(what if Melinda got pregnant on her wedding night and had a baby girl and named her, Mary Faith Clancy grandmother and Jim's mom. They still had Aiden.)

(Aiden was jumping on the bed and Melinda walked in)

Melinda: Aiden, how many times do I have to tell you stop jumping on the bed. You're going to hurt your self

(Aiden looked at his mother and then plopped down,)

Aiden: sorry mom, its just really fun

(Melinda smiled at him)

Melinda: all right honey well you have to go to bed, you need to go to bed. Tomorrow is your last day of school.

Aiden: I know. Did you remember to get the cookies?(Melinda nodded, tucking him in)

Melinda: I put the cookies in the cabinet and in the morning, I'll give them to you before you and Mary get on the bus

(Melinda kissed his forehead)

Melinda: good night baby

Aiden: Good night mommy

(Melinda walked out of his room and went to Mary's room. She knocked on the door)

Melinda: Mary, honey, time to got to bed

(Melinda opened the door and Mary was sitting on her bed, drawing)

Mary: I'm almost done, mom. Did you get my candy?

(Melinda nodded)

Melinda: Its in the cabinet next to your brother's cookies

Mary: Thank you, mom

(Melinda smiled at her daughter who looked just her)

Melinda: Time for bed,

(Mary nodded and put her drawing pad on her dresser and got covered up)

Mary: Night mom

(Melinda walked to the door of her room)

Melinda: Night baby

(Melinda turned off the lights and walked to her room)

Melinda: Finally peace and quiet

(Melinda closed her door and laid on her bed and went to sleep)

(It was around mid night when a shadow loomed around the hallway.)

Whisper: The kids. They must die

(The darkness went to Aiden's room and then Mary's room)

Whisper: they have to dieā€¦.