She couldn't bear to look any longer. She couldn't see it Sam would be jealous. She knew his feelings but made his bed and was with Emily. They were imprints and she hated it. Lately through she's been having dreams ever since Bella Swann left Jacob broken hearted and became a shape shifter. She got out of going on patrol as much as she could this past week. She was not feeling good at all and she didn't have the flue and her body was cooling down for some reason and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She didn't want to go to the Cullen's but she might have no other choice but to go there to get checked out. She had other options.

The doorbell rang. She got up to get it.

"Hey Leah"

"Hey what are you two doing here"

"We came to have some fun want to go clubbing or shopping"

Leah sighs "I can't I have to work"

"No worries" Izzie says smirking at Resa

"Oh no what are you two up to" Leah asks knowing full well they were about to get into some trouble and get her into it. They always had a scheme going on and getting out of some duties.

They chanted something a spell and then all three of their eyes went bugged eyed

"Um guys I think this is really bad" Leah says looking straight at her wolf. The two girls nodded

"We only wanted to clone you"

"You did all right you took my wolf out of me" Leah says shocked.

"Um ot oh we better ah um go to the woods" Izzie says stammering

"Yeah and figure out a way to put you two back together" Resa says

"In the meantime why not go have some fun" Izzie says smirking

"At time like this are you two nuts if Sam catches this he's going to freak"

"Ah" They say looking at each other. They quickly lead the wolf to the woods

"What now" Leah asks

Resa and Izzie bite their lips thinking of a way to get out of this predicament.

"stay here" They say and call Agent Brody

"What did you two do now"

"Can you orb us to the manor please" Resa says

"You guys are leaving me here"

"just wait I'll stay" Izzie says sighing

"What did you two do" Kyle asks

"We only wanted Leah to go have some fun with us after all she always uptight ugh" Resa says

"get the book and lets go back" He says

They went back after getting the book.

They find a spell but the wolf doesn't want to go back

"Now what"

"Now we go have some fun"

"Who's going to watch my wolf" Leah says

Kyle sighs "I am not a babysitter he says orbing away

"But you don't want this secret coming out do you"

Kyle comes back and sighs "Fine but you better be back before two"

"We will" The three say

"Leah" He hisses

"Don't worry Kyle I'll make sure" She says and Kyle sighs what was he going to do for the next four hours yikes it was already ten at night. He sat there with the wolf

"I suppose you don't talk" He says and the wolf didn't do anything

"Of course not you aren't Leah anymore ugh what am I going to do with these charges of mine" He says as he puts on some music and the wolf listens and dances the happy dance. Try's to smile.

"Ah well I guess this is some form of entertainment" He says happily.

The girls got back before two

"Ah hot dog why we couldn't we stay and dance" Izzie grumbles

"Because I need to figure out a way to get that wolf back into me"

"IT doesn't want to go back into you" Resa reasons

"Ugh" Leah says as they watch Kyle sleep and the wolf sleeps.

"So now what"

"So now we camp" Leah says

"Ugh" The girls say

"So how am I going to keep this from Sam and the pack oh not to mention the council and gh OUR tribe"

"Don't worry we'll figure something out" The girls say and Leah sighs once again She didn't know what she was going to do Sam and the pack would be pissed.