily for them, he was in the same area they were in and only a few minutes of walking lead them to him.

"What? Gummymon is worried about me? It's alright, tell him I'll be back home soon!" With that, the mission was done, after reporting back to gummymon that his friend was okay, they went to the quest counter to collect their reward.

"So his name is Iron, now?" Pulsa asked as he and Komachi waited for Koh to answer.

"Yup, that was the highlight out of my missions for this week. The rest were way too easy to brag about. Getting a V-mushrrom for a sad veemon over degenerating. Bark and Paint Oil for shoe marker patamon. Oh! Can't forget about the gizamon "found" a poor betamon's water pillow and had to get beaten up for it to give it back."

"Four missions in one week? Wow, you work fast man." Pulsa told him, impressed.

"Granted with how difficult you made them sound, the fact it took more than five minutes means you were either taking your good sweet time or were struggling that badly to get them all done~" Komachi teased, earning a look from Koh.

"Tch, please. My team and I aren't struggling at all. Bring the next mission on, we'll own it and be back home before Kenpa starts crying on you again as she talks about the soap operas she watches with her mom and sister."

Komachi made a sour face as Koh reminded her of that habit Kenpa had. " Oh grief, if that Yukina girl can't get Kaien-Sama to remember her and the location of the antidote for her father's poisoning, Kenpa is going to cry all week about it, I swear!" Koh and Pulsa simply laughed while Komachi crossed her fingers and hoped that whatever happened on that soap, that Kenpa could take it.

"So this time we're exploring a new area and if one agumon isn't enough, we have to be in an area where they run all over the place!" Hikari said as they group managed to beat an agumon and koromon that attacked them.

"It's odd though, I didn't hear anything about them leaving Task Canyon though. That's where I'm from and where I grew up from a koromon." Nova told the group as they made their way through Limit Valley, location of their current mission from the Union.

"The rookies here are strong here, those piyomon and agumon aren't playing games here in battle." Sunny noted as the group took a different path, away from the two bridges toward their left and into an area where the dirt was much darker. A brown basketball player sized firefly on steroids, also known as sandyanmamon, attacked the group. Sunny managed to hit it with a good volley of punches from his Gatling Punch, but it's Middle Tackle attack nearly dropped Nova and did a serious number on Hikari. The two retaliated with a Pepper Breath and Holy Shoot, with Sunny finishing it off with a Holy Shoot of his own.

"These guys like to play rough. Ow." Nova said as he walked along with the rest of the group, Hikari walking past him, while Koh and Sunny were leading them onwards. Koh a did heal the two, noting that if another champion came around, it would be ugly. Beating a few shamamon and a handful of evasive renamon, they team seemed to holding their own, even against a seramon that liked to heal itself. However, he didn't expect two champions to attack them together. Two NiseDrimogemon appeared to challenge the group, and they were out for blood (data). Getting jumped by two giant purple and white moles with drills for claws and a huge one for a nose, was one thing, but the thin twirly mustaches were just over the top. While Sunny's Small Flame attack managed to do decent damge to one of them, they weren't taking that lying down. Both used their fatal skill, Drill Spin on Nova and Hikari, scoring an instant K.O. on both.

"WHAT!?" Both Sunny and Koh shouted in disbelief, as Sunny managed to finish off the one he hit earlier with another flame attack. However that would all for him, as he got hit with Drill Spin move and knocked out as well. Koh was speechlessly overwhelmed with the level of bullshit that just occurred within five minutes. His reserve team took over the battle, Koh all the while stand their frozen in rage and fear.

First one to appear, was a Dotagumon. Next, was a...Numemon and the final one was...a DotShineGreymon! One attack was all that was needed to delete the NiseDriogemon. "Glorious Burst!" A searing sphere of flames hit it and almost the entire area, scarring the ground with ashen burns. Koh slowly walked back to the warp panel that he came to the area with. Stiffly and robotic-like, ignoring all the words DotAgumon and Numemon were saying to him. He only stopped when a Seasarmon and another NiseDrimogemon blocked their path. However, before Koh's team could battle him, he clenched his fists and glared at the two champions.

"Who the F**K do you think you are!? How DARE any of your kind stand before me after that cheap shit that happened!?" His digisoul radiated off his body, however it was a much darker shade of gold and getting darker by the minute. With eyes glazed over with power, the dark gold windows showed the venomous rage and vehement outrage that poured out from his heart and washed over his soul. "DotShineGreymon, purge these eyesores from my sight! Your flames will perish all!" Koh ordered, saying DotShineGreymon's name with a chillingly bloodthirsty lowness as he declared that the flames would burn all. The last words they heard were DotShineGreymon calling out his attack to end them in one hit.

With that, they made it to the warp panel and went back to Sunshine City, without any other incidents.

The group's time at home wasn't every eventful after Angel's initial reaction to seeing the group's state of being. Crying and rushing to their sides to treat their wounds, Hikari explaining how they ended up like that and Koh working at his computer and digimon lab, seething with rage. An hour past and Koh was still at it, and the team was currently enjoying cookies and milk as they waited for him to be done with whatever he was doing so they get back to the mission.

"Angel, prepare the lab for Aptitude DNA digivolution." Koh told her as he motioned for his team to come to him. "Alright, all three of you can digivolve, right after that, I'm going to boost your strength while you're at your weakest point at the champion level." Koh's digisoul blazed from his body like a flame as his digivice glowed. Sunny, Nova and Hikari all began to glow as well, unleashing the power stored within them.

"Coronamon digivolve to-Firamon!" Sunny now looked more like a lion, complete with a majestic yellow mane! Fire danced around his ankles and wrists, ears and erupted from his tail and the crown on his head. He flapped his new orange-red wings and looked at his fellow champions.

"Agumon digivolve to-GeoGreymon!" Nova went through on heck of a growth spurt, now towering over everyone else. He wore a skull mask over the top part of his face, with red markings decorating it. His lower body had blue stripes of his thighs and tail and his prized gloves were still on his little hands (compared to the rest of his body.)

"Salamon digivolve to-Gatomon!" Hikari went from small tan puppy to a small cat with white fur. Her holy ring was now on her tail and had gloves that looked like SaberLeomon claws.

Koh checked out the three new champions before him, then went to his computer lab to gauge their strength. Sunny had the highest stats on average, with his speed being his highest stat. Nova had the higher defense out of three, as Hikari, surprisingly, had the highest attack. The stats that got most of Koh's attention was aptitude, where Nova had the lowest and Hiakri had the highest out of the three. He planned to fix that so that the three could have a minimum aptitude of 40, which meant Nova would be the main focus of his efforts, as the other two met the requirement already.

"Nova, stand in this area near me." Koh told him, Nova complied as Hikari and Sunny both watched the two to see what would happen next. Both Koh and Nova were engulfed with an golden digisoul that blazed with intensity equal to a fire. They all then saw digimon that they fought before appear withing the golden digisoul that both Koh an d Nova were inside. A pagumon, kokomon, tokomon, koromon, agumon, shamamon, renamon, and a few other digimon they fought at least dozens of all stood around them. Then something terrifying happened.

"Commencing Aptitude DNA Jogress." Koh said as a Nova glowed in a white light along with the koromon they saw, after the light faded , the koromon was gone and Nova was still there.

"Aptitude increased from 35 to 36. Spirit up by 2 and Attack up by 5." Angel reported to Koh as he began the process over again, this time infusing Nova with a tokomon.

AN: Thanks for reading and feel free to request digimon for Koh to raise. He'll be raising the ones required for secret species quests, so no worries about those digimon.