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66. Dramatic Shotgun Cock

Whenever entering a possible battle, cock your shotgun once. It makes sure you've got a bullet in the chamber, and it also makes as a great morale booster.

67. Apocalyptic Log

Looking back, I never could really finish those news reports of the Combine Invasion. All those people dying, all that destruction; it still gives me nightmares.

68. Noodle Incident

"Lieutenant? Remember the time when-"

"For the last time Private Michael, we agreed to never talk about the stun stick, watermelon, and the headcrab ever again."

69. Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot

"I bet you City 17 folk have never seen a Combine Strider soldier enlisted in Civil Protection that wields an AR3 that fires stun sticks before."

70. Shmuck Bait

"Go ahead and trip that laser. I'm sure nothing bad will happen."

71. Disintegrator Ray

The aforementioned Dark Energy light saber is this.

72. More Dakka

Firing Plasma can never live up to spitting out .50 caliber rounds out of an M2 Browning machine gun at 500 rounds per minute.

73. Oh Crap

Seeing a Headcrab flying towards your face is never a good moment.

74. Did Not Do the Research (or something similar)

The Combine obviously never thought of the consequences of a singularity device absorbing their Dark Energy and turning it against them.

75. Creepy Doll

And thus, we return to the City 12 exploding dolls. "Of what a cute-" KABOOM!